Chapter 12

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Logan's POV

I sighed as we ate breakfast, Kendall sitting next to me, Scatty across from us. James and Carlos were still sleeping, especially after last night's escapades.

As Kendall ate some type of jelly fruity substance, he spoke up. "So, what was it that happened yesterday?"

I looked up at him and put down my spoon. "James and Carlos tried to escape yesterday. They saw something."

Kendalls eyes widened. "What? Why? How?" When I hesitated to answer, he pressed, "What did they see Logan?"

"A portal, that- that showed the future. They saw Dee and another figure, what looked to be a warrior, an Elder. They had an army behind them, and they're coming today." I gulped.

His eyes widened even more if that was possible. "So that means-"

"That we don't have much time." Scatty finished for him.

I nodded. "And as soon as Carlos and James wake up, we'll get Hekate to awaken you."

He nodded assuredly and interlocked his fingers with mine.

I smiled widely, joyful that Kendall would do this, just because I asked him too.

I looked up as I heard footsteps, James and Carlos walked outside. "You're up, good. I suggest you eat." Scatty said as she peeled an orange with her dagger.

James walked past me, facing forward, Carlos had his head down. I sighed. "Guys."

James just sat and ate.

"I'm sorry." Carlos said as he sat.

I rolled my eyes. "It's ok Carlos, I'm not mad. I'm just glad you guys are ok."

Carlos smiled slightly, "Cool!" Immediately happy he began eating.

James stayed quiet.

"As soon as Hekate wakes up, we'll get you guys awakened." I said.

Carlos looked up, "What's that?"

I blinked, "I didn't tell you guys did I?"

Carlos shook his head and James looked up, "You never told us anything."

"Oh, well it's basically where your aura, what Hekate showed you yesterday, is activated and you'll be able to do magic."

"Cool!" yelled Carlos.

"You'll need it to protect yourself, just in case."

James stayed silent but nodded.

"After we'll leave, we can't afford to stay after what you've seen. If Dee and another Elder are headed here were in trouble."

"What will we do when we leave?" asked James, finally speaking up.

"I'm hoping some of the other Elders or immortals might help train you."

"What's gonna happen to Hekate?" asked Carlos.

"I don't know and I don't care." Scatty growled. "I don't know how powerful the goddess is, but she can defend herself."

"More powerful than you can imagine." We all turned towards the door, where a girl looked about eleven stood blinking and yawning widely. She rubbed a hand against her bright yellow eye and stared at us, then smiled, her teeth shockingly white against her jet black skin.

She was wearing a short toga like robe of the same material that the older Hekate had worn, but this time it had gold and green streaks. Her ice white hair curled down her shoulders. "And Scathach is right, I can defend myself."

I stood up and bowed, Kendall following my example. "Good Morning Hekate. I didn't realize you'd be awake already."

"How could I sleep with all this activity?" Hekate demanded. "The House awakened me."

"The house?" asked Kendall.

"The house a-" James started.

"The house," Hekate said flatly, "Is alive."

Carlos eyes widened, Kendall blinked, and I saw James tightly close his mouth.

"I understand that Dee and another Elder are planning an assault on my shadow realm." she said grimly.

Kendall glanced at me and I glanced at Scathach, who shifted her shoulders in a slight shrug. She had no idea either how Hekate could possibly know what was about to happen.

"I am sure you understand that everything that happens in this house, every word said or whispered-or even thought," Hekate added, glancing at James, who gulped, "I hear." She smiled and, in that instant, looked like the older version of herself. The smile curled her lips, but didn't light up her eyes. She walked into the room, towards me, and looked up into my eyes. Even though I was taller I still felt intimidated by her, by I didn't look away. "I would have preferred that you not come here. I would have preferred that you not bring trouble into my life. I would have preferred not to go to battle with one of my kind. And I would most certainly have preferred not to have to help you with your little problems."

"Dee is after me and I don't why. I don't know what he wants. I didn't know who else to turn to for help."

"And what would you have me do, Alchemist?"

"I need you to awaken them." I stated flatly.

She hissed. "Do you know what you are asking?!" she paused and turned away from

me. "No of course not, you are young."

"I know exactly what I'm asking. I need you to awaken their magical potential."

She turned to look back at me. "Why do you want me to awaken these three boys?" she asked curiously.

I saw Scatty raise an eyebrow in question as well. I knew how dangerous the process could be, and so did she.

I breathed deeply. "There my friends and because of me they're in danger. They need a way to protect themselves. Please Hekate, I beg you, I need your help."

She glared, then turned to fully face me and nodded. "I will awaken them. If it's the only way to get you out of my realm and because you've shown me, that you humani aren't worthless space." she turned to go. "In an hour I will find you." She left.

