First of all, I'd just like to thank EVERYONE for all of their reviews on my first fanfiction, It's All Uncharted. I mean…it's completely unreal and it cracks me up because this entire endeavor just started on a whim.

The other day, I received a message saying that It's All Uncharted was nominated for all sorts of fun awards through the HP FanFic Fan Poll and at first – totally thought it was a joke. I didn't realize there were awards! When I said I was new to fanfiction – I wasn't kidding.

Here's the nominations:


BEST COMEDY STORY: "It's All Uncharted"

BEST SMUT STORY: "It's All Uncharted"

BEST LINE: "It's All Uncharted" - "As much as I'd like to participate in the Draco Malfoy apology tour…" - Hermione Granger to Harry Potter (ch. 1)

To whoever (or anyone, as I have no idea who or how many) nominated my story – a gigantic thank you and virtual hug! Knowing that so many of you liked my first attempt at writing fanfiction makes the random 'blah' comment I get from someone totally worth it.

Nominations closed today I believe, but if you go to the link (copy and remove the spaces because this site gets all wonky about links) you should be able to vote (if you feel so inclined to do so) and while you're at it – you should check out the other nominees. I found some pretty great stories in there that I really enjoyed reading this past week!

hpfanficfanpoll . livejournal . com

I'm currently working on a blog to house all of my fanfics and updates, and so if you'd like to check it out (it's a WIP – nothing too wild yet), feel free to take a gander at:

redhead414fanfic . blogspot . com

Again – thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who's reviewed and read my story. It really made the last few months while working on my awful thesis (yes, I was writing my thesis at the same time because I'm insane) bearable.

-Redhead 414