Hello! People! Most of you may know me as "DarkEyesOfanAngel" or something else! But I am back as the wonderful now 10 year old writer!

This story will steal your heart

p.s. I may be a little rusty and sorry for the shortness!

DiNozzo entered the bullpen with a grim face, and apparently Ziva noticed.

"What's the matter Tony? Dog got your tongue?" Tony looked at her with a obvious painted smile on his face.

"It's CAT got your tongue, Ziva, and no, I'm just angry today. " He said in a very sharp hostile manner. She was about to retort when they heard a very recognizable voice coming out of MTAC.

"Well then DiNozzo, I suppose you'll have to get over it." Gibbs said as he swiftly walked through the bullpen. "We got a case, Lt. Drew Brallen, reported missing this morning by one of his fellow cadets, says he hasn't been seen since Tuesday." Tony dropped his anger, and felt as if something was wrong, like he knew that name. Something felt very wrong.

"Drew Brallen, Drew Brallen, Drew Brallen." He repeated to himself, not even realizing his co workers stares.

"You know him DiNozzo?" Gibbs ask with a hint of suspicion, this could mean a motive, or worse a revenge.

He thought and thought until he finally came up with an answer. "Yes." He said before he stormed off feeling very angry, and betrayed, with a lot of determination.