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The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

-Martin Luther King Jr.


'Forks, Washington, population 3,120,' thought Lorelei as she passed by City of Forks sign, 'so this is where the infamous Isabella Swan lives...'

The town wasn't much to look at, a generic small town where everyone knew you and your business, and any newcomer was newsworthy. 'Must be why everyone's looking at me.'

"So find a hotel first or Isabella Swan?" Lorelei asked herself, "I don't even think there's a hotel around here so Isabella Swan it is."

Following the GPS in her Chevrolet Equinox (pic on profile), Lorelei found herself in-front of a small white, two-story house. Stepping out of her car Lorelei was instantly met with a gush of could air. 'It's so cold here for February.' Walking much more quickly Lorelei walked up the stairs of the house, failing to notice a cop car in the drive-way. Ringing the doorbell, the door opened a few seconds later with a man in a officer's uniform behind it. Lorelei's face was calm but in her head all she could think was, 'Fuck.'

Sticking out her hand Lorelei said, "Hi you must be Bella's dad, I'm Lorelei Romaine, I went to school with Bella in Phoenix, and thought I should drop by and see how she was doing."

Bella's dad just nodded, shaking her hand he said, "Chief Swan, why don't you come in." Chief Swan motioned Lorelei to sit in down, after he took the seat opposite her. Lorelei on thought, 'Now it's interrogation time.'

"So you know Bella from school?"


"So shouldn't you be in Phoenix right now? School isn't over yet."

"Uhm, well sir, it's because when Bella was a freshman at Phoenix I was a junior, so I'm in my first year at college, but I decided to take a break and visit some old friends, Bella happened to be one of them."

"Huh," said Chief Swan. This made Lorelei panic, 'Please don't let him look me up later, he'll think I'm a stalker or something when he realizes I'm actually 24, already finished school, never even attended the high-school Bella went to.'


"Excuse me?" asked Lorelei.

"Call me Charlie."

"... okay."

"So," Charlie started, "Lorelei was it?" Lorelei nodded, "Well I'm not sure Bella is up to any visitors, she went through a bad break-up and... hasn't been the same. I was thinking of sending her to Florida to be with her mom."

Lorelei mentally smiled, this would be her perfect opportunity, "Well Charlie it just so happens that I'm working on getting a degree in counseling psychology and I've found it to be helpful for people to immerse themselves in something that doesn't remind them of what they're so hung up on, so in Bella's case surround herself in people or things not associated with her boy-friend. For example, me."

Charlie's face changed to something more hopeful, "I never thought of that, you think it can work?"

"Positive," said Lorelei standing, "so show me to Bella's room and let me try talking with her."

Smiling and standing up too Charlie said, "Thanks, though you may have trouble getting her to talk. Her bedroom's up the stairs and on the right."

'He's a really nice guy, kinda hot too,' thought Lorelei, "Thanks Charlie I'll try my best." Following Charlie's instruction, Lorelei found herself in-front of an open door, where she saw a girl sitting in a chair looking out of her window. Closing the door for some privacy, Lorelei noticed that Bella didn't even acknowledge the sound.

'Damn, that guy must of really messed her up. I wonder if he was the boy on the tape.'

"Bella?" No response.

"Bella?" No response.

"Bella?" No response. Getting tired of being ignored Lorelei tried a new tactic, "Edward."

Bella turned her head to where the name sounded.

"So that got your attention," Lorelei said as she walked over and put herself in-front of Bella's line of vision.

"Hi Bella, my name's Lorelei, you don't know me but I sort of know you. I come from Phoenix, just like you, however I happened to come across a video camera in an abandon ballet studio, with some gruesome stuff on it, ring any bells?" seeing Bella's eyes widen, Lorelei said, " I guess that's a yes. So anyways before we go any further you have to pretend you know me, 'cause I just told your dad that we're best friends from high-school, so pretend I'm also two years older than you, got that?" Despite her confusion Bella nodded again.

"Good so tell me about this boy that got you in the state you are now. I'm guessing his name is-"

Bella interrupted, "-Edward."

"The boy from the tape is your boy-friend? Okay you need to start from the beginning 'cause the whole reason I came here from Phoenix was to find out if the tape was real. So it would be a good idea to tell me the truth as to what those people were, can you do this for me?"

"No... I shouldn't, it's their secret," Bella said shaking her head.

Lorelei signed, "Well Bella they aren't here right now, and I already have some what of an idea as to what they are, I just need you to confirm it. And some how I ended up promising your dad that I would help you get out of your zombie state, if I can't he's sending you to live with your mom, and I can't begin to help you until I know the whole situation."

