A/N Hi guys! My firend Emma wrote a totally depressing suicide story, so I decided to fix it! This is the sequel toForever Burned In My Mind by padfootlover109

Lily jumped, never to be seen again.

At least by the eyes of the people on grass. But the squid saw. The squid always saw. He saw the girl as she first rowed her boat across the lake. He saw the girl study. He saw the girl cry. He saw the girl jump.

But he was not going to see her die. At least not yet.

He grabbed her. He took her to the place where the air goes up.

Lily gasped. Where was she? This didn't look like any pictures she had ever seen of the afterlife. It didn't even look like a train station. She was on her back.

She heard voices, but was too weak to look around. Instead, she looked up. It looked like the inside of a volcano.

"It's a cave. A cave in the lake. We're a little above shore level right now. You aren't dead."

Lily forced herself to turn her head. An old man. She had never seen him before, except... he looked faintly like that portrait, but older...

"I'm Pappus. No, don't speak," he said as Lily opened her mouth. "You are weak. Just listen. The squid saved you. Or one of the squid. You jumped, as did we all. One of the squid saw you. One of the squid watched you. He saved you. He is yours. You are his."

"James," thought Lily. "Mum, Dad." She looked towards the small cliff that led into the lake.

"If you jump, he'll pull you out again, the squid," cried a little girl's voice. It was, gurgley. Lily looked. And gasped. The little girl was part squid. Is that what would happen to her, her children? The son that should have been James's. James.

The squid was happy. She was safe. He could not think of a way to get her back. Coming is easy. But the currents back, she would be dead. She will stay.

In squidworld, there are pure-squid, half-squid, and grass-born squid children.A grass-born is a squid born to magical or muggle parents. The parents memories are wiped and the child is cast into the lake. Lily and her squid had a half-squid son named Harry. An evil squid killed them and gave Harry a scar. He met a pure-squid and a grass born and they became best friends and went to magic squid school and killed bad guys. The end. (Read my reveiw on "Forever Burned in my Mind)

Thank you for reading my awesome squid story. I have an idea for another, but Emma forced me to write this one first. Should I write the other squid story? It's written like the first paragraph here. Thanks for reading! Catfish! Bye!