This is my first Twilight story but I've always wondered even since the movie: what happened to the camera? And what if someone were to find it so I hope you enjoy! I don't own the Twilight series.

Truth is eternal. Knowledge is changeable. It is disastrous to confuse them.

- Madeleine L'Engle


I've lived for a while now, I'm starting to lose the memories of my past self. That is why I decided to write this, the story of my life. Or how I, Lorelei "Lo" Romaine went from a freshly graduated grad student going no where with her life to... someone -more- than I was before. And it was all because of one girl who's life I found myself in, thanks to an abandoned ballet studio and a video camera.

-Years Ago-

"Man this party is going to be so sick," said one voice as he pried open the doors to the abandoned ballet studio.

"I know right? Its gonna be awesome and this can be our spot, known for the best parties," said another as he walked through the door.

"That's what I'm talking about," said the two as they high five-d each others hands in agreement.

"Could you two be anymore immature?" said a girl walking in, "Ricky you told me you had something important to show me and this is it? Another one of Danny's stupid plans?"

"Hey," said Danny in mock hurt.

"Ah don't be like that Lo it's a great idea, and we wanted the first party here to be in celebration of your return to good ole' Phoenix." Said Ricky.

"Guys, I was just in So Cal not Maine." said Lo.

"Yeah, but no offense you went to Santa Barbara, a party school," said Danny, "we got to show up all those other parties you went to with this one."

"Like you could," said Lo looking around, "besides someone already beat you two to the punch, this place is trashed." Exploring more of the place the trio saw broken glass from the mirrors and the wood from the floor pried off and in a pile of ash.

"Shit, it's more like a murder scene then a party," said Ricky.

"Yeah...," said Danny, "let's check the rest of the place out!" The two brothers rushed out into the hallway. But Lorelei or 'Lo' stayed back, looking at the fire pit closely asking one question to herself, 'What happened here?' It was then that something caught here eye. Walking closer and reaching through a pile of glass she found it to be a camera. Curiosity got the better of her and she decided to turn it on, 'Maybe what happen here is on tape.' Heart pounding Lorelei held her breath to see...

A black screen.

'Must have a dead battery.' Putting it in her purse Lorelei promised to find a battery for the camera to watch what was on it.

"So what do you think? Party here... next Friday?" startled by the sudden voice Lorelei turned around to see it was Ricky.

"I don't think this is a good idea, what if it gets busted by the cops? I can't have that on my record now that I'm just getting started with the whole job hunting process."

Ricky sighed, "It's just a little fun and why do you need to look for work, both your parents are loaded despite their divorce," coming closer and wrapping his arms around her he said, "besides I haven't seen you in forever."

"Ricky don't," Lorelei said pushing him away, "remember what I said before I left for school? You know about how we should remain friends, and that it would be too hard to maintain a relationship while I was working to get my degree."

Coming closer again Ricky said, "Yeah, but you also said that we could try and work it out when you came back and look, your back."

"Yeah but I was taking some Gender Studies courses at school and I think I should work on me and myself before I work on a relationship with-"

Interrupting her he asked, "So you're saying that we're over? Just because of some feminist class?"

Looking down she said yes. It wasn't until she heard footsteps walking away and a door slamming closed did she look up and see that Ricky was gone, along with her ride back home.

'I should have came in my car.' Sighing Lorelei went down the hall to look for Danny to give her a ride back to her apartment.

One Weeks Later:

Flopping onto her couch Lorelei sighed with content when she successfully found a charger that worked with the camera, after several trips to different electronic stores, and then hours waiting for the camera to be charged Lorelei could finally see what was on the camera:

'It will break Edward's little heart...'

'Edward has nothing to do with this!'

'...his feeble attempt at trying to protect you.'


'…Beautiful, very visual, dynamic. I chose my stage well. Too bad he didn't have the strength to change you; instead he kept you as a fragile little human, it's cruel really."

-screams-bones breaking-

'Tell Edward how much it hurts.'


-windows breaking-

'...You're alone because you're faster than the others, -mirrors breaking- but not stronger.'

'I'm strong enough to kill you.'

-windows, mirrors & floorboards breaking-


'Bella, it's okay.'

'Carlisle, the blood!'

'Start the fire, get the floorboards!'


'It's the venom Edward, you have to make the choice or let the change happen.'

'It's gonna happen Edward, I've seen it.'

'Carlisle, what's my other option?'