I breathed a sigh of relief and sat down. Kendall sat next to me and grabbed my hand. I smiled at him, "She agreed to do it."

Kendall smiled back at me. "I'm guessing were lucky huh?"

"We are lucky that she agreed to awaken you." Scatty stood. "Come let's wait for her downstairs by the door while we consider a plan of defense against Dee."

I followed Scatty, Kendall right beside me. James and Carlos behind us.

Kendall's POV

We were standing against the wall when Hekate appeared. "It is time."

Logan nodded and turned to look at me. "Are you ready?" he asked me.

Squeezing his hand I nodded. "I'm ready Logie."

He kissed me. "I wish you didn't have to do this. Kendall."

I shook my head. "I have to, for you."

He smiled up at me teary eyed and kissed me again. "Good luck Kendall." he whispered.

I smiled as I turned to follow Hekate, James and Carlos also following along.

We followed Hekate along a narrow corridor. She'd aged in the time we last saw her. She looked about seventeen, close to my age. Which I found creepy. It was utter silence as we followed her.

Hekate stopped as we reached an opening framed by twisted roots. She turned to look back at us. "Once you step into this room and if you come out you will be different people, you have one more chance to turn back. Choose now, but choose wisely." She said and stepped into the room.

I gulped and turned to look at James and Carlos. "Are you guys ready? I am."

James and Carlos nodded.

"Good." I squeaked out and walked into the chamber.

It was dark, and as we walked deeper into the chamber a green glow emanated from the walls which was composed of gnarled and twisted roots and covered with moss. The air was heavy with moisture and drops of liquid gathered on our hair and skin.

"You should consider yourselves honored." Hekate said her voice come from directly in front of us. "I have not awakened a humani for many generations."

"Who...," said James, his voice cracking, he coughed and started again. "Who was the last human you awakened?"

"It was some time ago-in the twelfth century, as you humani measure time-a man from the land of the Scots. I do not remember his name."

Instinctively I knew Hekate was lying.

"What happened to him?" asked Carlos curiously.

"He died." There was an odd high-pitched giggle. "He was killed by a hailstone."

"Must have been some hailstone," James whispered.

"Oh it was," Hekate murmured. Somehow I knew that she had something to do with the mysterious man's death. To me, the goddess felt more like a vindictive child. Vindictive? Where'd that come from? I've been listening to Logan talk too much. We should change that a bit, I smirked as I thought of ways to make Logan talk less.

"So what happens now?" I asked. "Do stand, sit, or lie down?"

"You do nothing," Hekate snapped,

I flinched, so did James and Carlos.

"This is not to be taken lightly, you three are in danger. You humans have distanced yourselves from what you laughingly call magic. But it is only the utilization of all your senses. Now you only hear the loudest of sound, have shockingly poor smell, and taste only the sweetest or sourest of tastes. Before you needed these senses to survive. But then you became...sophisticated. You humani grew indolant and arrogant."

"So you're saying we lost the powers of magic because we grew lazy," said Carlos.

'Uh oh.' I thought.

To my surprise Hekate replied with a soft almost gentle tone. "What you call magic is nothing more than an act of the imagination fired by the senses, then given shape by the power of your aura. The more powerful the aura, the greater the magic. What I can do is give you the ability to use your aura and shape it to your will. But the danger, is that your body will not be able to take it." she paused. "Are you prepared to take a risk?"

"I am." I said stepping forward. I looked towards James and Carlos, hoping they wouldn't back out. She looked towards them.

They nodded "I'm ready." they both said.

"Then we will begin. Since I have three of you, the two oldest shall go first."

I saw James about to protest, I shook my head and it him and me and Carlos stepped forward.

"It is traditional to let the oldest go first." she said. "Kendall...Carlos..." she paused, and then, "What is your family name, your parent's names?"

"Knight, my mom's name is Jennifer and my dad's is..." I paused, my voice catching in my throat." Kevin."

"Garcia." Carlos said following after me. "And my mom's name is Sylvia and my dad is Fernando."

The room brightened as Hekate reached out and touched the palm of her hands to our foreheads. "Kendall, son of Jennifer and Kevin, of Clan Knight, of the race humani." Turning to look at Carlos she said the same thing. "Carlos, son of Sylvia and Fernando, of Clan Garcia, of the race humani."

As I stared ahead her voice changed from English to something lyrical almost beautiful. As she continued I saw Carlos aura surround him and glow, I figured that mine too had begun glowing. A cool breeze blew across my skin and suddenly I couldn't hear Hekate. Her mouth was moving, but I couldn't make out the words, and the sudden noises of my body, the breath hissing in and out of my nose, my blood rushing in my ears, the beating of my heart. There was a sudden pressure on my temples, like my head was about to explode, my spine began to ache, as well as the rest of my bones.

