Hello again!

Some of you asked for me to alert you through IAU when I had the sequel loaded...so here you go!

Also - thanks to everyone who added alerts, left comments, etc. I was overwhelmed and so grateful that you all enjoyed my first fanfic. Thanks just doesn't seem enough, but it's all I have :D

I've decided that this story is the sequel to IAU, and that "Show Me What I'm Looking For," will be the third story in the series - which I'm working on as I'm figuring out how to post to both stories. I initially posted that prologue so that I wasn't virtually stoned to death after publishing a chapter I knew would make some panic.

Third - I hope you like the sequel. It wasn't the initial direction I planned on going, but once I started writing, it just happened. This story will see things from various POV's instead of just Draco and Hermione, which I think is really going to add more depth to the story as a whole.

With that said...enjoy!