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When his eyes opened, Riddick was immediately assaulted with Deja Vu. He recognized the place and he felt fear and anger swell within him. 'Fuck! Not again!' he thought and looked around. He caught a body laying near a set of stairs. It was Kyra! "Kyra..." Riddick went over, noticing for the first time that he wasn't chained up but paying it no mind and took her in his arms. He studied her, looking for the marks on her neck, the wound in her stomach. She wore what she had on before she was taken by the Necromongers. She had no marks! No wound! "Kyra, wake up," Riddick tried again and felt relief pour through him when she moved in her sleep. "Jack!" He yelled, sighing inwardly when she started awake.

"Riddick?" Her eyes widened. "Riddick!" She threw her arms around his neck. He awkwardly put his own arms around her and hugged her back. When she pulled back she looked around and frowned. "Where are we? Why am I not in the Underverse anymore?" She asked, more to herself than to Riddick. Riddick stood, ignoring her gasp of surprise when he picked her up off the ground, and then put her down.

"You're alive, that's all that matters. Take a good look, what does this place look like? Looks familiar, right?" Riddick said, spotting Carolyn Frye laying nearby as well.

"Oh God, it can't be," Kyra muttered. Riddick could see her body go stiff and could smell her fear.

"The Hunter-Grazner," Riddick confirmed grimly. He watched Kyra slump down near the stairs she had been by, looking even paler than she had looked on the Necromongers ship. He decided he'd give her a moment and went over to Carolyn. He slid her over to the wall and helped her sit up. "Carolyn, wake up," he said, slapping her cheek lightly. When Carolyn's eyes opened, she gasped and banged her head against the bulkhead behind her as she tried to get away. Riddick smirked and pulled back, putting his hands up. "I ain't gunna hurt you, Frye," Riddick declared. "Welcome back to the land of the living... and the past apparently," he said, glancing again to a shell-shocked Kyra. "Kid, get a grip, we need to get outta here in one piece, you with me?" Kyra snapped back to reality and looked over to him.

Those words.

"Yeah, ...I'm with you," she said and took a shaky breath. She stood and walked over to them. "Carolyn, you may not recognize me, but I'm Jack. I don't know what's going on but we've all been brought back here for some reason. At least, I assume the others are here as well," she said, suddenly getting excited with the realization that Imam would be here too.

"Jack?" Carolyn blinked slowly, trying to register what was going on. This woman was that little girl? Kyra smiled and nodded.

"I go by Kyra now but you can call me Jack," Kyra said and threw Riddick a look. "And only her, got it?" she directed toward the convict. Carolyn watched Riddick smirk and throw a mock-solute.

"Yes ma'am," he answered.

Kyra rolled her eyes, even though she was a little surprised he even agreed with her, and spoke to her like that. Last time she was with him, he was serious and angry... not carefree and silly! "Come on," she helped Carolyn to her feet. "We need to wake up the rest and get the power-cells to the skiff," she said. Once the older woman was on her feet, nodding in agreement, Kyra started to go up the stairs.

"Shouldn't he... are you going to be trouble?" Carolyn directed her question to Riddick.

"Me?" Riddick asked in a fake incredulous tone.

"He doesn't need to be chained up if that's what you're asking," Kyra answered by the stairs. "Right Riddick?"

Riddick tilted his head to the side. "You giving me an order, kid?" he asked in a gruff but amused tone, his eyes moving up her body. 'Sexy,' he thought with an inward chuckle, then abruptly stopped and inwardly groaned in frustration when he remembered who he was eye-balling.

"Just answer the god-damn question," Kyra growled, annoyed by him, missing that he had just checked her out. Why was he so damn calm? They were in a fucked up situation! This was no time for games.

"I'll behave," Riddick grinned. "For now," he crossed his arms. Riddick was aware that he shouldn't be having so much fun but this was an opportunity to start over! Besides, he figured they still had some time. Kyra snorted and made her way out. Riddick gestured for Carolyn to head out first, smirking at her wariness of him. "Lady's first," he drawled. Carolyn narrowed her eyes but headed out, acutely aware that Riddick watched her. She was aware that he was messing with her. When they were out, Kyra was waking the others and trying to explain the situation to them. When Paris asked who she was, Carolyn knew this was going to be difficult. She said as much.

