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Quinn crossed the threshold of her townhouse and made a bee line for the kitchen to fix herself a drink. It was now 12 o'clock, which in Quinn's opinion means its socially acceptable to start drinking. As she crossed through the sitting room, she glanced over at her answering machine. The red light for messages was flashing, so Quinn redirected her path towards it. She reached the table it sat on beside an arm chair, which Quinn took a seat in and pressed a button on the machine. As the messages rolled through regarding work, the wedding (all from Rachel) and more work Quinn removed her heals and breathed in a breath of comfort. It was however cut off once a different voice filled her sitting room.

"Hey Q, I hope I'm not bothering you or anything. Well I probably am seeing as you didn't pick up. Or your probably out. Anyway, I just thought I'd call to ask if you maybe wanted to meet up for dinner tonight...you know...like a... a date...I guess if you wanna call it that? But yeah, you have my number, call me when you get this...or not, whatever. Bye. Oh...it's Sam by the way."

Quinn couldn't help but smile slightly after here Sam's nervous voice. She sat back in the chair for a moment and pondered her options. She could stay home, drink her dilemmas away and try to forget about Sam in general. Or she could make the past stay in the past and give unclear fate a chance. Quinn reached for her cell and dialed in a number, a wave of confidence washing over her.

"Hi Sam, its Quinn...Yeah, I'd love to go to dinner tonight and yes I will classify it as a date...how about Delizia's, I know how much you like italian food?...Great, I'll make a reservation for around 7 o'clock...okay, I'll text you the address...see you there, bye."

Quinn hung up and couldn't help but feel proud of herself. Sure she felt slightly queasy and nervous but she knew she wanted to go through with this. She got up out of the arm chair and started to head towards the kitchen. As she did, she quickly dialed in another number to her phone.

"Hello, Blaine speaking."

"I did it." Quinn said simply, before hanging up on what could only be a now bemused Blaine. Quinn then opened her fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. She'd earn't it and she knew she would need something to calm herself before she met with Sam tonight.


Sam pulled up outside Delizia's in a taxi. He was wearing a light black suit with a dark lapel to match and had slicked his hair for the occasion. He payed the driver and made his way towards the restaurants front doors, checking his watch as he moved. It was just on 7 o'clock. Sam pulled to door open and walked inside, where he was greeted by a member of staff.

"Hi welcome to Delizia's. Do you have a reservation?" The middle aged woman asked as Sam took a scan around the room trying to spot Quinn.

"Um, yeah." Sam said, returning his attention back to the woman. "It's either under Fabray or Evans." The woman checked the clip board in her hand and glazed over the list on it. "Ah yes, here you are. Evans, party of two. Your second member has yet to arrive. Would you prefer to wait at the bar or at your table?"

"The table will be fine."

"Certainly. If you'll just follow me."

Sam followed the woman to a table located near the rear of the restaurant, which had a more private vibe to it. He sat down in one of the chairs and admired his surroundings. The table had been romantically decorated with flowers and candles, which the cutlery gleaming off, creating a peaceful ambiance to the setting. Even the way in which the napkins were folded into delicate swans increased the romantic feel to the dinner. Sam was brought of of his phase by the voice of another woman who had replaced the first.

"Hi I'm Kim, and I'll be your waitress for the evening."

Sam looked up at the woman and recognised her instantly. And by the look on her face when she looked up from her notepad she was preparing to write on, she too recognised to person in front of her.

"Sam. What are the odd's?" Kim said as Sam got out of his seat. "Didn't think I would be seeing you again."

"And if you were, you'd think it would be on a plane." Sam said. Kim put her notepad down and welcomed Sam's offering of a quick hug before they both pulled away. "Speaking of which, why aren't you on one right now serving a passenger their dinner instead of mine down here out of the sky?"

"Yeah, that." Kim said, running her hand through her hair out of awkwardness. "I got kinda fired."

"What's kinda fired?"

"A less awkward way of saying I was flat-out fired."

"What! why?"

"For making out with a passenger on the plane."

"Wait! You made out with another passenger on- Oh." Sam cut himself off after noticing Kim's facial expression. "I got you fired! Shit Kim, I'm so sorry."

"Meh what can you do?" Kim said casually. Sam sat back down in his chair and couldn't help but feel guilty. Kim could see this and quickly sat down in the chair opposite him. "You must of knocked the portable intercom we all carry on our waist when you quite ferociously lifted me onto your hips." Sam blushed slightly at this revelation. "Some bitch who I worked with on the plane heard it and spilled everything to my boss. But no biggie. As soon as I was booted off the airline, I came to New York. Two days later, I'm working here. End of story."

