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Summary: When Castle and Beckett travel to Las Vegas to pick up a witness, they're not quite prepared for the problem that pops up.

AN: Special thanks goes out to tanyareed for her betaing skills. This story takes place towards the end of season 3 but before the season finale Knockout.

Detective Kate Beckett and her team had just caught wannabe mobster William 'Slick' Sloan. He was involved heavily in illegal gambling and extortion. The death of three of Sloan's 'customers' brought the man to Beckett's attention, and what linked the man to the murders was that all three victims were killed in the same manner, three shots to the back of the head.

During their canvassing of the latest scene, Detectives Ryan and Esposito had found a witness. The surprising thing about the witness was that he was known to them, especially to Rick Castle. Jimmy 'the Weasel' Deluca was the witness's name and he was a research contact for the author. When Castle started shadowing Beckett, he and the detective would pay a visit to Jimmy from time to time to see if he had heard or seen anything.

His tips had led them to Sloan once the first body was found. A week or so after he witnessed the third, he disappeared. Beckett had heard that there was a hit placed on Jimmy. Knowing that gave him a reason to get out of town before she had a chance to put him in protective custody.

With an APB out for Jimmy, it did not take long for them to learn that he had taken a plane from LaGuardia to Las Vegas. Knowing Jimmy's destination, Captain Montgomery made a call down to the LVPD to be on the look out for their man.

It was not until the following day that Montgomery got a call from Las Vegas. Captain Mike Calhoun informed his New York counterpart that his guys had no trouble in locating Jimmy and that they were holding him for them to come down and pick up. It did not take much thought for Montgomery to decide who to send out to Vegas.

"Beckett, Castle, I need a word with you," Montgomery commanded to the pair from the doorway of his office before heading back inside.

The pair looked at each other, not knowing what the Captain wanted. They rose from their respective seats and went to see what Montgomery wanted.

"Close the door, please," the Captain instructed as he took a seat behind his desk.

Castle was the last one through and did what was asked. He and Beckett took the pair of chairs that were in front of Montgomery's desk.

"If you don't mind me asking but what do you want with us, sir?" Beckett asked eager to find out why she and the author were summoned into her boss's office.

"I just got off the phone with no a Captain Calhoun from Nevada, and he's found Castle's friend, Jimmy."

"Well, I wouldn't consider him a friend really," Castle interjected.

"Castle," started Beckett to silence the author before asking, "Where did he say Jimmy was?"

Montgomery swiftly answered, "They found him in Las Vegas. Calhoun and his detectives spotted Jimmy on the Strip and picked him after they heard we were looking for him."

"It's been a while since I've been to Vegas," Castle told them with a whimsical look on his face.

Before Castle could say any more, Beckett asked, "So, I take it you're sending us to go pick up Jimmy?"

"Exactly," Montgomery answered. "And before you ask why I'm sending you two it's because Jimmy knows Castle the best and he seems to be more at ease around you two."

"When are we leaving, sir?"

Before the Captain could answer the detective's question, Castle provided one. "How does 1:30 this afternoon sound, Beckett?"

"What…" Beckett said, puzzled by the author's statement.

"While you and the Captain were talking, I made arrangements for us to take a flight out of JFK. Their next available flight was for 1:30, so I got us tickets, if that is all right with you, Roy," Castle stated.

"Fine with me, that's just one less thing the department will have to pay out of its own pocket," replied Montgomery with a slight chuckle. "Get out of here, you two, and I'll see you when you get back."

The duo made their way back to Beckett's desk to prepare to head out on their assignment. Both Ryan and Esposito watched as they came back.

"What did Montgomery want?" Ryan asked eager to find out.

"He got a call from the Las Vegas PD saying they had located Jimmy and have him in custody. Montgomery is sending Castle and me to go and bring him back," Kate explained as she gathered her things to leave.

"When do you guys leave?" Esposito questioned.

"Our flight doesn't leave until 1:30," Castle answered as he grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair.

"You two have a good time bringing the 'Weasel' back," stated Ryan as he watched Castle and Beckett head over to the elevator.

"But not too much fun," Esposito added as he and Ryan laughed.

Beckett gave her fellow detective an angry glare just before entering the elevator with Castle.

Just as the doors closed, Castle mentioned, "I got us a room over at the Mirage while we're in Vegas in case we…"

"You what!" Beckett questioned, angrily.

"It's not like it sounds, Kate. I got us a hospitality suite that has two bedrooms in case we needed to stay over because I highly doubt we'll be able to bring Jimmy back so quickly."

"I'm sorry, Castle. I didn't mean to snap at you like that."

"Don't worry about it, Detective, but I wouldn't be me if that thought didn't cross my mind. You know I can always get a one bedroom suite," Castle said, waggling his eyebrows at her.

Kate playfully swatted the author. "In your dreams, Castle."

"Ah, but they are such wonderful dreams," Castle returned as they got off the elevator and then made their way out of the precinct. "Do you want me to swing by your apartment later so that we can leave for the airport?"

"Sounds like a good idea, Castle. I'm surprised you came up with it," Kate joked as the pair walked to her car.

"As you well know, I do come up with them on occasion, more often than not," Rick told her as they entered the vehicle and headed to his loft. "Do you want to have lunch before you head home?"

"Thanks, but I'll pick up something after I drop you off. When will you be at my place?"

Castle looked at his watch, seeing that it was going on 10:30 am. "I'd say an hour. We'll use my car service to take us to JFK."

"Sounds good," Kate replied as she pulled up to Castle's building. "See you in an hour."

