The final theme is here! I can't believe it! For our last theme we have an extra-long theme with multiple OCs in for the fight of their life 31 years after KH2! You may recognize some of the characters from previous themes like Kitten, Mystery and Cook. I own most of the OCs except for Nina who belongs to my awesome friend Kitty!


This battle for Radiant Garden was the hardest any of them had ever faced. But they had to fight. They had to protect their friends and their home. The group of four were surrounded by an army of powerful heartless in the middle of the bailey, fighting with all their strength to win.

The first was a young man of eighteen with short black hair barely covering a steel blue eye. He wore a black leather jacket, a necklace with a silver ring and expertly swung around a dangerous-looking gunblade. Ari.

Beside him was a young girl around sixteen wearing a long sleeveless blue robe with angel wings on the back. Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and brown eyes shone with determination. Her weapon of choice was a Blaster Edge. Nina.

Taking on the most heartless was a fierce young woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes, wearing mostly black with a teal hip sash. She looked to be eighteen and swung around a heavy sword like it was nothing. Storm.

The last of the group was an eighteen-year-old boy with spiked brown hair and green-blue eyes. He wore a short-sleeved red shirt and black pants. He used powerful healing and support magic while also fighting offensively with his sword. Miles.

"This doesn't look good, guys." Miles stated, knocking one of the heartless away. They were drastically outnumbered.

"Keep it up!" Ordered Storm, slicing through three armoured knights. "We can't give in!"

"You got it!" Nina replied enthusiastically, backing up her older brother, Ari. But no matter how much they fought, the numbers of heartless attacking them never seemed to reduce. They had run out of potions a long time ago and Miles and Nina were quickly running out of magic. Storm and Ari couldn't keep up their strength for much longer either.

Knowing they were growing weaker every minute, the group kept on fighting alongside each other. That fact didn't matter to any of them. The others were counting on them. The team of four was just about ready to collapse when a familiar voice echoed through the bailey,

"YAHOO!" And in just a split second, another of their allies jumped down right into the swarm of heartless. Her shoulder-length black hair whipped around her face, a blood red scarf was present around her neck and she was armed with nothing but a silver shiurkien. "Never fear, comrades! I, Kurai the greatest assassin in all of Radiant Garden have come to your aid!" She boasted, laughing at the heartless in front of her as though they were nothing

"Took you long enough to get here." Ari grumbled.

"Hey! Be thankful I showed up at all." Kurai stuck her tongue out at him.

"Guys, can we finish this later?" Nina pleaded before a fight could start. Miles used the last of his magic to heal his teammates just as Kurai tossed him an ether.

Storm swung her sword in front of her ready to continue their fight. "Come on, let's send these creeps back to the darkness!" Her teammates shouting a battle cry, they proceeded to take down as many heartless as they possibly could.

"I hope the others are having a better time than we are." Miles murmured as he blocked an attack.

Sadly, their comrades weren't doing much better than them.

Nero fought alongside Blaze and Sonya with his Keyblade in hand in the marketplace. The Twilight Town residents were up against a group of Dark Balls, the fire attacks from Blaze's keyblades only caused minor damage. Sonya did all she could armed with simple twin daggers.

Two keyblade wielders, Daichi and Zephyr were fighting a Benamoth in front of the Fountain Court. They were having more success than the others, but not by much. They were quickly running out of magic and potions. The heartless in front of them roared in anger as it prepared to attack again.

Meanwhile, up at the castle gates, Avalon and Lyle had the unfortunate luck of facing off against the Dark Prince himself.

Tenebrae laughed as he jumped out of the way of one of Lyle's attacks as though he thought that this all was some sick game. Lyle barely had any chance to react as Tenebrae took his dark keyblade and knocked the young man to the ground, a smirk appearing on his face.

"Aww, what's the matter, pretty boy?" Tenebrae taunted, kneeling down and roughly grabbing a fistful of Lyle's silver hair. "Was I too rough? Can't handle a little pain?"

