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"Sorry boss she saw me and drained me. She knew I called you and took off faster," the small green man said.

"Well what tipped her off and made her start packing?" The man with a long red cape and a red and blue bucket on his head asked.

"I don't know boss, she was sleeping and then the man with her woke her up and then they started packing."

"Find out who that man is, he could ruin everything," the man in the cape commanded.


"So I've been with you for a little bit more than a week and this is the third place we've stayed. I now have people coming after me and I have no clue as to why. I think it's time you just explain everything to me," Remy said.

"Honestly I'm not really sure why they want me. I've gotten bits and pieces of things when I have absorbed some of the members, but nothing really set in stone. I don't think the boss man has his lackeys in the loop," she half explained.

"Absorbed? Does that have to do with your mutation; I thought you could see the future?"

"Well in theory I think it's both. My original power was when I touched someone skin to skin I would get their memories, and physical abilities which seem to also be mutations but it's all temporary, and in turn the person becomes unconscious sometimes in a coma," she explained.

"Well how does the whole future seeing thing fit it to it? Do you just have a future teller handy all the time?"

"Well I just recently got my powers under control, but I think I accidently absorbed a woman who was a precog, and now I can recall the powers of the people I have absorbed. But I think I'm only doing it in my sleep."

"Oh well now things are starting to make sense."

"What do you mean?" she asked she was pretty confused herself she didn't know why any of this was happening, and now that she explained her powers to him he thought he knew what was going on.

"Well the night I met you that boy with Belle said something about you not being able to touch and control. So I was pretty confused, but now it all makes sense," he said with a happy grin. Then he quickly added, "well except the whole being hunted down by evil mutant terrorists."

"Oh yes all is right in the world now that you know what my mutation is," she said with every ounce of sarcasm she had.

"No need to be mean chère," he said throwing a small pillow of the couch they were sitting on. They had decided that it be best if the safe house they went to was not in or really near New Orleans. So now they were at one of Remy's safe houses in a small town outside of Baton Rouge.

"Now you're going to get it swamp rat!" she shouted and threw a pillow back at him. It solved nothing it only made it worse and resulted in a high stakes pillow fight.


Later in the day after the pillow fight had been cleaned up, they each decided that it was time they called their families and informed them that they were safe.

"Henri I know I cut or conversation short earlier, but I needed to pack the people after us were there. If we did get out then we would have been under pieces of a broken house and captured by the X-Men," Remy explained over the phone.

"I don't care frère, we miss you, we haven't seen you in what seems like forever and now you tell me you're on the run with some girl because of some big bad mutants. Being chased by people never stopped you from coming home before," Henri LeBeau said.

"Well I miss you guys too, but I can't risk it right now. But if it makes you feel any better the girl I'm staying with is in the thieves guild," Remy said. Hopefully talking about girls will change the topic well enough so he stops talking about coming back home.

"Really? What title does she have? Do we know her? Are you sleeping with her yet?"

"Must you pester me so? Well I don't exactly know what level she's at but I think it's safe to say that she is a master thief. I don't know if you know her, I guess it just depends on whether or not you know the princess of the Mississippi thieves' guild branch. And no I'm not sleeping with her. I just broke up with Belladonna," Remy said trying to answer questions with more questions.

"Well I'm going to pretend you're not blabbering again or being mean and just ask you WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH THE ROGUE?"

"What do you mean?" Remy asked, he really had no clue what his brother meant.

"I mean you're with the most elusive thief. She's been known to scam people out of every penny they own and they won't even care. They just let her take it. I also hear she has this wicked mutation that can kill people. Watch out Remy we don't need her stealing out guild right from under our noses."

"Well seeing as how I have actually met and am fairly close to the Rogue I know she wouldn't really do that. I have seen some of her emotions, she's not scamming us I promise, now I should probably be going tell everyone I said hi," Remy didn't even bother waiting for an answer he just hung up. It really bothered him that his brother was willing to pass judgment on someone he didn't know just because she was a good thief and a mutant.


Meanwhile Rogue decided she would call her brother instead of her mother.

