Scathach in...SCHOOL?!

Chapter 12

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Scathach's POV

We trudged slowly through the hot desert sand to in the direction of Quetzalcoatl's lair. We had driven here in Joan's Citroen 2CV, leaving it a few miles away from our destination to walk the rest of the way.

Me and Joan lead the way while Germaine and Jason walked behind us, talking and joking. I'd never seen Jason so at ease before, so I was surprised when he began getting along with Germaine so well.

"Joan." I whispered.

"Yes Scatty?" she asked as she took a chug from her water bottle.

"Jason and Germaine seem to be getting along." I smirked, tilting my head as I turned to look back at them.

Joan looked back, looking at Germaine's and Jason's interactions and the both of them laughing together. Before looking back at me, eyebrow quirked.

"I've noticed. Francis especially, I've never seen him laughing this much and this joyful and free."

I nodded, "Jason as well, he's always been more serious. I didn't know he could be so carefree."

"Why did you feel so inclined to point this out Scatty?" She began as we reached a landmark made of boulders that we had to climb over. "I know you don't say anything without a purpose."

"Actually," I told her as I climbed up, "There is something I want to tell you Joan."

"What is it?" She asked as she climbed over the top.

"Jason is an orphan," I said as I followed behind her.

"What?" She whispered as Germaine and Jason climbed behind us.

I nodded, "I found him in an alley inside a box, he was only three. I've been taking care of him since then. I know you want a child Joan and I was wondering-"

"If we would take care of him,"

I spoke fast and quietly "Yes, he seems to be attached to Francis already and eventhough he'd be in France, I know he'd enjoy being with you and Germaine."

Germaine and Jason reached the top, "I'll think about. It would be nice." she said with a small smile.

"Uh Scatty?" Jason spoke up.

"Yes Jason?" I said looking up at him from my crouched position on the rock face.

"I think you need to see this," he said pointing away from us.

I stood up and looked out across the desert, expecting to see nothing but sand and desert plants I gaped at what stood in front of us.

Joan spoke next to me. "Oh God," She whispered.

"Think we can do it?" Germaine spoke up as he stood next to Jason.

I nodded, "We have too", as I looked out across the landscape.

Across the desert surrounded by an electrical chain link fence was what looked like a military base. There was movement all around, figures and vehicles moving about.

"This is Quetzalcoatls lair right?" Jason questioned.

I nodded, "It should be."

"The coordinates are right too." Germaine explained.

"If that G.P.S you installed in my car is accurate Francis." Joan stated.

"It is honey, I swear."

We'll have to figure out a way to get over the fence and inside. We first find the kids and get them out. Then, we find Quetzalcoatl. "

"Got it." Jason nodded stone faced.

"I'm with you Scatty." Joan said gently.

"As long as my fan and buddy here is going then so am I." Germane said ruffling Jasons hair. "Lets go," he said making his way down the rocky hill.

Jason blushed and followed behind him.

I smiled, "What did I tell you?" I said to Joan, "He'd make a great father." I jumped off the rock, landing in a crouch on the ground, as Joans delighted laughter echoed above me.

Jason, Germaine, and Joan breathed quietly beside me as we hid behind a mound of rocks. The sun having settled an hour before hand.

"Okay," I whispered, "Everyone know what to do?"

They nodded in confirmation.

"Let's go then," I said, running from behind the rocks and towards the fence behind the building.

Francis approached it as we stood before it. His index finger on his right hand alight with a burning flame as he made an entrance.

We quickly stepped through the hole in the fence and quietly made our way to the entrance at the back. It was dark, with few light turned on. But, the security guards were in abundance. We ducked and hid behind stacks of crates, and stationary machines.

Germaine once again burned through the entrance to allow us inside. We quietly made our way down the hall as we looked at the turquoise colored walls created by the green light illuminating from the ceiling.

"Where do you think they're holding the kids," Germaine asked as he walked beside me, Joan and Jason in front of us.

I shrugged, "We'll figure it out. It shouldn't be too hard."