'Suck the venom out.'

'You know I won't be able to stop.'

'Then find the will to stop... she only has minutes left.'

Lorelei's POV:

The video cut to black, preventing me from seeing what happened in the end but all that I could think was:

What. Did. I. Just. Watch.

I had two theories:

1. it was a really realistic, low budget movie


2. whatever those things are, are real.

But the bigger thing on my mind was the girl, was she okay or even alive? She was surrounded by those creatures. I need to know. I had three names to go on Bella, Edward, and Carlisle, I really didn't want to trying finding the latter two if they really weren't human so I was going to focus on finding Bella, especially since she was so ingrained in my mind, those screams couldn't be fake.

3rd Person POV:

A few weeks later

Lorelei had no information to go on as to where to find Bella, only going on the assumption that she was a high-school-er who went to school in Phoenix. Which led to more problems for Lorelei, she didn't know which type of high-school Bella attended, Phoenix is in Maricopa county, and there were a few high-schools in Phoenix that weren't a prep, academy, religious, alternate or special focus school.

With nothing else to go on Lorelei decided to go to each of the regular high-schools, (since they probably wouldn't have too much security of uniforms,) find a yearbook with a full name and picture, and then hopefully find a school directory to find the girl. It seemed like luck was on her side when the second school's library she visited had Bella, or Isabella Swan's sophomore picture in the high-school's last year yearbook.

'Well this was the closest high-school to the ballet studio, should have been obvious she would have went here.' thought Lorelei.

Having both a number and an address and after finding a directory in the main office, Lorelei thought, 'these schools need to protect their students identities better, or at least know their students, I don't look like a high-school-er at all, but that didn't stop two teachers from telling me to get to class.' Lorelei found herself in front of a small two bedroom house.

'Okay if Isabella's mom answers the door I'm Lorelei, Isabella's friend the graduated high-school-er back from a trip to Europe, I'll then get Isabella outside and ask her about the video. If Isabella answers the door I'll just show her the tape and ask her point-blank if it's real.' Thought Lorelei as she walked up the driveway to the door of Isabella's home.

Ringing the doorbell Lorelei got... no answer. Waiting a few more seconds Lorelei huffed and sat down on the curb of the house. 'What am I supposed to do now?' While thinking of another way to get in touch with Isabella Swan, Lorelei was interrupted from her thought process by a voice behind her.

"Can I help you?" Looking backwards Lorelei saw an older woman holding a dish rag.

Standing up Lorelei said, "Uhm, yes actually. My name's Lorelei, I just came back from a trip and thought it would be nice to surprise my friend with my return, but she doesn't seem to be here, her name's Isabella Swan do you know her?"

"Oh, you're looking for Bella! Sweetheart she moved a while ago to her father's house. No where near here though." the woman said but looking at Lorelei's fallen face she said, "Come in dear, let's get you a drink I think Renee left me Bella's new address somewhere."

Once stepping inside Lorelei looked around the place, 'Reminds me of my grandma's house.'

"Come with me to the kitchen, you must be famished," said the woman. Seeing a sandwich and lemonade in front of a chair Lorelei sat down. Once seated the woman asked, "My name is Mrs. Platt, (a cookie for you if you can get the significance of her name) so tell me dear, how do you know Bella?"

"From school, uhm when she was a freshmen I was a junior, but I left during the summer of my senior to go to school in Europe. From there I lost touch with Bella, I was hoping to surprise her... but I guess she doesn't live here anymore." I need to get Isabella's new address off of her, "I even got a gift for her from London, do you have an address I could mail it to her?"

Mrs. Platt stared at Lorelei for awhile, as if looking for some deceit in her words, but all to suddenly stood up, "oh yes, let me go get that for you."

Watching her walk away Lorelei breathed a sigh of relief and then slumped a little in her seat, 'finally I can be done with this goose chase.'


"Danny it's me Lo, I know your at work right now, but when you get this message I'll probably be out of the state, I found something up in Washington, it's temporary so I'll probably be back in a few weeks... could you also pass this message on to Ricky for me? Thanks."

"Mom, it's me Lorelei, sorry for just leaving a message and not telling you this in person, but I got and internship in Washington, so I'll be gone for a few weeks or so. You have nothing to worry about and I already called Dad, talk to you later." Closing her phone Lorelei drove on to the highway with a smile on her face, clutched in her hand was an address.

'Forks, Washington. Isabella Swan here I come.'

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