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Challenge Name and Number: #050, Time Travel
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If Only
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If only she had come back sooner, this could have been her.
AN:Written for the YGO Drabble LJ community theme number 50, time travel.

She gazed at the celebration across the street, and her heart gave an involuntary lurch as though a hand had tightened around it and squeezed it as hard as it could. A large crowd of adoring fans of all ages had gathered here to congratulate their favorite Duelist. She was grateful, she supposed, for that. This way, he wouldn't have to see her and her regret.

Regret for all the things she did.

Regret for not coming back sooner.

Regret for not telling him she loved him.

She wished she could take it all back; if she could go back in time and do it all over again, she would have sucked up her pride and denial and gone with what her heart had wanted. But therein laid the problem: She didn't know what she had wanted at the time. And by the time she did . . . She clenched her hand and looked away.

If only she had worked up the courage to come back sooner.

If only she had let him into her life like she wanted to.

If only she had ignored her pride.

That girl on his arm could have been her. That could have been her standing there waving to the crowd. That could have been her with the pretty diamond ring on her finger, like she had seen in all the newspapers. She looked up, one last time, at the pretty picture the pair made, and ran.

Across the street, Jounouchi Katsuya thought he saw a familiar flash of purple leather and blonde hair in the crowd, but before he could so much as consider running after the figure to confirm, the photographers had begun snapping pictures, their flashbulbs blinding him from following even if he wanted to.