"This is going to take forever," Carolyn muttered.

"Then speak up," Riddick suggested near her, making her jump. "So skittish," he grinned. Carolyn glared but took his advice and cleared her throat.

"Okay listen up everyone," She said, walking toward them. "We've all been brought... back to life... and brought back to this planet, we have a chance to escape it, all of us, if we hurry. Some of us have been brought here from the future, such as Riddick and... Jack," Carolyn gestured to the "stranger,". Kyra straightened self-consciously when eyes were on her. Her jaw set at the unwanted attention and she turned to get to work.

Johns had been watching with murder in his eyes. Once he got him alone, Riddick would be in pieces, much like the bastard left him.

"Riddick, could you..?" Carolyn trailed off when Riddick turned from her without a word and made his way to the ship.

Riddick followed Kyra and watched her hips sway as she walked. She walked with the grace of a feline, precise and light. He eyed her long shapely legs and perfect ass. Age was very good to her and Riddick felt his body respond to her. 'Damn, kid..." he growled inwardly. 'Why did I hold her the way I did back in the slam?' he questioned himself. He was, of course, referring to when he slammed Kyra against the bars of her cell to remind her he wasn't messing with her. Part of him told him the feelings he was developing for the fire-cracker was wrong, she was Jack, the scrawny, bratty little kid who annoyed him and also managed to hold his heart. But... he knew that wasn't true anymore. She was all grown up and one hot piece of ass. 'Fuck it, she's not a kid anymore.' Riddick walked over and studied her, watching her remove the panel that held the power-cells.

Kyra had felt Riddick's presence as he stealthily followed her. She could feel his eyes on her and decided she liked it. She knew he was checking her out and it made her heart race. 'That's right, I'm not a little kid anymore,' she smirked inwardly. As she set to work she saw from the corner of her eyes that he stopped at the doorway and leaned against the frame. "What do you want, Riddick?" she asked finally. Her tone wasn't hard or hostile so Riddick took it as a sign it was okay to approach her. She jumped when she felt his hands on her arms, moving down, and his breath on her neck as he nuzzled her hair out of the way. What was he doing? "Riddick?" she questioned, hating herself for not being able to keep her voice steady.

"You smell good," was all Riddick said. Kyra took a breath to calm herself but it was useless. "I should punish you for getting yourself killed... I had everything under control, kid," he murmured in her ear. He felt her stiffen and knew it wasn't from excitement.

"Didn't look that way from where I was standing. Quit being all high and mighty and admit I saved your ass!" She snarled at him. She gasped when she was thrown against the wall and shuddered when his body pressed against hers.

"Watch it, kid!" Riddick growled. Kyra saw red.

"Stop calling me that! I am not a fucking kid anymore!" She snapped, trying to get out of his grasp, bucking against him. Riddick growled again, making her still. It wasn't because she was frightened or anything, it was because of the way he growled. "You know I'm not a kid anymore," she enforced in a softer tone then. She bit her lip. By the way his body seemed to harden against her, she realized he didn't think of her as a kid either.

"I know," Riddick admitted and pulled her around, pushing her on her back against the wall and trapping her wrists against it.

"Riddick?" She questioned again, but her only answer was a quick smirk before his mouth came crashing against her's. Kyra gasped at the sudden kiss, allowing Riddick to take advantage of it. Riddick was pleasantly surprised when Kyra responded almost immediately, her own tongue striking back and dueling with his. Riddick groaned into the kiss, released her wrists and pushed her up, helping her wrap her legs around his waist. The fire of lust and frustration exploded between them.

Back outside, Carolyn asked Shazza and Zeke to help Riddick and Kyra get the cells out. They needed to be as quick as they could. Shazza walked with her husband but paused when they heard the groan. They sneaked over, trying not to make any noise and peaked around the corner. Their jaws dropped at the sight and they pulled back. "That was-!" Zeke began, but Shazza shushed him and pushed him out.

"Where are Jack and Riddick?" Carolyn asked with a frown when they didn't return with the batteries. The two looked pale and nervous.

"They uh... have the cells covered..." Shazza told her uneasily, glaring at her husband when he snorted.

'They have them covered alright,' Zeke thought wryly.

