A/N: I was bored and wanted a challenge so I started this. Basically the challenge is grab a dictionary and pick a random word for each chapter. Then write a short drabble using the word. Each chapter you add 100 words. So chapter 1 would be 100. Chapter 2 200. Etc. And you have to write a continuous story with them. Operation Code is the result and the prologue does not follow the above rules because it was created before the challenge. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I only own the plot and my OC's at this point.

Operation Code

From: Kokami

To: Team Reiki

Subject: Mission Request

Three girls have been missing for many years and Underworld has reason to suspect that the Demon World and the Black Book Club are involved. It is only now that the government has allowed us to act, and they will not hesitate to close the case. Your mission, should you chose to accept it (AND YOU'D BETTER!), is to find the girls and remove them from their capturers if possible as soon as possible. Their names are Sumire Akiyama, Yukina Fuyu, and Keiko Yukimura. See file #345 for more information.

Good luck, Team Reiki

From: C.E.O

To: Team Zhu

Subject: Mission

Agent Seth, Loki, Hercules, and Jimmu are becoming a problem. Deal with the problem.