The Alchemist and His Friends



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Logan's POV

We were at one of our concerts when IT happened.

'Cause the world stops

When I put my arms around you, oh, woah

And nothing even matters

And nothing even matters

It was at Stargaze park [I made it up I don't know any parks in LA] we were on the stage grass, trees, fans, and security surrounding us. Kendall had his arm draped over my shoulder and I had mine around his waist, Carlos and James doing the same.

It's like one for the haters and two for all of those

Who try to shut us down, they don't really know

There ain't nothing they can do that can tear us apart, no

When a Limo pulled up a few yards away from were the concert was being held. I didn't think of it I just thought it was someone famous watching us from a far. Though when I saw it alarms went off in my head but again I thought nothing of it. Ever since me and Kendall began dating I've been letting my guard down.

I don't care about the money, don't care about the clothes

When we're together, baby, anything goes

'Cause we don't even need to prove what we feel in our heart's, no

I kept on singing even when I saw three identical and beautiful young women get out of the limo-though not as beautiful as my Kendall-wearing black tank tops, jeans, and small black leather jackets.

Is wall we built together

There ain't no way of knocking it over

We'll be here fore-

I turned to look over the crowd and they kept on coming nearing the crowd and as they smiled it was the most horrible smile that I have ever seen. It made me stutter and stop which caused Kendall and everyone else to stare at me. I drop my mike and point at the three women. Everyone turned around to look at the three women just as they pass through a shadow and they change no longer regular women but now warrior women. Long coats of ice white chain mail fell to their knees, knee-high metal boots with spiked toes covered their feet, and they wore heavy leather-and-metal gauntlets on their hands. Rounded helmets protected their heads and masked their eyes and noses but left their mouths free. White leather belts around their waists held their swords and knife sheaths. The Women-though I guessed I already knew who they were they were Valkyries, the Disir, Warrior Maidens- they each carried a wide-bladed sword in one hand, but each also had a second weapon strapped to her back: a spear, a double-headed axe and a war hammer. Obviously once everyone saw the three women with their weapons everyone freaked and panicked. Everyone started screaming and running away from the direction of the women while the security guards started shooting at the women which was obviously useless since The Disir are hard to kill. They easily sliced at two guards and whacked away four more like they were flies.

"Logie, baby, come on!" Kendall pulled at my arm taking me out of my shock.

"Huh? What? No Kendall we can't look at those poor people we can't leave them to die!" I exclaimed

"Logan what are we suppose to do? What can we do? You saw what they did to the security guards! Come on Logan we have to get out of here there getting closer!" Kendall said getting more worried and scared by the minute.

"No Kendall I won't abandon these people and have them die because of me." I said in the most serious tone that I have ever used "Now get Carlos

and James and stand back." I ordered him

"Logan what?"

"Kendall do it now or we all die!" I yelled at him scared for his safety, for my friend's safety, and for the safety of our fans."

"Ok" He said a little shocked while he went and got Carlos and James and took them behind the stage.

I turned around to face the Valkyries and I saw they were only three yards away. I have to do this quickly I thought to myself before its too late. I run to the edge of the stage and jump down onto the grass. I lay my hands on the grass and I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Pressing my outspread fingers against the grass, I drew on my aura. The smallest gossamer thread of light brown energy seeped off my fingertips and soaked into the dirt. I felt the tendril of his auric energy curl through the dirt. The hair-thin thread snaked through the soil, looking…searching...and then, finally, finding what he was looking for: a seething mass of teeming life. Then it was a simple matter of using transmutation, the basic principal of alchemy, to create glucose and fructose and bind the together with a glycosidic bond to create sucrose. The life stirred, shifted, flowed toward the sweetness.

The Valkyries came nearer "Alchemist give up you cannot defeat us" said the one on the right.

"I know I can't" I say as they get nearer there just two yards away now and then I see the ant. It popped up out of a hole in the dirt, antennae waving. It was followed by a second, and a third. I pressed my thumbs against the third finger of each hand- "But I can distract you."

They laugh "Alchemist what are you-?" They realize too late that I'm up too something- and I snap my fingers- the Valkyries come running at me weapons raised and ready to kill.

"Logan no!" I here Kendall yell and with my peripheral vision I see Carlos and James holding him back

Minuscule sparkles of fresh baked cookies-smelling light brown spun into the air, coating the three women in infinitesimal particles of power. Then I transmuted the particles into sugar.

Abruptly, the grass around Logan turned black. A mass of tiny ants erupted from below the earth, surging up out of the holes in the dirt. Like thick glutinous syrup, they spread out across the grass, flowing over the women's boots before suddenly curling up around the legs of the Disir, coating them in a heaving swarm of insects. They stopped for an instant in their tracks, and then they twitched as the ants started finding there way into there armor. They began twitching, jerking, slapping at the ants, and screaming screams that sounded that like a wolves. "ALCHEMIST! YOU'LL PAY!"

They howled with rage. I smiled to my self and ran to Kendall, Carlos, and James.

"W-what what was-what was that?" They all exclaimed

"No time for questions now come on!" I yelled at them and ran to Kendall's car. Kendall, Carlos, and James following behind in shock and in awe.


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