He nodded, "Well, what about-"

My ears perked up as I heard footsteps making their way down, I glanced at the hallways that connected to the one we were one. "Ssh!" I hissed, "Someone's coming!"

As Joan and Germaine backed against the wall, Jason and I moved to intercept them as soon as they entered the hallway.

Their footsteps were loud and careless, their voices reverberating throughout the hall as they talked amongst themselves.

I could hear three individual voices, that of a womans and those of two separate men. I nodded at Jason, ready.

As soon as they stepped into the hallway I lunged, bringing my nunchuk to the womans head. She immediately fell down as I went for the other man. I saw noticed Jason quickly taking out the other guard with a kick to the abdomen and a hit to a pressure point.

I knocked the gun out of the guard hands and pushed him against a wall. My sword in my hand as I placed it at his throat.

"Where are you keeping them?" I growled.

He squeaked, "I don't- I don't know what you're talking about!"

"The kids, where are they!"

He shook his head, "I can't-"

I bared my teeth, "You can and you will or you'll end up regretting your decision not to say anything."

His face instantly paled with fear, "T-there down the hall, take a right, and it'll be the third door on your left. Take the stairs down and you'll find them there."

I smiled, "Thank you." I said as I knocked him out with the flat on my blade. "Let's go," I said as I let him drop to the ground.

Joan, Jason, and Francis ran behind me as we followed the guards directions. We had to hurry, it would only be a matter of time before the guards were discovered unconscious.

Joan's POV

I gasped in shock as I looked around at what surrounded us. Cages filled with innocent and frightened youth. They were all dirty, with bloodshot eyes as they peered at us from the far corners of their imprisonment.

"Oh my..." Francis wheezed as he stood behind me, trying to catch his breath after we had run down the flight of stairs. Just wait until he has to back up them.

Scatahch hissed, "Lets get them out." she demanded as she slashed at one of the cages.

I nodded as I myself moved to another one, copying Scatty and slashing at the lock.

Francis moved to another, his aura lighting his fingers as he burned through the lock quickly.

With the three of us working together, we had freed the youth from the cages with time to spare. I moved to talk to Scatty as Jason looked them over, healing each teenager so that each would have enough strength to make it out of here.

"How are we going to get them out of here now?" I asked her.

She shrugged, "Honestly? My best plan is to run."

I quirked an eyebrow, "We go after Quetzalcoatl and when we do I'm sure the guards on the compound will come after us, causing the distraction need for them to run." Scatty elaborated.

I nodded at her, "Okay then."

She smiled just enough so that her lips still covered her teeth, "Lets find an exit out of here." she raised her voice as she moved deeper into the room.

Jason's POV

Eventually, after I'd finished helping and making sure the teenagers weren't too badly injured, we found an exit, one that led directly outside.

"Perfect," Scatty whispered. She turned to look at the teenagers. "Stay here understood? When you see the guards begin to run and make their way inside, go out and make your way to the back of the fence. There you'll find a hole through it, go and wait for us behind the mass of rocks. Understood?"

They nodded silently.

"Good lets go." she commanded as she raced back up the stairs.

I followed right at her heels, Joan behind Francis as she pushed him up, while he groaned. I smirked, Francis was...interesting and hilarious and kind, and so many other things I didn't know of yet. He seemed to be what a cool father would look like. I frowned as I followed Scatty down the hall. Not that I would know anyway.

I shook my head, stop this is not the time to be thinking of my parentless life, I chided myself. There are other important things to do, "Lets go get Quetzalcoatl" I breathed out, as I ran towards where Scatty now stood.

"How did you kn-" Francis began.

Scatty cut him off, "I could smell his stench from a mile a way," she hissed. "Are you ready Joan?"

Joan nodded, her sword out. "Then lets go," Scatty said as she kicked the steel door down. My eyes widened, sometimes I forgot just who exactly she was and what she was capable of.

I followed her in, Joan and Germaine in front of me.

