To tide over my hungry fans until I can pull myself together and write a more detailed story for Asta and Legolas, I wrote this a short-ish addition to my 'one-shot'. Enjoy my minions. Xx

The war rages in the forefront of my mind, all I see are silhouettes, one side of this war is bathed in glowing white light, looking radiant and beautiful, the others are dripping with a black viscous substance, behind them, loom monstrous forms I can't even begin to describe. The white lights are beginning to be extinguished, and I'm surrounded by the darkness that drips from the shapes around me. I try screaming, all I can manage is a plaintive cry, shuddering as the black liquid leaches through my clothes, icy cold tendrils curling over my stomach, my throat…

I shoot awake, startling both Aragorn and Legolas, who instantly abandons Aragorn's side and kneels beside me. "Astariel…" He says softly, hand on my shoulder, soothing me, although my hands still shake and my entire frame trembles from the cold of the dream, I feel reassured by the warmth radiating from him. White blonde hair tumbles in curls over my shoulders, quivering in response to the flush of hot and cold shivers running through me, hot because of the hand on my shoulder and everything it represents for me, cold because of what my dream implied.
"I'm fine…" I mumble, not really believing what I was saying, Legolas doesn't believe me either, he takes the blanket he doesn't use from his pack and skilfully drapes it over my shoulder. I haven't slept a full night since Haldir was killed, these nightmares plagued me every night, and I'm lucky to get a few hours of rest before the sun reappears. His brows furrow and he looks at me, concerned, doubting what I've said, I take one look at those beautiful eyes flooded with worry and instantly give in.
"I've had nightmares every night since Haldir was killed." I finally admit, there's no use talking in the common tongue, Gimli is asleep, and everyone else speaks Sindarin. Theres a short silence, after which Aragorn looks at me.
"It's natural… after my mother died, my dreams weren't pleasant." I lower my gaze, forgetting that everyone here has probably already lost someone dear to them, but, to all of elf kind I am still only a child. There's another pause and after a while, Gandalf gets to his feet and mutters before saying:
"Well, I think I shall go for a walk." He looked down at where Aragorn sat. "Join me, Aragorn." It was a request, but I sensed that Aragorn did not see it that way, or maybe he just knew better than to refuse. In a moment they had both left, and the only thing that disturbed the silence was Gimli's snores.

We sit in silence for what feels like years, until I finally look up to see Legolas watching me, it's slightly unnerving, but I meet his gaze instead of looking away as I have before. He watches for almost a minute. "You've always looked away before…" He comments, brows furrowed slightly, moonlight catches on his hair.
"Now I'm not afraid."
Now the look turns from bewilderment to alarm. "Why were you afraid of me?" He asks. It's my turn to furrow my brow.
"Not of you." I reply, his held tilts ever so slightly to the side. "I guess I was afraid to get close to you… everyone here considers me a child…"
"You're only 47…"
He replied softly.
My brows knit together, my age was always a problem. "There's something I haven't told you, only my family knows, I'm only half-Elven, which means by the time I was twenty I could be counted as a woman and not a child." Legolas now frowned, as if trying to work everything out. "I'm Haldir's half sibling, a bastard child. my father, Haldir's father was already married when I was conceived to a human mother." It had the reaction I expected, but not what I wanted. Legolas muttered a curse word and, instead of sitting and explaining, I got to my feet and stalked away from the fire, deciding now I should forget whatever thoughts I had previously had. Elves were never supposed to have an intimate relationship outside of their marriage, it was one of their most sacred laws, making me, the half-Elven bastard child of a married elf, an abomination.

I sit down on a lonely looking tree stump and ball up my fists in the tunic I wear. No elf would ever accept me among them, I would either be a child who had left her home, or a disgrace upon sacred customs. Most of all, I would never be able to cross to the Undying Lands…

The sun rises, and I return to the place between two willows where we made camp, I don't take my eyes off the silvery coat of the horse I saddle, waiting until Legolas has left to restock our supply of water before my shoulder sag, the raging emotions of guilt that I felt from Haldir's death mixing with a sudden intense betrayal.

I won't ride with him as we move on through the forest, I walk alongside the horse, a careful hold on it's reins, soothing it so it will stay calm. Have I made myself this outcast? The movement if trees and branches cover the sounds of light footsteps, but I hear them. To the left, moving along the branches of the trees. The click of metal on wood, and the scrape of an arrow being drawn back on it's bow. I move quickly, grabbing the horses reins and forcing them to the side, making the horse descend into a dip in the rocky floor. Legolas Gives a cry of alarm, or shock, and our eyes lock, his wide and panicked, mine confused, somethin's wrong, theres a warmth spreading down my front, and a dull ache, starting from my stomach and resonating through my body, I look down, see the shaft of an arrow, see blood staining my shirt. An arrow, an arrow that I have no doubt was meant to pierce Legolas' heart. Everything goes silent, I hear thumping, which I think is blood racing through my ears. I topple sideways the same time Legolas leaps from the horse's back, falling into oblivion.