Then the room began to lighten. Hekate stood outlined in shifting streams of sparkling lights. I realized that I was seeing her aura. I watched as the lights twisted and curled around her arm and flowed down into my fingers, and then, with a prickling shock, I could literally feel it penetrating my skull, I saw the same happening to Carlos. For an instant I was dizzy and disoriented and then, through the buzzing in my ear, Hekate's words abruptly started to make sense."...I awaken these terrible powers within you..." she said moving her hands over my face, her touch was like ice and fire. "These are the senses the humani have abandoned," she continued. She pressed her thumbs lightly against my eyes.

"To see with acuity..." her voice rasped.

My vision bloomed, and the darkened chamber came to blazing light, every shadow picked out in amazing detail. I could see each thread and stitch on Hekate's robe, pick out individual hairs on her head and follow the map of tiny wrinkles that were visibly growing at the corner of her eyes.

"To hear with clarity..."

It was like cotton had been pulled out of my ears. Suddenly, I could hear. It was like the difference between listening to music on my iPod headphones and then to the same track on the living room stereo. Every sound in the room was magnified and intensified: the wheezing of James breath through his nostrils, Carlos loud gasp as he began feeling the same effects as me, the tiny shifting creaks of the huge tree above us, the scritch-scratching of invisible creatures moving through the roots. I tilted my head slightly; I could even hear the distant sounds of battle; birds screeching, men screaming, and the bellowing of boars.

"They're here." Scatty informed Logan as she appeared out of a doorway. Wearing black pants, a high necked black T-shirt that left her arms bare and thick soled combat boots. She wore two short swords strapped to her back, the hilts protruding slightly over her shoulders, and had daubed her eyes and cheekbones with a black dye that gave her face a startlingly skull-like appearance. "They're already surging into shadow realm and they've arrived in force, no doubt Dee is right behind them."

Logan stood up, he had been sitting down meditating, focusing his power for the fight to come. "What's he bringing?" Logan asks.

"The nathair scouts estimate half a million warrior men along with the birds of the sky, the very same ones who attacked us on the bridge."

Logan's eyes widened. "We have to be ready Scatty."

Scatty nodded. "The boars are already in place and so are the nathair. Some are in place near the entrance and are ambushing the first who enter. By the time they reach us we'll be ready."

Logan nodded. "Good. I'm already scared enough."

"Do not worry, I will protect you." Scatty said leaving as she moved towards the doorway.

"Thank you." Logan whispered as he left towards the chamber were the Awakening was occurring.

Kendall's POV

"To taste with purity..."

Hekate's fingers brushed my lips and suddenly I felt my tongue tingling. I licked my lips, finding traces of the fruit flavored jelly I'd eaten earlier and discovered that I could literally taste the air,it was rich and earthy. I could even distinguish the water droplets in the atmosphere.

"To touch with sensitivity..."

My skin came alive. The fabric against my skin-the soft cotton of my T-shirt, the stiff denim of my jeans, and my cotton socks-all left different and distinct impressions on her flesh.

"To smell with intensity..."

I was actually rocked backward with the sudden eye watering explosion of scents that invaded: the spicy otherworldly odors of hekate, the cloying earthiness of her surroundings, James twenty-four hour deodorant, which was plainly not working, his expensive gel in his hair, and Carlos corn dog cologne invading the air, and the mint toothpaste they'd both used earlier.

I saw my aura begin to glow, a yellow mist rising off of my skin like fog off a lake. It completely surrounded my body like a cocoon. I closed my eyes and threw my head back. Colors, smells, and sounds were rushing at me: and they were all brighter, stronger, louder than any I've ever experienced before. The effect from my heightened my senses was almost, it was painful. It hurt. My head throbbed, my bones ached, even my skin itched-everything was just too much. My head tilted back, and then, almost like they had a mind of their own, my arms shot out to the side...and then that's when I felt myself rising up off the floor.

"We're running out of time," Scathach yelled to Logan as she raced into the corridor.

"How many?" Logan asked afraid of the answer he would receive.

"Too many," Scatty replied. She paused briefly and then added, "The Torc Allta and nathair will not be able to hold them for long."

"And Dee and the Dark Elder?"

"I didn't see them. But you can be sure they're coming, and when they do..." She left the sentence unfinished. With Hekate busy Awakening Kendall, Carlos and Logan, nothing would be able to stand against Dee and The Warrior Elder.

"They'll come." he said grimly.

Scatty stepped closer to Logan. They had known each other for over a decade, and although she was his senior by two millennia, she had come to regard him as the older brother she no longer remembered. "Take your friends and flee. I'll hold them here. I'll buy you as much time as possible."

