I am going to do a more in depth version of Legolas and Asta's relationship, but for now this will have to do. enjoy.

I sleep more often then I wake, partly out of exhaustion from the arrow wound which drains me even as we get closer to help, it is also partly out of resignation. Somehow, I fooled myself into believing that Legolas wouldn't react to me the same way that other elves had, that he wouldn't think of me as the abomination that I was. Even though I've taken an arrow from him, we're still as distant as we were the days before the attack. The wound is not the only thing that is draining.

Days are becoming blurred, more often than not; I awake to find that more than a day has gone since I last opened my eyes. I don't know why I sleep so long, why everything seems so desolate and hopeless. One of the times that I don't sleep, I'm sitting on the roots of an old tree, Aragorn came to talk to me again, but I don't know when that was. I barely remember it. I hear footsteps beside me, but don't bother looking up. The footsteps stop, directly behind me and I wait for something to be said. "Astariel…" I leap to my feet and turn around to face the Elf Prince, taking several steps back and looking at him. He frowns, looking suddenly apologetic as I wince; the sudden movement has pulled at my injury. "I didn't mean to startle you." I wonder briefly why he's switched to Sindarin, but then I realise that the only member of our group who is close enough to hear is Gimli, and he can not understand Sindarin. Gimli grumbles and moves away.
"I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings." I reply, a little stiffly, I notice I've balled my fists into my tunic, I want nothing more than to run now, to hide.
Legolas gives a half smile, a smile that still looks so sad, I watch as he moves, sitting elegantly on the log I just vacated. "Astariel… I came to apologise…" It's my turn to furrow my brow as I look at him, he seems more interested in his hands then he is in looking at me. "I reacted… cruelly when you told me about your parentage and you still took an arrow for me." The tension melts from my soldiers and I look down at him, what can I say to this? I decide not to say anything and watch as he gets to his feet, he's taller than me, and I look up at him. "For that, I'm sorry."
I find myself trying to blink away tears, wondering if he realises that nobody has ever apologised to reacting the same way, that no-one has even forgiven me for what I am. "Nobody has ever said that to me…" I say softly, blinking away the tears. "You're the first." He smiles and steps forward, wiping the tears from where they've pooled under my eyes with his thumb.
"It was quite a shock…" He drops his hand to his side. "It is a sacred law."
"In my father's defence, he thought my mother was dead."
I grumble. Legolas frowns, intrigued. "He'd come back to the encampment were my family was staying, it had been attacked… he believed them to be dead."
"Astariel, I'm sorry."
Legolas says again, true sadness and regret in his eyes. I nod.
"I know…. I forgive you."

I'm not so forgiving once he's bullied me into eating a tasteless mix of berries and water softened grain, but he's adamant that I eat before we leave so I swallow down the concoction and ignore his triumphant and smug smile as Aragorn checks and rebandages the wound. I have much more energy today and sit with Legolas as we ride back to Edoras for the festivities. A three day journey had taken longer than expected as Aragorn and Legolas were unwilling to move me when I could stay conscious for only a little while. Now, we move on, to Edoras, I can't help thinking that, soon, the fate of man, elf and all other creatures would be decided.