The 31st of July was an important day for Harry James Potter. It was his 18th birthday and the 1st anniversary of Severus making him his completely. Severus told Harry that he would be busy on his birthday so they would be celebrating it on the 1st of August. To say that Harry was disappointed was mild but he knew that if it was not something very important Severus would be there. Harry's friends decided that a night of clubbing at the new wizard nightclub would be just the thing Harry needed.

"Come on, Harry. What is taking you so long mate?" George said opening the door to Harry's room. "Everyone is waiting on you."

Harry sighed and put on his long leather coat over his tight black jeans and green silk button-down shirt that Severus got him because it matched his eyes." Alright, George, I'm ready to go."

Soon the group had floo'd to the Golden Phoenix where they had reservations. Draco, Pansy and Blaise were already there waiting. Soon the group was all ordering drinks and the music started so people were getting up to dance. Harry refused whenever anyone asked him to dance, mainly he just sat there quietly sipping his drink and thinking about Sev.

About an hour after they arrived the MC took the microphone to make an announcement "Ladies and Gentlemen, I had a special request from an old friend so I would like you to bear with us for a moment" A spotlight shone on the table where Harry was sitting all alone. Harry looked up puzzled.

Suddenly from behind him Harry heard a voice that sent shivers down to his very soul. Harry turned around and there stood Severus. Slowly Severus went down on one knee, "Harry, I love you more than life itself. Would you do me the honor of becoming my husband?" Severus reached out and took Harry's left hand and looked up into his face. Tears of happiness were flowing down Harry's cheeks and he couldn't speak he just nodded his head and whispered 'yes' as Severus slipped the silver band on Harry's finger before standing and drawing him into the most unforgettable kiss of his life. Everyone in the club stood and applauded and all of Harry's friends stomped and whistled.

After receiving the congratulations of all their friends Severus led Harry onto the dance floor for a slow romantic dance. When the dance was complete they bid their friends goodbye, knowing they would see them all the next evening for Harry's birthday dinner. Once they left the building Severus apparated them to a small Inn where Severus had already registered. Leading Harry to their room Severus locked the door and put up silencing charms.

"I thought you had to work Sev. When ... How ... ?" Harry said.

"As eloquent as usual Mister Potter." Severus pulled Harry in for a kiss. "I needed to tell you something so I could get this all set up. Your friends were very helpful also." Severus kissed Harry again backing him toward the bed as they were kissing. "Would you like to take a shower or a bath with me, Harry?"

"Bath" Harry murmured into the kiss. Severus started removing Harry's clothes before removing his own maintaining contact at the same time. Severus led Harry onto the enclosed deck where there was a hot tuband a chilled bottle of wine awaiting their arrival. "Sev, How?"

I arranged it with the proprietor before I went to meet you." Severus said helping Harry into the sat there for a while sipping wine and kissing when Severus began caressing Harry more and more. Soon he had Harry straddling his lap, their hands busy exploring each others bodies and their cocks rubbing against each other.

"Harry, my love, let's take this inside."Severus whispered huskily. His voice filled with lust and longing.

Harry was unable to speak he just moaned out his longing. Severus pulled Harry in close and rose from the tub carrying Harry and placing him on the bed. Severus wasted no time before he was devouring Harry's body.

"OH YES... YES ..." Harry screamed as Severus' mouth engulfed Harry's rock hard cock. It was not long before Harry screamed "I'M CUMMING..." Harry exploded down Severus' throat and Severus swallowed it all. Sev left Harry laying there for a minute and went out and brought back in the bottle of wine and their glasses.

Harry was barely coherent when Severus started all over again. Severus kissed Harry deeply then allowed his mouth to work it's way down to Harry's neck where he kissed and suckled on the spot where the neck joins the shoulder. Moving his way down Severus spent some time on Harry's nipples, pinching one and rolling it in his fingers as he sucked the other one deeply into his mouth and nibbling on it.

By this time Harry was already a mass of goo. He was barely able to put two words together. "Sev... umm ... need ... oh god ... need ... you."

Severus stopped tormenting Harry's nipples and moved up to his ear. licking and nibbling on his ear lobe as her spoke seductively in Harry's ear. "What do you need luv?"

"Need... ahhh ... need ..." Harry moaned.

"What, dearest, what do you need from me? Tell me Harry" Severus whispered into Harry's ear.

"Sev ... pleeeeeease ... need" Harry was almost on the verge of screaming his need was so great "need you... in ... please"

"Alright sweet, I won't tease any longer" Severus murmured into Harry's ear. Severus reached over to the bedside table and picked up the lubricating lotion. Coating his fingers Severus slowly inserted his first finger moving it in and out loosening up Harry's pucker. Soon Severus added another finger met by more moans escaping Harry's mouth. By the time Severus had gotten three fingers in and working around Harry was thrusting back against Severus' hand.

"More ... um ... more ... harder ... faster ... Pleeeeaase." Harry moaned. Severus removed his fingers to a groan from Harry and he covered his cock in lubricant. Placing the head against Harry's pucker and pushing in slightly Harry screamed "YES" as Severus pushed his cock all the way in. Soon they were in a rhythm of Severus thrusting in and Harry moving back and forth on Severus cock. "More ... more ... more" Harry chanted until he finally reach his summit. "YES...I'M CUMMING..."

Severus thrust two or three more times and he was crying out in completion. Severus pulled out and pulled Harry further up on the bed covering the two of them up before whispering in Harry's ear "Happy Birthday, Harry, I love you"