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This fic has been a long time coming, I first had the idea about two years ago and started writing but I soon hit writers block on it, but I always knew I would finish it eventually. Thanks goes out to Jenny (jennyphillips1981) and Kate (Churchy_Babez) for their honest opinions whilst I have been writing this, and again Jenny as been my beta reader too. I have to thank Freaky for the AMAZING siggy that everyone has loved and I hope that this story lives up to what you have been expecting. I will shut up now and hope you all enjoy.

Summary :

Meredith is evacuated to New York with her sisters during WW2, and there she stays with the Shepherds, meeting their son Derek. How will this affect the rest of her life?

Genre: Romance/Angst/Hurt & Comfort/Drama

Rating: T later changing to MA

Warning: Graphic sex/language/Minor characters death.

When moonlight crawls along the street
Chasing away the summer heat
Footsteps outside somewhere below
The world revolves I let it go
We build our church above this street
We practice love between these sheets
The candy sweetness scent of you
It bathes my skin, I'm stained by you
And all I have to do is hold you
There's a racing in my heart
And I am barely touching you

Turn the lights down low
Take it off
Let me show
My love for you
Turn me on
Never stop
Wanna taste evry drop
My love for you

The moonlight plays upon your skin
A kiss that lingers takes me in
I fall asleep inside of you
There are no words
Theres only truth
Breath in, Breathe out
There is no sound
We move together up and down
We levitate, our bodies soar
Our feet don't even touch the floor
And nobody knows you like I do
Coz the world they don't understand
But I grow stronger in your hands

[Chorus x2]

We never sleep we're always holdin' hands
Kissing for hours talkin' makin' plans
I feel like a better man
Just being in the same room
We never sleep ther is just so much to do
So much to say
Can't close my eyes when I'm with you
Insatiable, the way I'm loving you

[Chorus x2]