Okay, so here's the full summary:

Jeb, Max's dad, is murdered by the town criminal, Ari, Max is devastated.

Jeb was the only one she could trust, he was the one who had rescued her, the one who had taken care of her scabbed knees and broken bones.

He was also the only one who knew of her secret:


After his death, Max decides to go and find her mom, of which she knows nothing about other than the state she lives in and a last name.

When she finds her mom, she meets Fang and the Gang, with whom she had an instant connection.

Not ready to open up to them, but with the School and a gang of criminals hunting after her, Max is forced to reveal her secret.

But will they accept her?

Will they help her?

And, most importantly, are they hiding a secret of their own?

Only one way to find out...

Yes, before you say anything, I do know this sucks. I really cannot write summaries. Ask any of my friends, I could summarise the best movie ever and still manage to make it sound boring and uninteresting.

Still, I hope you give this a chance. I am aware I tried to write this before, but I really didn't like the last version, I wrote it on a major sugar-high and this is the second version that I'm trying to make better...

Please read!