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She was happy. She thought she would be forever. But this damn mutation said otherwise. Rogue was given the powers to absorb another, to take their memories thoughts and physical abilities, this includes powers if their mutants. And she had no control over it.

She had been with her boyfriend since her powers manifested and she knocked Cody in a coma. He said many times he didn't care that she couldn't touch. They had been together almost seven years. So when he asked her out to dinner she thought nothing odd about it.

"Anna you know I love you and I always will. But I met someone else, and I've fallen in love with her. With her I can live the life I always dreamed about. I can have a dog and a big house with a white picket fence. I can have a family."

Rogue has heard enough. She knew he could never have a normal life with her but who could. She just hope what she could give him would be enough. If the guy she had been with for almost half of her life was leaving her she would be by herself forever.

Rogue just got up and left. She was determined to find out how long this had been going on. She just couldn't speak right now. She would tail him he had to be going to her tonight.

First things first she felt like curling up into a ball and crying. She didn't even get to tell him she got control.


Gambit was in love. He had been for a while. He was going to do something that his brother and cousins would laugh their heads off. Mercy would never let him live it down. But he had been with Bella Donna since he was thirteen. That's ten years

And he was going to propose.

It was going to be perfect he had been gone the last month for a heist. He wasn't supposed to be home till tomorrow night. So he had the element of surprise. She was most likely to be lying in bed watching old movies wearing her favorite pair of sweat pants. While he was wearing his lucky suit and had a bunch of flowers. White roses her favorite.

Gambit was quickly reaching his apartment. He was quickly getting more nervous. It didn't help that there was a green eyed beauty standing outside his apartment.

"Ah take it ya'lls the boyfriend. Ah wouldn't go in there if I were ya." Remy thought it looked like she had been crying. What did she mean? Why was she here?

Remy chose to ignore her. She might just be drunk or have the wrong apartment. So he opened the door and wished he did take her advice. What he saw was Bella Donna with some blonde dude. They kept going because they didn't hear Remy come in.

"Aw Bella Hun I love you" Cody told her breathlessly

"I love you too cher". Remy, ever as silent as he was shut the door, and turned to the strange girl. He just gave her a look that said 'explain now'

"That was my ex-boyfriend, Cody. He broke up with me tonight said he fell in love with another girl even though we had been together for seven years. I needed to see who he was cheating on me with and for how long. I didn't expect that she had a boyfriend as well." She extended her hand and gave her name. "Rogue."

"Remy" his mind was working a mile a minute yet he didn't even notice how weird that name was. After what seemed like an eternity of silence before he spoke. "How do you feel about getting the back".

"Sure what did" she didn't get to finish before his lips smacked upon hers and they were stumbling to the door. They stumbled in and the other couple stopped what they were doing.

"Remy!" Bella yelled at the same time that Cody yelled

"Anna Marie!" Rogue and Gambit looked up.

"What the hell Anna I didn't think you could touch" Remy raised his eyebrows, well that's weird why wouldn't she be able to touch. He thought.

"Oh yea ah guess I forgot to tell you with all the excitement of you breaking up with me."

"So just because you can touch now you're going out to screw the first man you see." Cody was seeing red how could she. He invested so much time in her and she just goes off wants to screw every man she sees.

"He's better than the boy I've been with for the last seven years." Maybe I should not have said that.

"Well if you had gotten control sooner you would have realized I'm not a boy" Cody snapped. Now Remy was just extremely confused. What did he mean control? 'Well I better stop this all before it gets out of hand'. Remy thought to himself.

"Belle I came here tonight to propose. But I guess that's not what you want. You made me promise not to cheat and what do you do. Well I'm done with this crap. Marie is it okay if I say with you tonight." When she nodded he continued "bon belle you can stay here and I'll come by tomorrow to pick my stuff up bonne nuit."


Remy followed behind Rogue both on their bikes to her apartment. Neither one saying anything. Rogue just simply pointed to the spare bedroom, and Remy silently walking towards it. Rogue figured that both had had a long night and they both could use some rest.

Rogue quickly fell asleep. It was something she didn't get to do too often. Even though she now had control of her powers it seemed to come at a price. Her nightmares have seemed to get so much worse. She hadn't even absorbed many people. Only Cody, some random person on the street, and some blind women named Irene.

She kept seeing things. Most of the time, it was people she had never seen. One time she had seen Cody leaving her. She just wrote that off as an effect from her fear of being used and abandoned.