"Leave him alone!" Avalon exclaimed her grip on her Keyblade so hard her knuckles were turning white.

"Av! Run! Get away from here!" Lyle shouted to his childhood friend, struggling against Tenebrae's grip.

"No! I'm not leaving without you!" She retorted.

"Well, isn't this touching?" The Dark Prince chuckled, letting go of Lyle's hair as Tenebrae stood to his feet. Lyle made a move to get up but before he could, Tenebrae roughly kicked him in the chest, keeping him down and causing a great deal of damage. "My dear princess, why do you bother with such idiots? I'm much more pleasant company."

"They're not idiots! They're my friends!" Spat Avalon. "Now let Lyle go before I hurt you!"

Tenebrae cackled darkly. "Oh, I'm so scared of the little kitten." Before Avalon knew it, Tenebrae's face was inches away from hers as he gently stroked her cheek. "How about this, sweetheart, I'll call off my forces if you join me. A pretty little thing like you belongs on my arm."

"Forget it you creep!" She exclaimed, slapping his hand away. "I'll never leave my friends behind for the darkness!" In that split second, Tenebrae's yellow eyes shone with a dangerous rage.

Avalon screamed as his violent hands grabbed her. One arm tightly snaked around her waist while the other roughly held her chin.

"Learn your place, pet." Snarled Tenebrae, a wicked grin spreading across his face. "You will learn never to defy your master. I'll have to punish you for that later."

Avalon struggled with all her might against his hold but released a shocked gasp when she felt him lean in to the crook of her neck. Then, she whimpered as she felt him slide his tongue up her neck followed by tiny kisses down to her shoulder.

"No! Get away from her!" Lyle exclaimed, struggling to stand despite all the pain he was in.

"Why should I?" Tenebrae smirked, taunting Lyle. "She's all mine."

"P-please." Avalon was on the verge of tears as Tenebrae's fingers played with her hair. "S-stop."

Tenebrae buried his face in her slightly spliced reddish-brown hair, inhaling her tropical scent. "Oh, I love it when you beg, darling."

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!" A voice exclaimed just as a blast of light magic hit Tenebrae, causing him to release Avalon and tumble to the ground.

The familiar aura of a strong cure spell surrounded both Avalon and Lyle as their savior stood protectively in front of them, Keyblade in hand.

"Daddy?!" Avalon gasped at the sight of the familiar spiky hair, blue eyes and tanned skin.

Tenebrae stood to his feet, smirking at the sight of Avalon's father. "Well, well. So we finally meet face-to-face, Sora."

"Listen, you freak. If you ever touch my daughter again you'll never live to see another day!" Sora roared. Tenebrae only laughed in response.

"I accept your challenge." The Dark Prince turned to Avalon. "Until next time, my sweet. You will be mine!" And with that, Tenebrae vanished through a familiar corridor of darkness.

"Avalon? Sweetie, are you okay?" Her dad demanded, bending down and pulling her into a tight embrace.

"Av?" Lyle questioned at her side. "You aren't hurt, are you?"

Avalon could hardly hear their voices; all that was on her mind was Tenebrae's taunts as she rubbed the spot on her neck where he had kissed and licked her. I'm not giving up! She thought. I will defeat you, Tenebrae! I'll never stop fighting for my friends and family!

Wow! I can't believe I really got this challenge done! My writing life's gonna feel so empty right now :(

So, in case there's any confusion; Ari and Nina are Squall/Leon and Rinoa's kids. Storm is Cloud and Tifa's daughter. Miles is Aerith and Zack's son. Kurai is Vincent and Yuffie's daughter. Nero is Roxas and Naminé's son. Blaze is Lea's son. Sonya is Hayner and Olette's daughter. Daichi is Terra and Aqua's son. Zephyr is Ven and Xion's daughter. Lyle is Riku and my OC West's son. And Avalon is Sora and Kairi's daughter.

As for Tenebrae ;) I won't be revealing that. Hope you guys enjoyed this challenge as much as I enjoyed writing it and please go check out my other stories! Thank you so much for all the support and review!