"Kim, you should have said something to me. I would've explained to the airline-"

"How Sam? We didn't exactly exchange contact information back in Ohio. And whatwould you say. 'Please don't fire Kim sir, it's my fault for being horny after a plane trip.' Somehow I don't think that would go down well."

But still Sam couldn't help the look of guilt on his face, which Kim clearly noticed. "Sam, it's okay." She said reaching her hand out to his and giving it a slight rub. "I'm perfectly fine."

Sam gave a little smile, which was still not good enough for Kim. She leaned over and gave Sam a light, friendly peck on the cheek.

"What saw that for?" Sam asked sheepishly.

"To cheer you up." Kim said, getting out of the seat that was meant for Quinn and making her way to the kitchen whilst calling back "And if that didn't work, I'll get you a beer on the house."


It was five minutes past seven when Quinn arrived outside the restaurant. She wouldn't have been as late if a cab wasn't so hard to flag down. She wore a simple red dress with black heals and a black purse to match and her hair out in loose curls. She payed the taxi driver and made her way into the restaurant.

Quinn assumed the person who usually covered the front doors was busy directing other customers to their seats because there was no one to greet her as she walked inside. So instead she looked around the restaurant before her attention was caught by some familiar blonde hair in the distance. She made her way towards Sam before suddenly stopping in her tracks. Sam was sitting at the beautifully decorated table which she had asked for when she made reservations. Except, and this was the thing that Quinn was shocked by, there was also another girl sitting in her seat. Quinn was sure she did not pay extra for her to be placed at the table along with the other d├ęcor.

Quinn then noticed something bizarre. The girl across from Sam had extended her hand towards his and had started rubbing it. But before Quinn could thoroughly understand what she was seeing, she was the hit with another wave of shock as well as hurt and tears that had suddenly started to form. This girl had leaned over and given Sam a kiss on the cheek.

Quinn didn't stick around to see what happened next, nor did she wish for Sam to see her. Quinn ran out of the restaurant, knocking a couple out of the way who had just walked in. She ran out onto the footpath and hailed a taxi. She hopped inside one that had pulled up beside her and as soon as she had given her townhouse address and slammed the door shut, Quinn burst into silent tears.

She felt completely humiliated. She felt completely distraught. She felt used. Sam was the one who had suggested the date and he went and just threw it back in her face. Quinn clutched herself as she tried to remain silent as her tears streamed out. How could he do this to her? Had she not already felt embarrassed enough around him? She had planned to walk into this date with high hopes. Instead she walked out of it with a broken heart.

The taxi pulled up outside of Quinn's home and she threw it's driver some money, not bothering to get her change and ran up to her front door, flung it open and closed it with a bang. As soon as the crash of the door hit it's frame, Quinn stood frozen in her foyer. She stared blankly into space and didn't think. Her mind was blank. But it managed to make her move to the stairs and sit on them. Quinn then slowly buried her head into her knees and once again, started crying. What was worse, the more she cried, the more she thought about Sam. And she couldn't bear it.


It was now nine thirty and Sam was still sitting in the restaurant, waiting for Quinn to arrive. He had called her five times but she had not picked up. Sam hadn't ordered anything but still sipped the beer Kim had given to him two and a half hours ago. Sam was confused. Why had Quinn stood him up? It was clear she had gone into special detail for tonight. But then to not arrive let alone call and give a reason why? Sam couldn't help but feel a little hurt.

"Sorry dude, but it looks like she's a no show." Kim said from the table next to his, which she was currently wiping down.

"Yeah, I kinda assumed that after the third unanswered phone call."

Sam finished off the last sip of his beer before getting up and walking over to Kim, offering money to pay for the beer.

"I told you, that was on the house." Kim said before noticing the extra amount of cash that was in the small pile that Sam was trying to hand over to her. "And I think you are over doing it on the tip."

"C'mon take it." Sam pleaded. "I feel awful for getting you fired."

"Yeah, well I think you've been through enough for one night, so don't worry about it." Kim said, pushing Sam's money loaded hand back to him and giving it a little tap for comfort. "But how about you make up for it another night."

Sam looked at Kim for a moment, who was smiling quite flirtatiously. "You really wanna go out with a guy who was not only stood up by his date but waited around for two and a half hours afterwards?"

"Of course I would." Kim said as she pulled her pen and notepad out of her pocket. "I like weak men. It put's me in a position of."

Sam couldn't help but laugh at Kim's witty humour. She tore of the phone number she had just written and handed it to him. "Call me." She said and then giving him another light peck on the cheek. She made her way to the kitchen and Sam made his way to the exit. Even though Quinn had stood him up and he felt quite embarrassed for waiting around for her, he still couldn't deny that twinge of guilt he could feel deep inside himself for accepting Kim's number. For deep down, even is he didn't realise it right at this moment, he still held a torch for Quinn.

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