"He's going to send me to Florida?"




Lorelei's POV:

I sat there in silence after listening to Bella's tale on how she met the love of her life, Edward Cullen who was also a "vegetarian" vampire. How she came to love his family and learned of their powers, how James 'the man in the movie' was after her blood and then lost that love and possessions of Edward a few days after her birthday.

'Those creatures -vampires exist, and there's a whole lot of them? What else is out there?."

Not knowing what to say I said the first thing that came into my head, "So I guess this cameras yours, let me give it to you," I said reaching for my bag.

"Wait." I thought suddenly, "That'll be the only thing you have with Edward on it, I think it would be best for all of us if I delete the footage before I give the camera back to you." Despite me turning around to put the camera away I saw Bella's face grimace which was confirmed by the sharp intake of breath I heard as a result of my statement.

Turning back around I said, "I guess it's only fair that I tell you about me since you just told me your whole life story.

My name's Lorelei Romaine, I'm 24 years old, I have an older brother, Lewis, he's married and lives in New York right now. My parents are divorced currently, my mom is Lauren Madison and my dad is Dr. Lawrence Romaine. My mom's from Boston and my dad was born in Cambridge, England. I graduated from Santa Barbara with a degree in counseling psychology and have two best friends who are also brothers, Ricky and Danny Levine. And it was just a few weeks ago that I found out best friends and dating don't mix, especially if you want to stay friends with them."

"Which one?" asked Bella.

"Ricky, here I have a picture of him and Danny on my phone." (pictures on profile)

"Uhm, he's... nice."

"No need to force yourself with girl talk, what I've gotten from you is you're not the girl to go for mani-pedis of shopping sprees, so what do you do for fun?" 'Other than hanging out with deadly creatures that could kill you in a second?'

Bella shrugged she shoulders, "Nothing really."

"So then everything you've done has been with your boyfriend or the whole Cullen clan?"

Bella nodded.

Sighing I said, "Don't you think that's just a little obsessive, what would you do with your human friends?"

"...We went to First Beach at La Push once."

"What's La Push?"

"It's an Indian reservation not far from here."

'Hmm it could be a good idea to go there again.' "Has Edward ever been there?"

Bella shook her head, "No, the Cullens aren't allowed there."

"Why did they trash the place once? Break some holy statue?"

"No, years back the Cullens made a treaty with the Quileutes, the Cullens could live in the area if they stayed off of and didn't hunt in Quileute land, in return the Quileutes wouldn't expose what they were."

"So the Quileutes know the Cullens are vampires?"

"Back then I guess, not sure now."

Changing the subject I said, "Okay, we'll go there on Saturday, do you know anyone who lives there? To show us some cool places."

"Just this one boy, Jacob. We were childhood friends but I don't really remember him."

'That was the longest sentence she said that didn't involve the Cullens. We need to fix that.' "Good we'll call him up and go there on Saturday. Come on," I said standing up, "I'm pretty sure you need to eat dinner," pausing for a second, "and Bella can you try talking to your dad, he seems bummed that he can't help you get pass this." Bella nodded in response.

Walking down the stairs with Bella, I was instantly hit with the smell of Italian food. 'I'm so hungry, I need to find a restaurant and hotel.'

3rd Person POV:

Entering the kitchen Bella and Lorelei were met to the sight of Charlie stirring sauce over the stove, but stopped once he saw the two girls. He smiled upon seeing Bella in a some what of a better mood.

"Hey thanks Charlie for letting me in even though it was a school night. I'll be back on Saturday, me and Bella are going to La Push," said Lorelei as she proceeded to get her keys out of her purse.

"You're leaving now? I thought you would stay for dinner, you're welcome to join us," said Charlie.

"I would love to but I need to find a hotel, and I don't want to be driving out in an unknown area while it's dark out."

"You could stay with us," said Bella cutting into the conversation, "can she?"

Charlie looked at Bella for awhile before replying, "You're welcome to stay Lorelei, will you're parents be okay with that?"

"Ah, thanks. And I think my parent will be fine with it, they may even be happier that I'm not staying at a hotel."

The trio sat down at the table, it was a quiet affair with Lorelei making most of the conversation. After Lorelei washed up, she was given a pillow, blanket and a futon to place on the side of Bella's bed in her room. The lights were turned off leaving the two girls alone in the dark.



"Call me Lo."


"Yeah that's what all my friends call me."

"Oh, okay."

Everything instantly went back to silence until Lorelei heard the soft breaths of the now asleep Bella. 'Well this has been an interesting day, I would have never expected this to happen because of a video tape.' thought Lorelei before she too fell asleep.

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