Ah. She remembered this. It was familiar. She had been waiting for this moment since the 20th century stray had stepped through the front door. Since the Doctor, her doctor had first stolen her. Joyriding through time and space. She had remembered and waited for this moment.

And here it was.

The girl, how much she'd changed, looking down into her beating heart and begging, pleading with the TARDIS. And what a request, so simple and unimaginable all at once. To save The Doctor. Travel through time and across space and save her doctor. Undo fateā€¦ Impossible for a human. Improbable for a time lord. But for the TARDIS? For the living, beating soul, the Doctor's first and last companion? She exists in a realm of pure possibility.

Besides, she's already said yes.

Rose Tyler. She would make a good time lord.

The TARDIS reaches out and touches Rose. Making her a star. Everything she will need, more. She burns so bright. Let the human create itself at last. Together they will save the doctor. Her doctor. Again.