Once he got inside, Rick made a call to his car service to arrange their transportation to the airport. He then fixed himself an overnight bag in the likelihood that they would be spending the night in Las Vegas before he fixed himself something to eat.

After finishing off a simple ham and Swiss cheese sandwich, Rick left a note for Alexis and his mother letting them know where he was going. When he completed the note, he was informed that the car was outside waiting for him. Picking up his bag and locking the door behind him, Rick met the car and headed over to Beckett's.

As luck would have it, Kate was just coming out of her building when Castle arrived.

"Your carriage awaits, Madame," Castle tells her with a flourish while holding the door open.

"Thanks," replied Kate as she smiled at Castle's antics.

Castle got back inside the car, and they made their way to the airport. Traffic was not too bad so they arrived at the airport before noon giving them plenty of time to make it through security to catch their flight.

"Where are our seats, Castle?" Kate asked once they boarded the plane.

"Follow me, Detective," Castle answered as they passed through the coach section.

"First class, really?"

"Why not, detective? It's nice to travel in style, so relax and enjoy the ride."

"You do know that we'll have to get a ticket for Jimmy when we bring him back and that at least one of us will have to sit with him."

"Already taken care of, Beckett," Castle told her as he patted the breast pocket of his sports jacket. "Got him a ticket for the return flight."

Before she could say anything, they were told to buckle up as they were about ready to take off.

"You know, if you want to hold my hand as we lift off, I wouldn't hold it against you," Castle said charmingly.

"That's all right, I think I can manage without that," Kate said with a small smile.

After Kate said that, the plane started down the runway. To Castle's surprise, Beckett reached out and held his hand. He could have made a smartass remark but kept quiet and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

It was several minutes later when Kate released Castle's hand, even though she did not really want to. That thought startled her a bit, but she never thought more of it. Feeling a little tired and knowing it would be a few hours before they'd reach Las Vegas, Kate shut her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.

A few minutes later, Rick felt something on his shoulder. What he saw brought a huge smile to his face noticing that Kate had her head on his shoulder fast asleep. Thinking that a nap was not a bad idea, he closed his eyes and fell asleep minutes later with his head falling right next to Kate's.

About four and a half hours later, their plane landed in Las Vegas. Picking up their bags did not take long. Castle asked his partner if they should go to the Mirage first to drop of their bags or go see the LVPD first. Beckett decided that they should probably go to the station first. Hailing a cab and then getting in, they were taken to their destination.

"Detective Beckett, Mr. Castle, nice to meet you," Captain Calhoun greeted the pair as they walked into the local police station.

After a round of shared pleasantries, the Captain led the duo down to the department's holding area where Jimmy Deluca was being held. It was not long before Jimmy noticed Castle and Beckett approaching his cell.

"Ricky, Detective Beckett, how's it goin'?" Jimmy asked in greeting.

Beckett quickly supplied an answer, "Would be going even better if we didn't have to come all the way out here to pick you up, Jimmy."

"You know, Jimmy, that you could've been put into protective custody until the trial is over," Castle added.

"I was just too afraid that Slick's boys would come after me, that's all," replied Jimmy.

"That's understandable but you have to trust us to keep you safe. You're an important witness and you can put Sloan away for a very long time. Without you, he can continue killing whomever he feels gets in his way. I don't think you want that," Beckett told Jimmy, reassuring the man.

"Yeah, I don't. So, when do we head on back to New York?"

Castle and Beckett turned to Calhoun who then provided all of them an answer as he addressed them, "The paperwork was drawn up this morning and can be processed now that you are here. I don't see any problem with you taking Mr. Deluca tomorrow morning."

With not much to do but wait until morning, Castle and Beckett took their leave and went to the Mirage. It did not take long to get to the hotel and not much longer to get to their room. Kate was impressed with the suite as she went to her own bedroom. It was at that time her cell phone rang.

Glancing at the ID, she answered swiftly, "Hey Lanie, what's up?"

"I got some bad news for you, girl. It's about your apartment," Lanie Parish said to her friend.

"Great, what is it?"

"From what I was told, a water pipe burst and completely flooded your place."

"Son of a…"

"If you want a silver lining in all of this, nothing important of yours was damaged by the water, but that doesn't mean some stuff wasn't."

"Lanie, I know this may be asking a lot but can you…"

"Already done, sweetie. I got some clothes and other things over at my place. Anything else you'll have to get when you come back. You'll have to get in touch with your super to find out more."

"Thanks, Lanie," Kate ended the call there and tossed her phone on the bed in frustration. "Damn it!"

"What's the matter, Kate?" Castle asked with concern as he appeared in the doorway.

"Lanie called to let me know about a water pipe bursting in my apartment. Won't find out how bad it is until I see my super. Lanie has some of my clothes at her place which gives me something to look forward to when we get back," Kate informed him.

"You know if you need a place to stay…"

"I… I'll let you know, Castle. Right now I just want to take my mind off it."

"You know we are in the right place to make one forget their troubles. What do you say, Beckett, are you game?"

Kate thought about it for a bit and decided that it would not be so bad. "All right Castle, you're on."

The following morning Kate was slowly waking up but feeling so comfortable, she did not want to. Moving a hand around, Kate realized that she was not touching the mattress but touching someone. Opening her eyes she saw who she had been sleeping with.

"Castle," she said surprisingly.

All the answer she got from the author was a little grumbling.

Kate then started pushing Castle by his shoulders in an attempt to wake him up when she noticed something on her left hand.

"Castle!" Kate exclaimed while smacking him awake.

"What's the matter?" Rick asked sleepily.

"What in the hell did we do last night?" Kate asked him while she held up her left hand to show him a gold band on her ring finger.

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