Riddick's hands trailed down Kyra's body but before he could do more, Kyra pulled from the kiss, panting. Her body was on fire but they couldn't do this right now, 'night' was approaching quickly. "We need to... we can't do this now... the power-cells," she tried to explain breathlessly. Riddick's lips pressed into a straight line. She was right.

"This ain't over," he warned her and smirked when she flashed him a rather saucy look. 'Damn, she's going to be the death of me,' he thought. He released her and helped pull cells out, pulling two at a time while Kyra attempted to do the same. He was surprised when she succeeded, hoisting two over her back, straining a little but managing to lift them up. 'She's stronger than she looks,' Riddick felt pride as he watched her walk out. He knew she was struggling a little but didn't say anything. This would make her stronger.

When they came out of the ship, Kyra caught Shazza and Zeke eying them and couldn't help the blush that crept up her neck. Did they see them? She set the cells down, sighing in relief. Zeke went over and lifted the other cell. "Thanks," Kyra nodded and lifted the remaining one in her arms. They set off then, not wanting to waste any time. Johns was silent through this all but Riddick kept his attention on him, aware that the blue-eyed devil would try something soon.

About half-way through the trek through the desert, they paused to rest for a few moments. "Is that little ship going to hold us all?" Paris asked, his tone not as steady as he'd hoped it'd be.

"It'll do," Carolyn answered.

Kyra went up to Riddick and spoke in a quiet voice. "Riddick, why aren't you worried? Why are you so calm?" She questioned him. If she was younger she might think this was badass, but she wasn't that little kid anymore.

"Because you're not dead," he admitted, his face with passive expression.

Kyra blinked in confusion. "What?" was her doubtful reaction.

"We have a chance to do this all over, we can get outta here, we can prepare for the Necromonger, you don't have to die, and we can have our cake and eat it too," Riddick explained.

"I guess I see what you mean but what is me not dying have to do with this?" she asked.

This time Riddick frowned. "Do I need to spell it out for you, kid?" He ignored the sudden anger in her eyes. "I care about you, you will not die again!" he growled. Kyra's eyes widened but before she could respond, Johns ordered the group to press on again, making a rather rude remark to Riddick to hurry up. Any other day Riddick would have simply killed Johns, but he planned to wait until the right time, let the Merc make the first move. It didn't take them long but they managed to make it to the ruined settlement in good time. Kyra, Riddick, and Zeke took the cells to the ship and worked to set them up.

"I got this, can you help the others?" Kyra asked the dark-skinned Australian. Zeke nodded and went off. It was then Kyra noticed that Riddick wasn't there anymore, she shrugged and got to work on the ship. It wasn't long until she felt someone walk in, trying to be stealthy but failing. It must be Johns. She didn't turn to look at him as she addressed him.

"What do you want, Johns?" she asked, her voice a little more aggressive than she meant it to be. She did not like this guy, but she had been trying to control her rage at the damned situation lately and it wasn't working. Johns frowned at being spotted so easily but shrugged and walked up to her. In a move that was reminiscent of what Riddick did to her earlier, he got up to her real close from behind and leaned toward her.

"You certainly grew up well," Johns muttered, leaning in more to breathe in her scent. Exactly as Riddick had done. Kyra went rigid and anger flared in her eyes. Her hands tightened into fists and she ground her teeth in fury. She did not like it when people, especially men, got into her personal space without permission. She also didn't like what he was implying. This little maneuver may have worked on her with Riddick - it was Riddick after all - but it would not work with this guy. It just served to further piss her off. To say he wasn't on her good list would be a vast understatement.

"Back. Up. Johns," she warned in a low growl.

"Fiesty," Johns grinned. He couldn't believe this was the little kid he had suggested they use as bait against the monsters. Maybe once he was done removing Riddick, he'd tame this one. It definitely looked like she'd be a challenge though, not that he minded.

"I will hand your ass to you if you don't get the fuck away, Merc," Kyra warned him. Johns' eyes widened in shock. She knew what he was?

"Clever girl," Johns chuckled, taking a strand of hair in his hand. The next thing he knew, he was on his back and had a boot pressed against his neck. 'How the fuck did she move like that?'

"I told you, fucker," Kyra snarled. It was then that Riddick stepped out of the shadows. "What should we do with him?" She asked without taking her eyes off Johns.

