Well, this story is very AU. Blah -.- I kinda like it though. It is loosely based off of Episode 20, "Makeshift". And no, I do not own Death Note.

Ryuzaki rang Miss Misa's doorbell with his right hand. Light grunted, still unaccustomed to his current situation (being chained to L , that was). They stood for an anxious moment, neither bothering to speak. Instead, Ryuzaki listened to the sound of footsteps nearing the door. He held his breath as it opened.

"Light! I've missed you so much," Misa babbled, wrapping her slender arms around the boy's neck.

Light smiled his signature smile, somewhat similar to a smirk. Misa seemed to melt in his arms. He was her Prince Charming, and Ryuzaki felt like the odd ball. He was always there—watching, observing . But he was intruding. He knew that Misa had wanted Light to herself. L knew if she had it her way, she would have him well away from her room. Ryuzaki was Japan's top detective for a reason.

"Hello, Ryuzaki." Misa said after a second thought.

L blew his dark hair from his face. He inclined his head in a half-hearted greeting. No that Misa cared, after all. She had barely given Ryuzaki any sign that she was aware of his presence. And he was used to this.

Misa pulled Light toward the love seat, chatting away; Ryuzaki was involuntarily dragged after them. He sat in the large sofa , pillows scattered neatly around him. The couple took their seat opposite to him. A platter of snacks was placed on the coffee table. L grabbed a pastry. Meanwhile, Misa snuggled against Light, her head in the crook of his neck. Light shifted uncomfortably. But Misa moved closer, bringing her nose to his. L looked away; he knew where this was headed. Closing his eyes, he let his mind sift through his jumbled thoughts.

"Ryuzaki!" he wished Misa ha said as he walked through the door.

He wished she would swoon when she saw him. He wished she would jump in his arms and hold him close. L wished she would love him unconditionally. He longed to run his fingers through Misa's beautiful blonde hair. Ryuzaki wished she would sit next to him, her head resting on his shoulder. He wanted to cuddle with her, as she did with Light.

L wanted the feel of her lips on his, sweet and gentle.

L wanted Misa to love him. He wanted to be the only one in her life.

It was quite selfish of him, actually. He knew Misa belonged to Light. He opened his eyes, sneaking a glance at her. She was smiling broadly, weaving her fingers through Light's hand.

Ryuzaki wanted nothing more than to be Light at that moment.

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