Happy Birthday Harry #4


Severus cringed as he heard his husband of one year screaming at him in pain, so much different then Harry sounded just 6 months ago on Severus' birthday. That day Harry's voice had been low and sexy when Harry spoke his name.


"Severus," Harry whispered seductively in Severus' ear. "Severus," the whispered voice repeated, this time followed by lips nibbling along Severus' earlobe. Severus laid there with his eyes closed pretending to be asleep waiting to see haw far his young husband would go to get him to respond. "Oh, Severus, you need to wake up now." Harry said as his mouth slowly worked it's way down the side of Severus' face and neck until Harry reached that spot where the neck meets the shoulder where he stopped and suckled there leaving marks all the way around Severus' neck. Severus was hard pressed to remain with his eyes closed. Harry was smirking. He had made love to Severus enough to know just what got to him and he knew it was working from the tenting of Severus' pajama pants. "Oh Severus, I really want you to wake up now, lover." Harry worked his way down farther on Severus' chest encircling first one nipple then the other, sucking them in and nibbling on them in turn as his hand work the other one between his fingers. " Oh Sevvie, are you going to open your eyes?" Harry chuckled as Severus gasped when Harry started his hand under the waistband of Severus' pajama pants. Slowly the pants slid down over Severus' hips and buttocks then without any warning Harry engulfed Severus' cock in his mouth and Severus screamed.

"Harry" Severus gasped and open his eyes wide only to look into the laughing eyes of his friend, his lover, the whole of Severus' world. Harry continued sucking Severus off working his tongue around the head and changing from deep throating to shallow nibbles. Severus fought his urge to thrust deep into Harry's throat knowing that Harry could not take all of Severus' length and width without choking. The moaning coming from Severus only spurred Harry on more and more. Soon Severus could hold back no more with one last thrust he released his load down Harry's throat. Harry pulled back enough so he could breathe and swallowed Severus' load down before working his way back up into his lover's arms.

"Happy Birthday, Daddy" Harry said snuggling in to Severus' embrace.

"WHAT!" Severus yelled pulling back from Harry who immediately got a scared look on his face.

"I said Happy Birthday, Daddy" Harry said quietly, wanting Severus to be as happy about it as he was.

Severus looked at Harry in a state of shock "Daddy... I'm going to be a Daddy ... When ... How ... When did you find out?" Severus questioned.

" I found out yesterday. The Healer says I'm about 6 weeks along. He wants me to come back tomorrow for a proper check up. As far as the how goes if you don't know I am not telling you." Harry said softly still not knowing how his husband was taking the news. Children were the one thing they had not discussed. Neither realized a wizard could get pregnant without the use of many potions and charms.

Severus looked down at Harry's abdomen, placing his hand on Harry Severus looked up into Harry's eyes. "A baby. We are really going to be fathers." Severus said with tear filled eyes. "I never thought I would ever have the chance to father a child. I love you so much, love. You have already given me more than I ever dreamed possible and now this." Severus pulled Harry into a mind-blowing kiss and Harry finally sighed in relief knowing now that Severus was really as happy as he was. Harry was then transported to heaven as his husband made sweet love to him.

Back to Reality:

" Ahhh ... Get this baby out right now" Severus slowly walked into the room and over to the bed his young husband was laying on. Harry glared at him "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT" Severus cringed inwardly knowing that Harry did not really mean what he was saying. Severus climbed onto the bed behind Harry placing Harry's back against his own chest. Severus leaned down and kissed Harry's temple ,then Accio'd a wash cloth and wiped off Harry's face.

The healer looked at Severus and nodded. "Harry we are almost there. The birthing canal has formed and your child will be arriving soon. I just need you to push when the next contraction starts." The healer said keeping his voice calm.

"Harry love" Severus said quietly, his lips pressed against Harry's temple. "It won't be much longer. You are so brave and strong. I know you can do it, love"

Just then a contraction hit and Harry started pushing. To Harry it felt as if someone was trying to tear him apart. Just as the contraction hit it's most painful point Harry screamed "Stop it hurts." Soon the contraction had eased and Harry slumped back into Severus' arms.

This continued for a little over a half hour when the healer placed his hand on Harry's leg. "Harry, can you hear me?" Harry nodded tiredly, keeping his eyes closed. "The baby is here Harry. I can see it's head. One more good push and it will be out and you'll get to meet your child."

"Sev," Harry said his words barely heard. "I can't do it. I'm too tired."

Severus kissed Harry on the lips quickly "It will be alright ,love. I will help you. I'm right here. I told you along time ago I have your back and I still mean it. " The contraction started and Severus grabbed Harry's legs and pushed down on the top of the uterus helping Harry push the baby out. Soon a head full of black hair was visible followed shortly by a blood covered baby.

The healer handed the child over to Poppy while he took care of healing Harry. As soon as Poppy started bathing their child it began squalling. Severus could hear Poppy talking quietly to the child as he slid out from behind Harry so the healer could finish cleaning Harry up. Slowly Severus walked over to take a look at the miracle that he and Harry had produced. There was a head full of black hair almost down to it's shoulders. The baby's eyes were blue-green but Poppy explained that most babies were born with blue eyes and with in a few weeks they would change to their real color. Poppy finished bathing the baby and bundled it up into it's blanket before handing it to Severus who was scared to death he would do something wrong.

The healer had finished up with Harry and called Severus over to where Harry was propped up with pillows. Walking slowly and carrying their child like a piece of glass that was going to break Severus made it to the bed a placed their child in Harry's arms before kissing him deeply. "I love you Harry."

"I love you to, Sev." Harry said looking at his child with eyes full of love. Poppy walked over to congratulate one of her favorite students. Harry looked at her and smiled "Poppy, would you get our friends and ask them to come in so we can introduce them to our child?" Poppy smiled and went to the other room to get everyone. The healer left with instructions and admonished them to call if needed. The door opened quietly and everyone walked in to see Harry sitting up in bed holding the baby and Severus sitting next to him with an arm around Harry and his hand holding his baby's hand. Harry looked up and smiled at their friends "I would like you all to meet Lily Eileen Potter-Snape, our daughter."

Slowly everyone got closer and Harry handed her to Hermione before speaking "Hermione, Sev and I talked and would you do us the honor of becoming Lily's Godmother?" Hermione nodded her eyes glistening with tears and a big smile on her face.

Harry looked to Sev and nodded. Severus turned to Draco "Draco, would you do Harry and I the honor of becoming our daughter's Godfather?" Draco agreed as Hermione handed Lily to him. Soon Lily had made the rounds of all their friends, she began to whimper and Harry began to yawn so their friends bid the new parents goodbye vowing they would be back in the next day or too.

Severus called for the house elf who came immediately, once Severus asked for a bottle for the baby and a light meal for Harry and him the elf left. Within moments Calli had returned with the baby's bottle and announced that she had everything ready including the cradle for use beside the bed. Halli returned with their lunch and Severus fed the baby while Harry started eating. The baby was soon fed, changed and back to sleep so Severus laid her down in the cradle where they could look at her and then he joined Harry in their meal. After eating Harry's eyes began closing. Severus took the tray, took the extra pillows out from behind Harry and settled him down. Then Severus leaned over the cradle, kissed the baby on the forehead before whispering "Happy Birthing day, Lily Eileen, Your Daddy's love you." Severus lay down on the bed next to Harry then leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips before whispering "Happy Birthday Harry. I love you."

"Love you, too, Sev" Harry mumbled as he drifted off to sleep.


Thank you to all who have read my story. This was all I had planned for this story. Enjoy the upcoming Holidays.