"Kurt, what do you don't even know if she's a mutant? She told you she recently got control," Storm reminded.

"She doesn't like people to know that she is a mutant, she's afraid no one would get close to her if they knew," Kurt explained.

"Remy thinks that Rogue here is having another vision, she acts like this when she is having one, but normally they only happen in her sleep."

"I never should have let her leave, it was too much of a risk." The blue lady said as she picked up her phone, dialed a number and waited for an answer. "Come on answer your phone."

Rogue slowly woke from her daze to hear her cell phone ringing. "Hello?" she asked while everybody around was staring at her like she had grown a second head.

"Rogue darling I need to know where you are, we haven't been able to find you for a week or so."

"Sorry mama, but Cody broke up with me and I'm dealing with some creepy people chasing me."

"Well I need you home, now"

"But mama I can't I have to deal with all this stuff first, I don't want to lead people to the guild base."

"I understand just get back her as soon as you can."

"Yes mama," she said as she hung up. She turned to Remy and said, "Well we now have a team of thieves now chasing us too, apparently mama can't wait to get me home."


"That makes what, three different groups chasing us?"

"I would say that sounds about right," Remy said as he slipped his arm around Rogue's shoulder.

"You always did have a way of attracting trouble, didn't you?" Kurt said as he shook his head.

"You could say that."

Rogue and Remy spent the next few hours talking to the X-Men and trying to fill them in on what was going and why they were being hunted down. Rogue also spent some time with the professor to see what could be happening with her powers, and why all of a sudden she was having visions of the future. He was just as stumped as she was, he couldn't see into her mind. It was almost as if somebody had known this was going to happen and blocked her mind from him. He could not break the block either, it was too strong.

The two southerners demanded to have rooms right next to one another, just in case another late night get away was needed, even though many protested, (mainly Kurt.) Lucky enough nothing happened, and there were no dream visions of people chasing them.

Maybe coming here was a good idea after all. Both of the Southerners thought.

The next day Rogue was seen mostly catching up with Kurt.

"So what have you been doing since you left?" Rogue asked, while she and Kurt were on a walk around the mansion.

"Well, I mostly traveled. I wanted to see the world and at the same time, find my calling."

"Have you found that here, with the X-Men?"

"Yes, I believe I have Rogue."

"And it has nothing to do with the way I saw you looking at Storm does it?" Rogue asked with a mischievous grin bestowing her face.

Kurt just blushed but otherwise ignored the question, "I believe you can find your calling here too Anna."

"I don't know Kurt, I was raised to be a thief and I like the rush I feel when I complete a job, not to mention the moneys pretty good too."

"I believe you would get the same rush when you completed a mission for the X-Men, and I know we could use someone of your skill on the team."

"I'll think about it."


"Why are you with the X-Men?"

"Because frère they can keep us safe until we find out why they want us." Remy explained to his brother over the phone.

"Are you sure this isn't just one of the Rogues tricks to steal our guild?" Remy just shook his head, his brother could be so unreasonable sometimes.

"She wouldn't do that, she doesn't even want our guild plus she is too busy trying to save her life."

"Well still, keep an eye on her, I don't trust her."

"You don't trust anyone but family," Remy said right before he hung up the phone, they really needed to find out what was going on, and soon. Remy had a really bad feeling about something; he just wasn't sure what yet.


"I need her here NOW, nothing will goes as planned if I don't have her, why on earth are you all so incompetent, I guess if you want something done you have to do it yourself. Tell me you at least know where she is?" the man with the bucket over his head asked his lackeys.

"Sorry boss the Sheila got away, and the only information we got is that she was going to meet her brother, only we had no idea that she had one. We have absolutely no idea where to find her. Sorry boss please don't take my lighters," Pyro pleaded as he got down on his knees to beg.

"You will all be sorry!" Magneto said as he quickly dialed a number on his phone.


"Where is your son?" a voice over the phone asked Raven.

"I don't have a son Erik, you know that."

"That's not what my sources told me."

"What else did your sources tell you?"

"That your daughter is with your son and we can't find either of them." Raven swiftly hung up the phone and dialed a different number.

"Kurt honey do you know where your sister is, she has been missing for a while? We think she is just upset about her break up with Cody."

"Well hello to you to mother, but no I have not heard from Anna in years, but when you find her tell her I'm sorry about her and Cody."

"Will do." Well he's telling the truth, he always sucked at lying that's one of the reasons he failed at being a thief. She thought as she hung up the phone.

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