"Hey Kurt, it's me Anna," she said tentatively. Her and her brother had never been very close. Kurt was very religious and didn't like what his mother and sister did for a living. So he cut both of them out of his life. But giving his sister these parting words, "if you ever need anything or anyone to talk to I'm still your brother and will help you or do anything you need in a heartbeat."

"Anna it's been awhile, are you alright? Is mother all right?" he asked genially concerned.

"Um mamas alright as far as I know, I haven't talk to her in a while. She told Kurt," she said the last part softly and with a little more hurt in her voice. But Kurt heard and knew exactly what she meant.

"She told Magneto," it wasn't a question it was a statement. Kurt started to get angry.

"Yeah Kurt she said I was old enough and if I was ever going to take over the guild then I would have to prove that I could handle the badies trying to kill me. And in the process me and Cody broke up and I met this other guy and he got involved and now the brotherhood is after him now too," she broke off and it sounded like she might have started to cry.

"I'm so sorry Anna; I never thought she would have done this to you. If I would have known I would have stayed to protect you. I didn't know my leaving would have caused this."

"Kurt It's not your fault, if you would have stayed she would have just sold us both out and they would be after both of us. But enough about me how have you been?"

"Ah I've been good I just recently joined the X-Men and it's been great. I hope you didn't think you could change the subject that easy either, I'm not done talking to you about this yet," Kurt scolded.

"Kurt just cause you're the closest thing to a father I've had doesn't mean you need to act like one," Rogue whined.

"Well with how childish you act sometimes, someone's got to do it. Wait did you say you and Cody broke up. Why did that happen?" he asked gently.

"He found someone else, he said he could love. He said it right before I could tell him I got control of my powers."

"You got your powers under control that is excellent, congratulations. Now you need to come see me it's been so many years since I've seen you. Plus if you came up to New York the X-Men could protect you guys."

"I'll think about it Kurt and I'll ask Remy what he thinks, but I do miss you. So I should probably go and see what he thinks. Bye Kurt I love you," she said right as she hung up. Leaving Kurt to wonder 'Who's Remy?'


After they were both done with their phone calls they met back up in the living room to talk and hang out.

They both had plenty of questions for the other after hearing things on the phone or having been given options on what to do. But Remy went first.

"So why does my brother think that you are the most elusive thief and that if I'm not careful you will steal the New Orleans thieves guild right out from under me?" Remy asked.

Rogue couldn't resist the urge and starting laughing, while trying to put a sentence together at the same time, "Did he hahaha really ha say that hahahaha?"

"Yeah is it true?" he asked again.

"Well I guess I deserve it. I have done some really sneaky underhanded things before in the past. But I promise you Remy I don't plan on stealing anything from you. I already feel bad as it is for costing you your girlfriend. Before you go and say it isn't my fault let me just say it is. If I would have got control of my powers sooner Cody wouldn't have been looking for something on the side and you would still have Bella," Rogue exclaimed.

"Well I'm glad to know you wouldn't steal from me, but I don't want you thinking me losing Belle is your fault, because it's not. Even if she didn't find Cody I still think she would have found some other boy to keep her busy, that's just how the assassin are these days," he said.

"Thanks, well anyway I just talked to my brother and told him what all is happening and he told me that the X-Men would love to have us come for a visit and maybe see if they could stop our little Brotherhood pest problem," she said, it was her way of asking if they could go because she missed her brother. She looked into his deep red eyes and put on her best puppy dog face, making her already big emerald green eyes even bigger.

"Damn it I can't say no to that face. Jeez cher you're like a little child."

"Yea I get to see my brother; I haven't seen him in years. So how do you want to get there?"


"Sorry boss man but we lost the Sheila and the bloke. We have no clue where they went," an Australian man with orange hair explained.

"Did you at least find out who that man is?" the man with the cape asked.

"Not really sir but we did find out that he is somehow involved with the New Orleans Thieves guild," the man with the orange hair answered.

"Great just what we need two damn thief's running around. You better find them soon Pyro or you know what will happen."

"No you can take my lighters from me I need them," The man called Pyro said before running off to hide his lighters.