Italics=the letter


Thin, pale fingers drummed impatiently against the desk, white eyes narrowed in a heated stare directed at the blank sheet of paper neatly laid out before him. With a sigh that was more of a huff, he finally scrawled 'Dear Man in Green' across the top before tossing his pencil back down and burying his head in his hands.

A low groan escaped his lips; he'd never been all that sure (or all that good) at starting these letters to the strange man in green. Perhaps it was because he wasn't much of a writer, perhaps it was because he didn't even know the man's name, perhaps it was a little of both. But whatever the reason, he blamed that for his incapability to begin these damn letters he forced himself to write.

He heaved another sigh, lifting the pencil once more. Twirling it around deftly for a few moments as he scrutinized the paper, he finally positioned the pencil in a writing-ready position and begin to scratch away at the paper.

Dear Man in Green,

I hope you've been well. I suppose I've been alright. This week hasn't been the best, but it hasn't been the worst-it's had its ups and downs, but all in all nothing to tragic happened. Which is rather odd, seeing as this is Alice Academy.

Tall, mysterious figures radiating authority, men and women he'd never seen before towered over the young boy. Wide, white eyes stared blankly up at them from his seat behind the table, hands clasped primly in his lap and aura emitting the innocent air typical of any five-year-old boy like he. The only thing that marred the angelic appearance were the white bandages snugly wrapped around his forehead. Other than that, though, the child appeared like any other.

They wanted to know who he was, where he was from, why he was here. He didn't know, though, and he knew they knew that. All he remembered was the bright green seal on his forehead and the bright green of the strange man, the boisterous man, the exuberant man.

One particularly exasperated man crossed his arms, obviously fed up with the amnesic youth.

"Do you at least know your name, kid?"

Those wide, white eyes turned on him. The little brunette stared for a few seconds, an eerie, unblinking stare that terrified the man, before slowly nodding. Yes…yes, at the very least he knew that.

"Neji…" he responded softly, ever-so-softly. "…Neji…Hyuga."

But I digress.

Anyways, as I've mentioned many times before, Narumi-sensei continues to try to…"discover" the full extent of my Alice. Although I don't mind many of the exercises I partake in, sensei can be a bit…much. But I'm sure you've gathered that from my letters thus far.

The eight-year-old stared, rather boredly, at the new somatic-class teacher, who returned the blank glance with a furtive stare, brilliant green eyes blinking down at him. The seven-year-old had heard plenty of rumors circling the young teacher, and from what he'd heard this 'Narumi-sensei' was a pheromone user, an ex-rebel who'd manipulate anyone and anything for his own desires.

"So you're…Neji Hyuga, right?" Narumi asked slowly, carefully, eyes not once leaving the little figure before him. Neji inclined his head slightly. Yes, yes he was.

"Interesting…and you have a Shape-Shifter Alice?"

He made another little nod, brow rising elegantly up his forehead. Was the man daft? Had he not read the student information for the class he had been hired to teach? As far as the eight-year-old could tell, he should've already known all this. There should be no need for questions.

"Good…then you're one of my students!" Narumi's expression suddenly brightened, lips turning up in a radiant beam. Neji paused, cocking his head, confused, only to be engulfed in an unyielding embrace.

A gasp escaped his lips, followed by muffled shrieks as the little boy floundered about, squirming wildly in the firm grip.

"Oh you're so cute!" cooed Narumi, flamboyant side shining through. "So, so cute!"

Well, today I overheard a conversation between Narumi and Persona. Persona was considering moving me to the Dangerous Ability class. I'm not surprised; Tono is always telling me rumors about Persona's attempts at trying to transfer me to his class. Unsuccessfully, I might add, but he's quite diligent about it.

"I told you," grunted Tono, flicking at his cigarette lighter. Neji sighed, storming over and snatching it out of the Amplifier's hand.

"Did you even listen to me?" growled Neji, jamming the lighter into his pocket despite his friend's loud protests. "This is serious, dammit! I don't know about you, but I don't want to join that class." With that, Neji plopped down on the bed next to the glaring playboy, crossing his arms over his chest as he wordlessly seethed.

A few minutes of stony silence, infuriated glares, and livid fuming passed before Tono's expression softened slightly. He sighed and rolled over onto his stomach, propping his chin up on his hands.

