Chapter two - Bring Her Back to Life

Disclaimer: Mark Gordon's. Not mine. Never was, never will be. If it was, Kate Jackson would be reprising her role as Ambassador Prentiss.

Rated: G

Summary: Resurrection of Emily Prentiss – part two.

Spoilers: If you've seen season six, you're safe.

A/N: I wrote a draft of the actual story and sent it to lysachan, to see if it was worth finishing. Somehow, I don't know how, she convinced me to write an addition to it, one that I had had no intention of doing, but there we go. I swear to god, that woman could talk me into anything.

FBI's Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer Jareau sat in her car, muttering to herself and simply trying to remain calm, or to at least give the impression of looking calm. Why she had ever volunteered for this, she had no idea. If anyone knew how to handle Ambassador Prentiss it was Emily. But no, JJ had offered to help Emily in a difficult situation, and while she didn't regret that for a moment, she wasn't too keen on meeting the formidable woman.

Glancing at her wrist watch, JJ bit back a sigh. It was time. Taking one last look at the rearview mirror she mumbled, "Here we go."

Reaching the front door, she pressed the doorbell, and for the umpteenth time, she figured she should've planned what she would say after all. For days now, she'd been going back and forth between drafting a speech of some kind and thinking it was better to just let the conversation flow until the right moment came. Maybe she could try to construct some sort of last minute script in her head.

When the door opened, JJ could barely hide her surprise. She had expected an employee to appear, but instead, she was greeted by Elizabeth Prentiss herself. The woman was dressed as impeccably as ever, and JJ felt somewhat understated, even in her black pant suit. What was it about mothers that could make an experienced field agent feel like an eight-year-old? Shaking the thought away, JJ reminded herself of the reason for this meeting.

"Ambassador Pre-"

"I'm sorry agent Jareau, I have a surprise meeting and…"

"Ambassador, this is important," the agent insisted. Somehow thinking of Emily had given her more determination to deal with this woman. And she was here to deliver news, after all.

"Yes, I assumed as much, since you wanted to meet in person instead of having this conversation over the phone," the older woman allowed. "My guests are already here, so why don't we have a walk in the garden."

"All right," JJ agreed, though the Ambassador's words had sounded more of an order than a suggestion.

The two walked in silence for a short time until they reached a bench, overlooking the garden, leaving the massive house behind them. The Ambassador sat and gestured for the agent to follow suit, which she did. It was only then that JJ really noticed the woman's stiff posture and the way her face was devoid of all emotion. A wave of empathy swept over JJ as she realized the Emily's mother was bracing herself for more bad news. Knowing she had to break the news as soon as possible, JJ took a deep breath and collected her thoughts.

"As you know, when Emily left the BAU, she went to look for someone her previous team had captured -"

"Yes, I know this," the Ambassador interrupted at once. "Though I still do not understand why you refuse to tell me more about them. I could –"

Now it was JJ's turn to interrupt. "Ma'am, as much as you want to help, it is for your own protection that we can not let you know. Emily left the team to protect them. To protect us all. Had we gotten you involved as well, what she did would have been for nothing."

Elizabeth closed her eyes. They'd had this conversation before. She'd had it with Agent Hotchner and Section Chief Strauss as well, and it was all for nothing. None of them would give her any information and it infuriated her. She refused to think what else it made her feel. "But now you have something?"

"Yes," JJ swallowed and forced herself to look at the Ambassador. The woman might refuse to face her, but JJ would be damned if she told the woman the news without looking at her. She'd been one of the few people who had known the truth all along and the very least she owed her, was to own up to part of the pain the lie had brought. It didn't matter that it had been orders she had followed, or that it had been for the greater good, JJ still felt guilty. Now trying to find the right words to reveal the truth, JJ's eyes strayed behind the Ambassador. There, about ten yards away, a familiar figure stood in the shadows of an old oak tree.

"The man… the man was called Patrick Doyle," the agent divulged, once again focusing on the woman next to her.


"Yes, ma'am." JJ waited for the rest of the words to sink in.

"You said 'was'," Elizabeth said. "He is dead?"

"Yes," the younger woman replied, not caring to keep the relief from her voice. "One of our agents went deep undercover to track him."

"And he succeeded."

JJ smiled at the Ambassador's assumption. "She did."

"A woman. You sent another woman knowing what he was capable of doing?"

"She volunteered," JJ explained. "Also, she had much more knowledge about him than any other agent. Catching him would have taken considerably longer, if it had been managed at all. She was our best asset."

"I would like to thank her, this agent of yours. Can you arrange it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Is she part of your team? What's her name?"

Suddenly JJ's mouth felt parched. It was good news, so why did she feel like she was about to pass out. She glanced at the figure now coming out of the shadows.

As JJ's answer wasn't forthcoming, the Ambassador finally looked at the agent for the first time since they'd sat down. When she noticed the woman staring at something past her shoulder, Elizabeth turned. There was an audible gasp as she recognized Emily. The older woman stood slowly, but she was shaking and JJ stretched out a hand, almost but not quite touching her, ready to support her should she need it.

Emily finally reached them, uncertainty coming from her in waves. She was fighting against tears, a battle which JJ had already lost.

"Hello, Mother."

The end. The real end. No sequels.