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Warning: do not read if you have problems with killing and swearing

Bella POV

I walked downstairs like I normally did. I turned on the light. It went off. I turned it back on. It went out again. It was starting to freak me out.

Hello, is anyone there? I called out.

There was no answer

I continued into the room

Why did Edward have to leave me? Why did Charlie have to be out today of all days?

Just as I made it halfway into the room, someone came up beside me.

The first thing I saw was the red hair, then the red eyes. Then the smirk on her face, Victoria was back.

"My, my, my, what do we have here?" She said, "It seems that Edward got tired of his little pet after all."

"Please don't do this," I said, "Edward doesn't love me, this won't help, I am not his mate!" But reasoning with a crazy vampire never works. She reached forward and almost as though biting into a delicious cookie, bit my neck.

The next three days were pain upon pain upon pain. I thought that I would die, and begged for that. Death would have been nice compared to this.

When I finally got up, I saw Victoria giving me a hand to help me up. "Welcome to the army" was all she said.

We were going to go take the Cullens down.

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