Tonight was no different than any other night. Except they were all new dreams.


She was in what looked like a hospital room. She was being tended to by a giant blue man and a bald man in a wheel chair. They didn't know she was up yet.

"Charles, why do you suppose that the Brotherhood was after her for? I mean according to all my test she seems to be just a normal human. They couldn't possibly take that white streak in her hair as a sign of a mutation; crazy kids are all doing strange things with their hair nowadays." The Blue man said.

"I'm not sure Henry. I did find it interesting that my mental scan showed that she has multiple personalities. One by the name of Cody, then there's a Joey, there's also a Rogue, and then I presume that her actual name is Irene." Said the baldy.

"Interesting" started the big blue man

"Where am I?" Rogue interrupted, she couldn't pretend to be asleep anymore.

"You are at Xavier's institute for the gifted." Said the bald man.

"So I'm at that fancy mutant school" she stated not asked. The Bald man just gaped at her. He even opened his mouth a few times trying to get the words to form, but couldn't.

"What!" she snapped "I Thought the great Xavier Researched all the people he invites to the school."

"Irene, I'm sorry but I don't know what you're

talking about I have never invited you, or told a human soul what this school really is." Xavier tried to explain.

"um Xavier, I first off my names not Irene my name is Rogue, second, yes you did invite me, and third I am a mutant." Rogue was starting to get mad now.

"Irene you just think that's your name, and you only think you're a mutant." He started before Rogue interrupted again.

"Oh god don't you start. I do not have multiple personalities. I'm sick of arguing; just tell me why the hell I'm here. What happened?"

Rogue woke up with a start. 'well that was weird, it was not the normal nightmare. But not a dream, it was more like a vision.


Remy could not sleep but not for the same reason as Rogue. He was think how badly he had screwed up. He should have listened to his sister in law Mercy. She warned me he kept thinking. She told me that Belladonna was a heartless women. Most assassins are.

They did get along. If they did get married they would have ended the feud between the families. But that clearly wasn't going to happen.

Remy felt a huge change in Rogues emotions, it wasn't the hurt sad or mad that he thought she would be feeling right now. She was scared and surprised, why would she be surprised. Next he heard her squeal, "Funny she don't seem like the type to squeal." He said while he got up to check on her. 'hm I should have had her give me a little tour.' He thought while he was heading towards where he had the best reading on her.

"DAMN IT" he heard her yell. When he opened the door he saw something he never thought he would have ever seen. There underneath the broken window was a big fat harry man, that for some reason looked a little like a cat.

"God Damn it Sabertooth" she slowly turned towards the door and noticed Remy standing there. "We need to go now I don't have time to explain; in fact I don't even know exactly what's happening".

"How the hell did you take him down, you're a you're a tiny girl" he stuttered

"Don't underestimate me, but seriously we need to go now, I'm pretty sure we could take all his friends but to be honest I don't think that will stop them." She said while she grabbed him and drug him out the door.

"Honesty this has got to be the weirdest night of my life" he mumbled. "So you really are quite the little Rogue aren't you"

"You have no idea" she stated. Did Remy sense a little resentment?

"So do want to explain what happened back there" he said after they got to the place Rogue brought them to. "And what is this place?" He asked.

"This is my safe house, and as for what happened back there, that man tried to kidnap me." She said as if it was nothing. "Sorry to get you involved." She apologized

"Why do you have a safe house, do they try to kidnap you often?" he asked. She just nods her head yes. "why don't you call the cops or something?" he says and she shutters.

"There mutants, do you know what happens to mutants that get arrested?" he shuttered

"So I take it you're a mutant sympathizer" he said reaching for his sunglasses that had been bugging Rogue the whole time she had been with him. "I guess you could say that" she said quickly. Remy nodded and took off his sunglasses to reveal his red on black eyes.

"Wow there amazing" Rogue said when she saw his eyes. Remy looked startled. " Merci I 've never been told that by mutant or human, back to the topic at hand though, why do they want to kidnap you and how the hell did you beat that big dude?"

"Well I'm a pretty little girl that's all there is to it." Remy gave her a look to say 'that's not why and you know it, no spill it.' "Fine I'm a mutant and this dude Magneto wants me for some big evil scheme" Remy's jaw dropped.

"your, your, your , you'r mutant" he shuddered . "oh course sugar how else did you think I took down that man. Don't even ask what my mutation, I would rather not open up that can of worms." Remy just nodded.

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