Inside, the room was covered in gold, the floors and the walls. An array of jewels adorned the walls and tiles. Ancient artifacts were placed as decoration over the entire room. And on the golden throne at the front of the room, which was covered by rich fabrics and carved with intricate designs, sat Quetzalcoatl.

He sat up right, the smile on his face beaming with pride. "Well, hello there Shadow." he bragged.

Scathach growled. Without a word she lunged at him.

Quetzalcoatl squawked as he moved to the side, unfortunately Scatty was able to grab him by the neck and pull him to the ground. He screamed as she stood over him.

"Guards!" he yelled.

Immediately guards began streaming into the room, red and white light flashing throughout the halls and the room.

The other three immortals immediately went to work, taking out the guards before they could get to Scatty so that she'd be able to 'have fun' with the Elder. Joan's sword flashed left and right as she knocked the guards unconscious. Jason ducked and weaved and his deadly hands and feet struck at the guards, effectively bringing the down, and Germaine laughed in delight and arrogance as flames spewed from his hands scaring the guards into running, even some being set ablaze.

In the quick confusion Quetzalcoatl was able to stand up, and lunge himself at the Shadow.. Scathach and the Elder went face to face, trading blows. The Elders tail lashing out, along with an ancient sword, made of bronze, he'd picked up. Neither had any effect, as Scathach dodged and parried each blow, striking back with an equal ferocity of an army of men, driving the Elder back.

Quetzalcoatl hissed, at the Warrior as he noticed his men falling. "Cowards! Stand and fight!" he yelled as one after another they fell or ran.

As Scathach moved in to deliver a final blow, a cry pierced the air. Germaine grasped his arm in agony, crouching on the ground as blood poured out. A bullet had been shot into St. Germaine the guard standing at the door blanched as Jason turned to him. Before the guard could run, Jason was on him, taking him out quickly and painlessly.

"Francis!" Joan yelled as she started towards him.

Quetzalcoatl had noticed that the Shadow and turned to look at Francis, gauging if he was ok. Deciding to use this to his advantage, the Elder yelled and dodged to the right, out of Scatach's grasp. Heading straight for Francis.

Scatahch hissed, "Francis!"

Germaine looked up, his eyes widening in horror, his face paling. Quetzalcoatl yelled as he reached straight for him. Afraid he threw himself to the right, barely avoiding the Elders grasp. Behind Francis, Joan stood in Quetzalcoatl's path. Sword drawn, stance ready, eyes narrowed and her aura hardening around her as her armor.

Quetzalcoatl, unable to change direction due to his momentum headed straight towards her.

Joan lunged, a cry of success escaping her lips as her sword made contact.

"Agggsss" Quetzalcoatl hissed backing away from Joan as he held his bleeding side.

"You shall pay for this!" He yelled with a vengeance in his voice " You shall pay for ruining my plans!" He screamed, throwing his head back. The room began to shake.

"Scathach!" Jason yelled as she ran towards him, "what's going on?!"

Scathach shook her head and ran, "I don't know, lets leave. Now."

"Francis hurry!" Joan yelled as they made their way to the exit, Franci scrambling behind her.

"I'm coming honey."

"Oh my gods watch out!" Jason yelled as he turned to look back.

And that's when the walls collapsed and the floors crumpled.

Francis yelled as he lost his footing, the ground disappearing beneath him.

"No!" Jason and Joan yelled as they both reach for him, as he fell into the darkness.

"Argh!" Francis yelled as they each caught a hold of his arms, jostling his injured one.

They quickly pulled him up as the floor crumbled and the ceiling began caving in. "You shouldn't have-" Francis began.

"Shush," Joan chided.

"Shut up Francis," Jason demanded as they dragged him to the exit.

"Hurry!" Scathach encouraged as she stood by the door.

They managed to make it, Scathach pulling them out as the entire room collapsed behind them.

'The whole building is going down, we have get out of here." she stated,

"Let's go," Jason said helping Francis up as they began running.

"I hope the kids were able to get out." Joan asked, concerned.

