This is pure smut. I needed a break from my main story which is at a very emotional stage right now. I figured a good smutty one shot would do it. If you don't like M/M sex stop here 'cause that is what this is all about baby.

All characters belong to JKR I just like to play.

"Sev... please ... " Harry moaned "I ... neeeed..."

"What do you need, Harry?" the silky voice drawled.

"Sev ... I ... need ... pleeeeaaase" Harry begged "I... I ... I..." Harry moaned.

"Harry, you need to be specific." Severus drawled "You need to tell me what you need, luv."

"I ...ummm ... need ... you" Harry gasped as Severus ran his mouth and toungue across Harry's jaw and neck until he reached the join of neck and shoulder then he suckled hard. "Sev... I ... uhhhh."Harry screamed.

Severus smirked as Harry squirmed and arched his body trying to get more contact. "Harry" Severus purred "you need to tell me what you want, pet." Severus' mouth trailed slowly down and circled Harry's left nipple. Soon the nipple was hard and Severus sucked it into his mouth hard making Harry moan. "What do you need, luv? I need you to tell me." Severus whispered in Harry's ear before he started on Harry's right side.

"I need ... you to ... um ... touch me ... um... please." Harry begged "More um ... please... ugh." Harry groaned loudly as Severus sucked in Harry's right nipple. "Sev... please...umm... touch ... meeeeee" Harry moaned again.

"Where do you want me to touch you ,pet? Here?" Severus said running his fingers through Harry's hair. Harry shivered. "No. Well perhaps here then."Severus said tweaking Harry's nipples, rolling them in his fingers. Harry moaned louder. "Ah, you liked that, but not enough... umm... How about here?" Severus lowered his hand and ran it over Harry's abdomen just barely brushing Harry's cock as he moved from left to right. Harry screamed and jerked up, precum oozing from Harry's rock hard cock.

"Yes ... oh Merlin ... yes ..." Harry screamed as Severus encircled Harry's cock with his hand and slowly moved it up and down. "Sev ... more... um ... please ... faster ... ahhh" harry kept repeating over and over.

Severus enjoyed tormenting his young lover. Harry was so vocal but he he would blush every time they talked about sex. Severus worked very hard to get Harry to tell him what he wanted them to do "Harry, luv, what do you want now?" Severus asked in his sexy, sultry voice.

Harry blushed deep red as he looked at his lover with lust filled eyes. "Sev, would you please... ummm ... mouth where ... um ... hand is ... Please" Harry whispered.

Severus smirked as he slowly licked the length of Harry's cock. "Oh ... yea ...oh... oh..." Severus ran his tongue around the head of Harry's cock before he engulfed the whole thing in one swallow. "Severus" Harry screamed at the top of his lungs. It was a good thing he cast all those silencing and warding charms or everyone at 12 Grimmwald Place would be banging down the door. While slowly devouring Harry's cock Severus took his wand and cast a cleansing and lubricating charm. Harry moaned as he felt the charms and knew what was coming next.

Severus stopped sucking Harry's cock and went back to using his hand."Tell me, baby, what do you want now?" Severus said as he slowly slipped a finger into Harry's arsehole. Harry tensed as the fingered entered his hole. "Relax, luv, it hurts more if you tense up. We've done this part before you know I won't hurt you anymore that I have to." Soon Harry started to moan and move back on Severus' finger. Severus added more lube and entered a second finger into Harry's arse. Harry gasped but tried not to tense up this time. Severus looked in Harry's eyes and pulled him into a mind blowing kiss as he inserted a third finger. Harry gasped into the kiss then slowly started moving his hips. Severus scissored his fingers back and forth stretching Harry's hole preparing his for what was to come. "You need to tell me what you want, luv. I need to hear you say it in words" Severus said then put his mouth back on Harry's cock, licking and suckling it lightly.

Harry was being overwhelmed with feelings. He had never wanted anything more in his life. Severus had been working on getting him physically ready for this for weeks. 'All I have to do is say it out loud' Harry thought. 'I can do this. I love him.' "Umm ... Sev .." Severus looked up into Harry's begging eyes "Will you ... ummm... will you... fuck me ...? Please can we ... please? I need you sooooo bad." Harry whispered.

"I thought you would never ask, my love." Severus moved up on the bed keeping his fingers busy in Harry's hole and pulled Harry into a kiss. "Are you really sure you're really ready for this. It is a big step." Severus said whispering in Harry's ear.

"I'm sure, Sev, I want you. Please" Harry said breathlessly. Severs smiled and continued stimulating Harry as he coated his own cock liberally with lubricant. When he felt Harry was stretched as far as he could he placed a pillow under Harry's hips to give him a better angle.

"Harry, luv, you need to relax or this will hurt." Severus suckled on Harry's neck just before his right ear, then he pulled Harry into a mind blowing kiss as he lined his cock up to Harry's entrance. Slowly Severus pushed his cock head past the muscle at the entrance. Once his cock head was set Severus stopped to give Harry a chance to get used to the feeling. Harry started moving again so Severus slowly slid more of his hard cock into Harry's hole. Soon Severus was buried to the hilt. Severus stayed still until Harry started wiggling. "How are you doing, luv?" Severus' silky voice whispered in Harry's ear.

"I ... um ... good" Harry mumbled. "Ummm... more" he moaned.

"What do you want, luv?' Severus asked as he slowly moved his cock in and out. "You need to tell me Harry. I need you to let me know, luv."

Harry blushed bright red, his skin flushed and sweating, his brain running on pure need. Harry turned his lust filled eyes to his lover "Need you ... need ... faster ... harder ... fuck me ... more." Harry moaned as he moved and writhed trying to get Severus to move faster.

Severus pulled Harry into a deep kiss as he sped up. Soon he was fucking Harry into the mattress andHarry came all over his chest screaming into the kiss. Severus did not stop and soon Harry was hard again as Sevrus changed positions and was pounding into Harry hitting the postrate with every stroke. Severus was getting close to reachinghis climax. One more stroke and Harry pulled away from the kiss, slammed his head back against the pillow, closed his eyes and screamed his release as Severus slammed in and pumped Harry's arse full of his cum. Harry went completely limp. Severus pulled out and rolled off taking his raven haired lover into his arms.

"Happy Birthday, Harry" Severus whispered in Harry's ear.

"Best present ever. Love you, Sev." Harry yawned and fell asleep with a satisfied smile on his face.

Hope you enjoy. This is my first smut story ever.