Scathach in…SCHOOL?

Chapter 1


I know I know I'm already writing other stories and I promised myself I wouldn't write a bunch of stories at the same time, but I can't help myself he many ideas in my head I hope you guys like this story it sounds fun to me so I REALLY HOPE YOU guys like it anyways here is the story…

Scathach's POV

Ugh I cannot believe I have to do this. I have to stop listening to my grandma. I cannot believe I have to undercover at a school. Wait I'm getting ahead of myself let me explain to you. My grandma-The Witch of Endor- is making me go to school…High school to be exact. She's making me go because apparently a bunch of kids are going missing and grin wants me to find the people that are kidnapping high school kids. 'O Joy' I thought to myself as I looked at the front of Eastlake High School. I am so not going to enjoy this one bit I thought as I walked into the office.


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