"If they're sensible, they did." Scatty responded running ahead.

"Come on Francis, hurry." Jason muttered.

"I'm going, i'm trying." Francis strained out through gritted teeth.

"We're nearly out!" Scathach yelled as they neared an exit.

The group ran faster as they got closer to the exit, barely able to stand on their feet as the building shook harder, plaster raining down on them. As the building began collapsing, Scathach, Joan, and Jason pulling Francis behind him jumped through the doorway, to safety.

As the dust settles, hundreds of teenagers watch on in wonder and worry. Waiting to see their saviors emerge from the dust.

"They're dead, they're not coming back." A brunette whispers.

"Shut up," A blond boy says angrily, there special, they save dus. of course there alive.

They wait in silence, the teenagers twitching with tensions.

Eventually one of the cries out, "Look!" A boy yells.

From the dust, four shadowy figures emerge. As they come closer they can be made out.

A red haired female with two swords on her back, alongside a brown haired short woman with a longsword attached to her hip, and two males; a sandy blond haired boy helping a tall black haired man along.

Screams of celebration filled the air as the figures made their way to the teenagers. From, "They're alive!", to "See I told you!" and even some thank you's shouted within the mix.

Joan laughed in delight as she neared them, "They are okay."

Scathach nodded, "I told you they would be. Now, I believe its time we got them back home." Scatty smiled towards the teenagers.

"I can help with that." Francis croaked out.

"Ssh, rest Francis. Here let me." Jason said softly as he placed his hand over his wound. He galred at him, "It only graced you."

"It hurts," francis whined.

"Cry baby," Jason said as gently placed his hand over the wound.

Laughter filled the air as Joan mumbled, "Sometimes he can be such a child, instead of a man."

The hundreds of teenagers stared in awe as they watched Jason concentrating, the smell of disinfectant filling the air, and his aura becoming visible as it trickled into Germaines skin. Disinfecting and healing the wound.

"Thank you Jason." Francis breathed as he stood up.

"It was nothing," Jason said shaking his head, "Seriously."

Francis and Joan smiled at him, while Scathach stared over the youth. "I think its time we left," she announced, "Its a long way to where we're going."

The others groaned as they began their walk, Scatty chuckling in mild humor as they followed behind her.

As they walked on Jason caught up to Scatty, walking with her step by step. "So, back there, with Quetzalcoatl. What do you think happened to him?"

Scathach shook her head, looking straight ahead, "I saw him fall and that was that. But, I doubt he's dead. The Elders aren't easy to kill."

I nodded, "So what do we do then?" he asked.

Scatty knew he wasn't talking about the students, "We wait till he comes back, shows himself and then we follow his stench and go after him. Make him pay."

Jason nodded again, "Okay." a pause and then, "We never really knew what he up to didn't we?"

"No we didn't," Scatty shook her head once again, "But it doesn't matter. We stopped him and that it. But he's out there and he will come."

"We'll get him," Jason replied, "No one messes with the humani and gets away with it."

Scatty smiled and laughed, high pitched and free. The day was only ending, but the adventure was just beginning.

Back at the compound, through all the rubble of the destroyed building, a hand made its way of the destruction, followed by an injured and slithering body. The man with long hair and a hook nose exploded through the concrete and metal. Looking around at the destruction, he snarled, hissing.

From the corner of his eye, he noticed a figure making his way towards him. Dressed in black, his clothes tattered and ruined, covered in dust. One of his guards.

"Sir," he croaked out grasping his abdomen, "They've escaped. All of the them. The teenagers and the four who invaded the compound. I'm so-"

He was cut off by the Elder as he wrapped a hand around the man's throat. Leaving him gasping for breath, taking the life out of him. "I don't accept failure." Quetzalcoatl announced as the man stopped struggling, letting him drop to the ground.

He turned to the sky and let out a yell, full of anger and a promise of revenge for what had conspired here today. "I will not be made a fool of Shadow! Believe me! I am coming for you!" His scream lost in the vast emptiness of the desert.

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