"How 'bout we use him as bait for the monsters? Trail him behind the ship maybe?" Riddick suggested with a smirk. Johns' eyes widened once more, this time with fear.

"What the hell is going on here?" Carolyn asked as she walked up the ramp. She may have expected this from Riddick, but not from Jack... it was shocking to say the least. She remembered the girl trying to emulate Riddick when she was younger, but this... this really was almost like seeing double, and 'Kyra' didn't even have to try to look like him to pull it off.

"This piece of shit pulled something that pissed me off. I warned him," Kyra growled.

"While I agree that he's a sack of shit, we don't have time for this," Carolyn said. "Is the ship ready? We're just finishing up securing the hull," she asked.

"We're ready to go," Kyra answered, removing her foot and taking a step back, next to Riddick. While she was more than capable of taking care of herself, his presence still managed to relaxed her. "Don't try anything," she warned Johns. Said Mercenary coughed, rubbed his neck, and got to his feet. He glared at her and went to the far seat and strapped himself in without a word. Yeah, this made him feel like a pussy but he underestimated the girl... and she was apparently buddy-buddy with Riddick now, not good, he would have to be quick if he was going to get rid of Riddick. When Riddick turned around to walk off the ramp, to presumably help with the supplies maybe, Johns knew he wouldn't get another chance at this. Kyra and Carolyn were both busy with the ship and none of them had their eyes on him. He pulled the straps off, grabbed the knife he always hid in his boot, and jumped, trying to stab Riddick in the back.

"Riddick!" Kyra had noticed Johns move but was too far away to get there in time. Riddick whirled around, his own blade already ready, and sliced cleanly. Johns fell to the ground, blood gushing from his neck.

"Do we have a problem?" Riddick asked, looking up at Carolyn.

"...No," Carolyn answered, her jaw set and her expression serious. It was then the others ran over, concerned about what all the commotion was about.

"What happened?" Shazza asked and gasped when she saw a now dead Johns and Riddick wiping his blade clean.

"The fucker tried to kill me, that's what," Riddick answered calmly.

"Are we ready to go?" Kyra asked. Shazza nodded, swallowing nervously and stepping back and into Zeke, who patted her shoulder comfortingly.

"Then call the others over and let's go," Carolyn ordered, watching Riddick pull Johns' body away from the ship and pick through his pockets. Imam, his students, and Paris joined them. When they were all seated and ready to go, Kyra let Carolyn take the controls and sat in a seat in the back, slouching forward and rubbing her neck. The stress getting to her. When she looked up she saw a teary-eyed Imam smiling at her. She hadn't had the chance to catch up with him yet. She smiled back weakly.

"It warms my heart to see you again, Jack," Imam said softly.

"Thanks. It's good to see you again too. Look, I'm-"

"You don't have to apologize, child. I understand," Imam cut her off softly, affection clearly evident. Kyra smiled back, relaxing.

"So you really are Jack?" Paris said in amazement.

"I am," Kyra nodded. "I go by Kyra now," she told him. They went silent again and Kyra watched Imam speak quietly with his students, apparently trying to soothe their fears. She was glad they made it too, they had died too quickly and too young.

As Carolyn sat at the controls, she got to thinking. Riddick risked his life to save Jack, and then tried to do good by her. Was he really as horrible as she was told he was? Riddick sat silently next to her in the co-pilot seat, his attention toward the stars. "Riddick," Carolyn began. "Are you really as dangerous as Johns said you were?" she asked carefully. Riddick continued to stare out into the stars but frowned a little at the question. Any other day he would answer in sarcasm or try to scare her, but he'd been through way too much lately to not answer truthfully. She died for him once already, he might as well repay her with an honest answer.

"I've killed a lot of people in my time, but I didn't kill them just to kill. I killed to survive. I didn't want to become a convict. Understand?" Riddick explained, finally looking over to her. He wouldn't give her his life's history but he hoped this would be enough. Fortunately, Carolyn seemed to understand. She nodded and looked forward again.

"Then we'll have to get you a disguise of some sort when we reach whatever planet this piece of shit can get us to," she declared. Riddick smirked and leaned back, pulling his goggles off and closing her eyes.

Things would go well this time, Riddick knew they would.

He would make sure of it.

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