"Look," Tono finally muttered, voice nearly a whisper. Neji paused in his anger to stare down at the other. "They're not serious, 'kay? Narumi won't let Persona get in a twenty foot radius of you because of this shit, and the high school principal sure as hell isn't letting you join him. 'Sides, Persona'll give up eventually. It's probably just a phase or something."

Tono was insistent, Neji could tell from his tone. But Neji wasn't going to just agree with the long-haired playboy; Tono wasn't always right. So instead, Neji shrugged half-heartedly and sighed softly.

Tono shot him a look, a look that clearly read 'I know you, you don't agree, but fine, I'll lay off for now'. However, he appeared satisfied for the moment. A Cheshire's grin snuck across his lips, and before Neji knew it, he'd been tackled backwards onto the bed with a certain Special Ability Representative smugly straddling his waist, lighter lazily held between two fingers.

White eyes narrowed. Oh, it was so on.

But enough about that…as I said, this week really wasn't very eventful. I'm not sure what else of interest occurred. There were a few new rumors about Z, but that's just normal. It amazes me how incredibly gossip-hungry the high school is. It seems as though all we do is gossip.

Speaking of gossip, Tono was telling me about something the Special Ability class is planning on doing for the Alice Festival this year. I was surprised. The Special Ability class has never been very succesful at these things. But according to Tono, it's actually a very good idea and should be quite popular.

Apparently that new elementary division girl came up with it-Sakura Mikan, I believe. I told you about her, didn't I? She's the girl that appears to not have an Alice. It's really quite intriguing, but hear this. Subara Imai was telling me during some meeting that there's a possibility (or at least, a rumor) that she is the illegitimate daughter of Yuka and Izumi-sensei. It sounds farfetched to me too, but Imai doesn't tend to delve in gossip unless he thinks it true.

Needless to say, I'd like to see what happens to her.

So I suppose all else of interest that occurred this week was my typical session with the kids. It was fine, I suppose. Pretty normal. Ruka seemed a little distracted-something about blackmail. I'm not entirely sure I want to know-although I'm pretty sure I know exactly what it is. Oh, and Koko says hi.

Neji sighed, running a hand through his long, dark hair, one cool, trained eye following the form of his teacher as he bobbed between the aisles, passing out rather official-looking, mustard-colored envelopes.

Neji considered the assignment to be rather absurd, rather foolish. Whoever thought that having the high school 'bond' with the elementary school through an assignment in which a high school student was paired with one or two elementary students and were expected to, well, bond was an absolute idiot.

One thick manila envelope was unceremoniously plopped on the desk in front of him. White eyes slid over the paper, scrutinizing it carefully (oh how he wished he had x-ray vision) before one slender hand reached out to carefully lift the envelope. He unsealed it in a painstakingly-slow manner, and once the packet of papers was gripped in his hands, white eyes found themselves quickly skimming over the pages of information.

His brow arched as he read. Well then, he thought, what an interesting turn of events.

Boldly printed across the top of the packet were two names: Ruka Nogi & Kokoroyumi.

An interesting turn of events indeed.

I think I'll take the kids to Central Town or something next week. I'm not sure yet…sometime while Tono's busy. I still haven't forgiven him for last week (remember how I invited Ruka and Koko to spend the night because almost all of their classmates where busy? Remember how I was forced last-minute into a meeting, so I asked Tono if he could watch them until I got back from it? And remember how he showed them some R-rated horror movie and when I returned I found Ruka so scared he was near tears and Koko, who was seemingly enraptured with the movie, wound up having nightmares the rest of the week? Yeah, I kicked Tono's ass into next month. He's an absolute bastard).

Anyways, it'd be a good chance to get Ruka away from Natsume and Koko out of everyone's hair. Plus, it'll make up for me being too preoccupied with other matters to spend time with them this week.

Neji couldn't believe he'd forgotten how incredibly innocent elementary students could appear. Whether it be the gentle expression and the angelic face, or the sunny smile and the lively brown eyes, they just seemed so young…so naïve.

A shudder made its way up Neji's back. As far as he was concerned, he could never remember a time when he was innocent like they.

At least Neji knew the blonde cradling the little bunny rabbit. He was Ruka Nogi, Animal Pheromone Alice, friend to the rebellious Natsume, a fellow Somatic type. Neji also knew that the spiky-haired, smiling boy-the one he was sure was named Kokoroyumi-was a mind reader and was probably, at this very moment, reading his mind.

Was it just him, or had that mischievous grin on Kokoroyumi's face just grown?

