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Quinn watched as Santana grasped the microphone tight in her hand as she stood in the middle of the Catwalk.

"I hope everyone is having a fabulous time so far." Santana said as she walked closer to the end of the runway as the audience murmured in agreement. "Good, good. Well I don't want to hold up anymore of the time, so please, enjoy the show." Again, everyone gave an applause while Santana made her way of the catwalk and directed herself towards the reserved seat in the front row. Quinn was sitting in her seat, holding the two glasses of champagne in her hands, the one closer to Santana was raised a little higher. Santana grabbed it out of Quinn's hand and shot it back before taking a seat.

"How did you know I would need that?" Santana asked as she touched her chest to balance herself after her quick alcohol consumption.

"Santana, I have known you for most of your life." Quinn announced while the two girls looked at each other. "And if I don't know when you need a drink, the universe has been messed with somehow." Santana shrugged in agreement. Quinn went to talk to her about her conversation with Mike a few minutes ago before she was interrupted.

"Guys, zip it, its starting." Blaine informed as he leant over to the duo. And sure enough, the tent was suddenly plunged into darkness and everyone's conversations ceased. Music started to fill the space. Quinn may have been mistaken, but she was pretty sure it was singer Kesha's first song released 'Tik Tok' that had started to play, but an instrumental version. A few people in the audience had started clapping to the beat, Quinn, Blaine and Santana included. Then the first model appeared. A model wearing ballet flats that did not match her outfit.

As she stumbled down the runway, it was pretty obvious to Quinn was incredibly intoxicated beyond belief. Quinn looked over at Santana. She had her hand covering her face and was shaking her head out of pure embarrassment for herself, the girl and Kurt. The tipsy model then walked off stage as the second entered.

Quinn was so impressed by Kurt's creations. He had most definitely gone full out. His designs were all so different but at the same time matched with the overall style of the clothes. Every now and then, Quinn would see an article of clothing that would catch her eye. For instance she noticed a tanned leather belt that caught her interest, a pair of black stiletto boots that were absolutely stunning and a gorgeous tight fitting sunday dress that was a vibrant yellow with a white boarder that sat comfortably on the bust line. Quinn hoped that Kurt had a spare one of those in her sizes stored away in his studio.

By this time the show was halfway through and the song was reaching it's end. This was when Quinn notice Brittany Pierce walk on. In Quinn's opinion, she looked freaking hot. She was wearing a pair of short shorts with a red bra that had white polka dots and had a tiny black blazer over the top. Quinn looked to her hands and she was surprised to see, that as well as the netted glove, her right hand was holding a microphone. She raised it to her mouth and began to sing where the song was up to.

"Now the party don't start 'til I walk in!"

Brittany started to strut down the runway as she sang she motioned her hands at the audience to get them onto their lifeless feet. In less then a few seconds, everyone was on their feet and dancing along with Brittany, who continued to sing

"Don't stop, make it pop

DJ, blow my speakers up

Tonight, I'mma fight

'Til we see the sunlight"

All of the models who had walked before Brittany, came on for their last strut. Brittany had made her way into the audience, being followed by a spotlight.

"Tick tock on the clock

But the party don't stop, no

oh oh ohoh, oh oh ohoh"

Brittany made her way over to her three friends in the front row. She reached Santana, grabbed her by the hand and gave her a twirl, singing to her as she did.

"Don't stop, make it pop

DJ, blow my speakers up"

She moved over to Quinn next and did the same thing to her as she sang the next two lines.

"Tonight, I'mma fight

'Til we see the sunlight"

Then she made her final move onto Blaine. Except this time she pushed him back into his chair, mounted him and gave what Quinn could only call a profession lap dance. Blaine just sat their half stunned half laughing as Brittany concluded her song. He knew Kurt had put her up to this.

"Tick tock on the clock

But the party don't stop, no

oh oh ohoh, oh oh ohoh."

Then suddenly, the marquee was once again covered with darkness as the music cut out. When the lights came back on, Brittany was gone and Santana was making her way back onstage, holding the microphone that her friend had just been clutching.

"Well then, I hope everyone enjoyed the show." Santana said as she looked over the audience. "But before we all leave, we cannot not hear a little speech from the man who made this night possible." Santana paused for dramatic effect before casting her free hand behind her to backstage. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please put you hands together for the devastatingly divine, Mr. Kurt Hummel.

Quinn jumped to her feet with Blaine as they clapped the loudest out of all the audience members. Kurt peeked his head around the corner of the curtain before strutting over to stand next to Santana. Kurt was dressed in one his own creations. He wore a tight tail coat and a dark corset to match. His pants were also, surprise surprise, extremely tight and one of his hands wore a glove that exposed the fingers and had small jewels encrusted onto them. Quinn notice that he was slightly taller then usual but then she looked at his shoes and was not shocked to see they had a slight heel on them. Santana extended the microphone to Kurt before heading of the runway and back to her seat.

"Hello my people." Kurt said into the microphone which he held ever so elegantly. "I want to thank all of you for coming tonight to either support me or get completely stinking drunk." A wave of laughter jumped from the audience. "I know you are all probably getting bored right now, so I will make this quick. There are two important people I need to acknowledge. First I want to thank my fantastic events co-ordinator; Santana Lopez." A spotlight hit Santana and she got to her feet and turned to face everyone. "She has been here morning, noon and night helping me to pull all of this together and I want her to know how much I appreciate it."

A model appeared from one of the curtains with a package in her hand. She made he way over to Santana an handed it to her. Santana thanked the model as she walked away before opening the package.

"No fucking way Kurt." Santana screamed as she opened her gift. He had given her a pair of heals from the Hummel Collection. They were a fire engine red and the front of them were covered in buckles and belt like straps. Santana ran up onto stage and gave Kurt a huge hug and kiss on the cheek before returning to her seat and admiring her gift.

"I would also like to thank someone else who is incredibly important in my life." Kurt continued as the spotlight faded off Santana and prepared itself for it's next target. "This man has stuck by me for as long as I can remember. He has been supportive when I thought this show would be the death of me and he is so much more than my best friend and boyfriend. He is my soulmate." Kurt looked down into the audience. "Blaine Anderson, will you come onto the stage please."

The spotlight fell on Blaine as he made his way up to his partner while an applause followed him. As he reached Kurt, he gave him a hug of a lifetime and Quinn couldn't help but become teary eyed. The men pulled away from their embrace.

"Now Blaine, you are probably expecting a gift after what I just said." Kurt said over the microphone. Blaine chuckled while he held Kurt's hand tight in his own. "Well I don't have a gift, but I do have a question for you."

Kurt then suddenly jumped onto one knee. Quinn and Santana had both leant forward and gasped at the same time. The models from backstage were all peeping out from behind the curtains, Brittany's head sticking out the furthest. Kurt then took a deep breath as Blaine just stood their in suspension looking down at his boyfriend.

"Blaine Anderson. Will you marry me?"

Their wasn't even a seconds pause before Blaine responded.


The room broke out in applause. Quinn was jumping up and down hugging Santana. Blaine had pulled Kurt up off his feet by his lapel and into an intense pashing session. Many people in the crowed whooped and Quinn heard Brittany emit a wold whistle.

Blaine and Kurt broke apart and Blaine grabbed his fiance's microphone out of Kurt's hand and screamed into it.

"Sorry Gentlemen, this one is mine now." He then re-connected Kurt's lips with his again with great force.

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