Hello everyone! Botan-I mean Shinigami here. It took a while to get these files declassified. However, Underworld has decided to let us provide a summary of the files to the public. Thankfully, Black Book Club and Demon World are no more otherwise we would never be able to do this.

We know that someone in Underworld was providing information prior to the declassification (although we don't know who) so this summary will continue where those files left off.

Last time, Yukina and Keiko were trying to escape from the mad bomber Karasu's creations. Team Urameshi, meanwhile, was froze in blocks of ice. Thankfully, Dragon was able to warm things up. Now free, he gave pursuit rather than free his teammates. He arrived in time to see Yukina and Keiko be kidnapped once again.

Back at the apartment, I arrived and got to work freeing the other boys. Dragon returned to the apartment with his bad news. 45 and Spirit flew into rages and ran for the door leaving Fox to be the voice of wisdom. After a bit of forceful restraints by the houseplants in the apartment, 45 and Spirit calmed down. The boys used a bit of good old detective skills to locate the girls and rescue them once again. It was then that Underworld found it doors closed down by the government.

With no official standing and monsters trying to kidnap the girls, the team created a plan to bring down the Black Book Club and Demon World. During those weeks, we learned some interesting facts.

Team Urameshi had developed superpowers after their group date. Keiko and Yukina found the level of their powers decreased. Youko was actually a spirit who had possessed and bonded to Fox. The reason he was even in what he called Human World was because Demon World was summoning spirits and experimenting on them. After receiving their new powers, the boys could now see these spirits. More than once the boys had to 'attack' innocent people to protect them from spirits they could not see. After the first 'attack', Fox questioned Youko and learned the reason for the attack on Fox's mother was to protect the woman.

However, all these attacks made Team Urameshi easier to locate and punish. Soon they were on the run from the law. Everyone quickly learned their news powers out of necessity as they struggled to stay alive.

Finally, it was time. Thanks to a creative distraction and wire-tapping along with some good-old fashion butt kicking, Demon World and the Black Book Club were no more.

Underworld has now reopened and our favourite tough guys are still saving the world. Scars still remain but I'm glad to say that everyone is adapting well (eventually even Sumire) to their new circumstances. Now the boys can stop searching for their friends and answers and enjoy life.

A/N: This is not originally what I had planned but it is close enough (and more interesting) than what I originally had planned. Finally, I can leave this story behind.