What if kitty found a good book but then found out it wasn't a book but a diary, so who's is its, or who owns it?

I don't own anything

-Kitty's pro-

No no no no no um no

There are no good books anymore. So here I am looking for any book for the stupid school report but there are no good ones. Oh here's one.

It was a dark green hard cover book with the letters A.M on it with under in small letters hope.

So I guess I'll read it

-Diary page -

My dearest Anna Marie,

I know you not know what I am writing for a few years but I will write anyway.

My darling you and me are in the hospital room you are about 3 hours old, your sleeping so I have though that now is a great time to start mine and yours diary, now when you read this you will not understand so, I am writing this to you for I will not always be there for you (even though I want to). I am your mother Pricilla, and you are my hope. My life has been hard but I would give up the world for you my darling. You don't understand this but someday you will.

Some of these pages will be short and long but I want them to be long. And when you can write this book is yours my baby. You are never going to be normal my darling, I'm not trying to hurt you but I hope you will not be like every little girl, I wish you will be my little girl.

You are my first child and knowing your father you well not have any brothers or sisters. If something happens to me I want you to know the real me my Darling.

Your mother,


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