It was a close game, but the San Jose Sharks ended up winning 5 goals to 4. S.J. Sharkie would walk Kark out of the HP Pavilion that evening once the game was over.

"So, you're flight's leaving for Montreal tonight, huh?"


"Well... there's at least one thing that's assured: There's going to be a fifth game here in San Jose, seeing as your team won the first hockey game..."

"But you're not coming to Montreal?" Kark asked.

Sharkie smiled and shook his head. "Not this time... Got too much on the go here... Besides, Jake's insisting on learning about how all my 'cool electronic stuff' works... I'd better indulge him, or I'll never hear the end of it..."

Kark chuckled. "So I guess I'll see you next week then, eh?"

Sharkie smiled. "I guess so..."

Kark and Sharkie exchanged a big hug of friendship between them. Kark never would've thought he would become friends with this anthro shark whom he thought was nothing but a prankster always out to cause trouble.

"So I'll guess I'll see you sometime next week?" Sharkie asked.

"That's a guarantee..." Kark said as he gave his friend the wink and the gun.

"See ya, Kark!" Sharkie said as he turned to walk back into the arena.

"Oh, Sharkie!" Kark called to get his attention. "I almost forgot..."

He then broke out a can of silly spray he had hidden under his hockey jersey and emptied it on Sharkie, who screamed and fell backwards as the silly spray covered him.

"HA HAAAH! Who got the last laugh NOW!" Kark taunted as he did a victory dance.

Sharkie grumbled. "You God damned CANUCK! You're gonna PAY for that!" he said as he shaked his fist at Kark, who was walking away and laughing evilly.

The Sharks would end up winning the next two games in Montreal; but the Canadiens bounced back to win the fifth game in San Jose, thus forcing a sixth game in Montreal.

The sixth game was hard fought on both sides; but in the end, the Sharks would end up winning the game, the finals, and the Stanley Cup. They won it 5 to 3 thanks to an empty net goal toward the end of the third period to seal the victory for them.

While the fans in Montreal booed the end result of the game, they gave polite applause to the San Jose Sharks as they celebrated their victory on the ice; and gave a standing ovation to the Canadiens, who went farther than anyone would've imagined this season.

It was awkward for some of the Sharks players to lift the Stanley Cup over their heads at the Bell Center; but it was joyful moment for a lot of them, despite this awkwardness. Especially for native Quebecer Patrick Marleau, whom most of his family was in attendance among the crowd in the arena. They saw him lift the cup over his head in triumph. It was his first Stanley Cup in his short professional hockey career!

Sharkie, who had not made the first trip to Montreal for games three and four, was in attendance in Montreal to cheer his team on to victory. He was even allowed the lift the Stanley Cup over his own head to the cheering and/or applauding crowd! Not many mascots get to lift the Stanley Cup over their heads, but he was immensely happy and proud that his team gave him this opportunity!

He wasn't the only one cheering his team on that night! A bunch of loyal Sharks fans had made the trip to be a part of their great victory, and they didn't stop cheering or crying out loudly from the grand stands as they celebrated along with their team! Eventually, though, everyone would leave the arena to go home.

There were a few minor skirmishes on Sainte-Catherine Street from disgruntled Canadiens fans, but the police were able to keep things well under control.

About a month later, Kark decided to take up Sharkie's advice and try out for team mascot for the Montreal Canadiens. He met with team management, who asked him several straight up questions, like a regular job interview. They would later invite him to a trial run with Youppi- the official team mascot. Kark showed up in his weredragon form pretending that it was his costume. Youppi and the managers were quite impressed by what he showed them, and offered him a contract for the upcoming season. It was so lucrative that Kark didn't hesitate to sign!

This meant that he had to establish a new home in Montreal. His family and friends back home in New-Brunswick were so delighted with the news that they celebrated when Kark eventually returned to his home province to spend the rest of the summer to spend time with people he had not seen for a little over a year.

So it would come to pass that Kark would be co-mascot with Youppi for that one season for the Montreal Canadiens; and thus was given his own special key, plus a spare one, to Dinosaur Land. He would take advantage of this privilege to visit there often, and would bring the occasional special guest, or kids with special needs, to see all of the fantastic creatures that inhabit that period in Earth's prehistoric past.

At the end of that hockey season, he would embark on a venture he had been mulling over ever since that day in Dinosaur Land when Mrs. Conductor admitted to how much she missed seeing all of the many human children who would delight in their visit to Dinosaur Land. He decided to invest what was left over of his fortune in starting a travel agency business specializing in trips to Dinosaur Land on eco sensitive safaris. He would call the agency "Prehistoric Travels". Since the head office was established in Montreal, he had to obey the language laws of the province, and actually provide a French translation, which was : Voyages Prehistoriques. He planned to open up several other franchises throughout Canada and the U.S.. First on the list was San Jose, California, where Kark maintained close contact with S.J. Sharkie, and often went down there on business and pleasure.

When Kark wasn't too busy with developing his travel agency franchises, he would perform his duties as mascot for the Montreal Canadiens, but only about two or three times a week, and only at home games.

But the one person who was most excited about all of the kids and their parents coming back to Dinosaur Land on visits was Mrs. Conductor. She was so enthralled by the numerous visitations by human travel groups that she came out of retirement and became a Tour Guide on the Dinosaur Train. She was so delighted at seeing all of the smiling and joyous kids interact with her and other dinosaurs in Dinosaur Land; as well as their smiling parents rejoicing in seeing their kids living their dreams and having the time of their lives. Mr. Conductor was especially pleased at seeing his mother the happiest he's ever seen her. He also enjoyed giving his lectures on all of the dinosaur species to all of the eager kids, and teaching them the dinosaur alphabet. "A for Apatosaurus... B for brachiosaurus... C for corythosaurus..." he would sing to them.

Things were really looking up for all those involved! Happy times were here again in Dinosaur Land!