The uneasy silence was nerve-wracking. Neji could tell from the way Ruka's eyes kept flickering all over the room, not once settling on an object, from the way Kokoroyumi pulled at the hem of his shirt, from the way he himself found his fingers dancing a twitchy little dance against the leg of his pants.

Kokoroyumi, unsurprisingly, was the one to break the ice.

"So you're that guy named Neji! You're in Ruka's class, right?" he chirped. He glanced over at Ruka, who coughed slightly and nodded, bowing timidly and muttering a soft 'Nice to see you again, Neji-senpai'. Kokoroyumi beamed.

"Well now that that's all outta the way, you can call me Koko!"

Koko's lighthearted disposition was incredibly infectious. Neji forced back a smile, choosing instead to bow in a low, formal manner to his junior.

"Well then, Koko, you may call me Neji or Neji-senpai, whatever you wish. And might I add that it is a pleasure to meet you."

I suppose that's it. Well, I'll write you next week; hopefully by then I'll have more to write about. It gets incredibly dull around here when there's nothing going on.


Neji Hyuga

With that, Neji slipped the completed letter into an envelope and sealed it, addressing it simply 'Man in Green'. He laid it out neatly on his desk, then made for his room's exit. He knew that when he returned the letter wouldn't be there.

But that was fine by him. It meant that the Man in Green, whoever he was, had received it.


The door was flung open with a deafening bang as it slammed against the wall. Wincing, the apartment's owner carefully shut the door behind him, attempting to do so as quietly as possible. Once that had been accomplished, he strode into his apartment, heading for the kitchen with a blinding smile stretched across his lips. He'd just returned from a mission with his youthful team (or rather, what remained of his youthful team) and was quite famished.

The smile disappeared, though, once he'd begun the actual task of rooting through his fridge for anything edible, replaced with a crease of his brow and a slight scowl. The refrigerator was slammed shut, the man empty-handed. He'd been gone for far longer than he thought; there was nothing to eat in his fridge!

With a sigh, the man turned towards his kitchen table, fully intending on writing out a grocery list, but froze once his eyes landed on the table's surface.

Before he realized quite what he was doing, he found himself fumbling with an envelope, tearing at the seal as he desperately made for the letter within. He yanked it out of the envelope's confines, allowing the shredded remains to float towards the floor. He collapsed into one of the kitchen chairs; one hand reaching up to run through his oddly shiny black hair while the other shakily clutched the letter.

He'd been waiting for this letter. Oh god had he been waiting for it.

Black eyes drifted over to his bedroom door. Hidden behind it was a desk, and in that desk were letters, hundreds of letters all from the same boy, all addressed to the 'Man in Green'…

He cherished these letters; they were proof that his student wasn't dead.

A smile crossed his lips as his eyes began scanning the paper.

Dear Man in Green, Gai read, I hope you've been well…

Right…So it sounded better in my head. *shot*

I'm sorry if I got some of the GA characters or Neji all messed up and made them OOC. I just started reading GA again (I took a really long break from it sometime after chapter 100 was put on Mangafox), so yeah…I'm probably not accurate on the GA characters. As for Neji…well…I really have no excuse for him being OOC. *shot…again*


Ok, and one last thing. I feel like explaining the whole 'high-school assignment' thing. It's completely made up. And my reasoning behind it not being in canon is because the program was dropped before Hotaru joined the Academy so obviously Mikan and Hotaru didn't have to do it. Right…well, it's this program where the a high school student is paired with one or two elementary kids (because I think there are less high school kids than elementary seeing as some kids lose their Alice over time and other's die). Well, it used to be that the high school students would meet up with their kids during school once or twice a week for like bonding or some crazy shit like that. It was generally a good program (and anonymous on the elementary kids part-they didn't know what high school kids their friends were paired with [although all the high school students knew who had who]), but the ESP dropped the program 'cause he's a douche like that (although that doesn't mean plenty of the students aren't still close with their 'kids').

…Yeah I mostly came up with it because I thought it would be HILARIOUS if Natsume got paired with Rui (is that how you spell it…?).


OH AND ALSO. Yes, Neji and Tono are totally best friends forever. Totally. Along with Yuri Miyanzo (yes, they're friends with her too-it's a long story), they form the self-proclaimed (or more of Tono-proclaimed; Neji and Yuri are pretty much forced into this) "badass heartbreaker trio". But they are friends. Like best friends.


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