The young Alchemist reached out and placed his hand on the Warrior's shoulder and squeezed. A tiny pop of energy snapped between them and they both briefly glowed. When he spoke, he didn't sound like a frightened teenager the way he'd always been, without the timid tone in his voice, he sounded mature and logical. "No, we won't do that. When we leave here, we go together. We need Kendall, Carlos, and James, Scatty- I don't know what Dee wants with me, but only they can stop him from whatever he's planning on doing in coming after me."

Scatty looked over his shoulder into the gloomy chamber. "You're asking a lot out of them. There's more to it than just making sure they're safe isn't there?"

Logan winced. "I-" he stuttered. "A prophecy... we have to keep them safe, or, or else the whole world will be doomed into darkness."

"Let's make sure that doesn't happen." Scatty turned her back on Logan, then sank to the ground, back straight, her legs folded, feet turned high on her thighs in a full lotus position, her arms outstretched, palms wrapped around the hilts of the swords that were lying across her lap. If the men or birds broke into the house and found the corridor, they would have to get past her to find Hekate-and the Warrior would make them pay dearly.

Hekate had given Logan a short staff carved out of a branch of the Yggdrasil, and now, holding it in both hands; he took up a position directly outside the door to the chamber where the goddess was working with his friends. If any of the invaders did manage to get past Scathach, they would face him, their last defense.

Scatty would fight with her swords, hands, and feet, but he would use more destructive techniques. He may have been young, but he knew powerful magics and spells, he'd been taught well. He held up his hand and the narrow space grew heavy with the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies as his aura flickered and sparked to life, a mist of brown coiling around his arms and rising into the air. He would do whatever he had to do to give Hekate as much time as she needed. He turned to look over his shoulder, trying to penetrate the gloom. What was happening in there? he wondered, worried.

James stared wide eyed, unmoving, silent, as he watched Kendall and Carlos being awakened. A experience that he'd never forget.

He finally spoke up when Kendall's body stopped glowing and was gently lowered to the ground. A soft sigh escaping him as he laid down, curled up and Carlos body glowed, his arms shooting out to the side, his head thrown back and a groan of pain escaping his mouth as he rose into the air.

"Carlos?" James whispered afraid for his friend, the terror audible in his voice. "Carlos..."

His friend, wrapped in a dark cherry glow, was floating in the air directly before him. The light from his body painted the chamber in shades of dark cherry and black, just like Kendall's had done. It was like a scene from a terrifying horror movie.

"Don't touch him," Hekate commanded sternly. "His body is attempting to assimilate the wash of sensations. This is the most dangerous time."

James mouth went dry and his tongue was suddenly too big for it. "Dangerous...what do you mean, dangerous?" Something in his mind clicked and he felt like his worst fears were about to come true.

"In most cases, the brain cannot cope with the heightened sensations of Awakening."

"In most cases?" he squeaked, appalled.

"In almost every case," Hekate said, and he heard the regret in her voice. "That is why I was unwilling to do this."

James asked the question that he really didn't want answered. "What happens?"

"The brain effectively shuts down. The person is left in a coma from which they never awaken."

"And Logan knew this would happen?!" James asked, feeling a surge of anger begin in the pit of his stomach. He felt sick. His friend- correction, eventual ex-friend- had known that the Awakening could, in all likelihood, send Kendall, Carlos, and him into a coma, and he'd still been prepared to let them go through it. What kind of a friend was that? Speaking of Kendal, he thought looking down towards him as he managed to crawl and sit back against the wall, Logan probably told him didn't he? That's why he was so prepared to do it; he'd do anything for Logan, so of course Logan would him only. The rage burned within him, fuelled in equal parts by fear and a terrible sense of betrayal. He'd thought Logan was his friend, one of his best friends. He'd been wrong.

"Of course," Hekate said. "He told you there were dangers didn't he?"

"He didn't tell us everything," James snapped.

Kendall sniffed the air, his eyes snapped open. "I smell something." he whispered, but was ignored.

"If Logan is anything like his father, who in turn was apprenticed by Nicholas Flamel and is also like Nicholas, then he never tells anyone everything." One side of Hekate's face was touched with the dark cherry light radiating from Carlos, the other was sheathed in black shadow. Suddenly, Hekate's nostrils flared and her eyes widened. She looked up at the ceiling of roots. "No," she gasped. "No!"

Carlos eyes snapped open and then he opened his mouth and screamed. "Fire!"

"They're burning the World Tree!" Hekate howled, her face contorted into a savage mask. Shoving James aside, she darted out into the corridor, leaving him alone with the one two people who had been his friends.

One who had sided with his other supposed best friend, and one who had now changed in a completely different way. Kendall slumped against the wall. He stared at his friend floating in the air before him, unsure of what to do, afraid to even touch him. All he knew was that for first time in their lives, they were all different in ways he could not even begin to comprehend.

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