He couldn't help but notice how he was changing. Even the robe felt too tight, especially in his arms. Most days he just didn't wear it. He felt as if he went days without leaving the bed. It was only with Madara's help that he was reminded to take a shower. The headaches, once weekly occurrences, came every day. Madara told him it was because he was hungry. But all he did was sleep, his waking minutes consumed with gorging on the different treats Madara brought him. The very thought of a bowl of noodles made him feel sick. But when Madara put a bowl in front of him, he couldn't resist. It was only after that he realized how much he had eaten, how full he felt. But Madara, petting his stomach, would tell him it was all alright. He would be fine.

He stared at the ceiling from his bed, his hands resting on his now large belly that rose out from his like a small hill. It was very soft, but much bigger than it had been not long before. He didn't like looking at it, really. But Madara, whenever he came, would always rub it, always very soft. He wished he had a mirror, but whenever he brought it up, Madara would very quickly tell him that it was too expensive. He knew Madara would be there soon, to feed him, to remind him to shower. It was all very routine. He scanned the room for the robe, slightly surprised when he saw that it wasn't folded neatly on his night stand as it usually was. He pulled himself from the bed, which seemed to be becoming increasingly difficult, frowning when he saw that the robe was definitely missing from the room. He checked every crevice of the room, under the stands, around the bed, and then-

The purple light of the collar lit up bright. He stopped. The robe…Did he have a robe? It…why had he gotten up? He patted his stomach as it rumbled in anticipation for its next meal.


In the two months Sasuke had been with him, he had managed to gain over 80 kilograms. Madara was quite with the boy's new physique. He had developed a fine double chin, a good amount of baby fat around the face. His belly was perfect and round, soft to the touch. His was happy that Sasuke thought nothing of him rubbing it whenever he had the chance. The only problem area was the boy's rear-end. It seemed much smaller compared to the rest of him. But, that was relatively easy to fix with a small change to the noodles.

Madara sighed as he added another bit of powder to the broth. He could not help but think of Izuna. Izuna who had always stayed so thin, who had never known what his brother has really wanted, who had left him. But Sasuke, now confined to that bed, would never leave him. He would stay. He gave him everything a person could want. Comfort, good food, affection. All he asked in return, he added a little more of the powder to the broth, just to be safe, was not to be left alone. And Sasuke, who he kept peaceful and sedated, would not be leaving him anytime soon.

He stood back from small stove to check one of the charts that hung nearby. It was a calendar, with all of Sasuke's meals and times of sleep, when he bathed. Today he had removed the robe and erased Sasuke memory of it. The collar really was a wonderful invention. Today was also a bath day for Sasuke. He couldn't but grin at that.


Madara was sure to keep the yellow, red, and green squares of the collar lit up through-out the feeding. Sasuke did not ask him about the new taste of the noodles; all that mattered, Madara decided for him, was to fill up the longing that would not leave. Sasuke barely noticed that the bowl seemed much bigger than it usually did, though this was forgotten during the course of the feeding. But he did notice how the man gently rubbed his naked stomach through the meal, except, of course, when it got in the way of Sasuke's eating.

But then he was done and the now familiar wave of nausea hit him. He somewhat regretted not sitting on the side of the bed as he usually did when he ate, but Madara had insisted that he stay where he.

"You look very well today," the mask hid the smile that he could barely contain on his face. He rubbed a little harder as he felt the food slide into its place. He slid the blanket that covered Sasuke chest down to his hips. The belly had made its way onto his legs, hiding from view his genitals. Madara, enthralled by the bare flesh, kept rubbing as Sasuke attempted to find a more comfortable position.


"Yes, do you feel well?" his eye was trained on the mound of flesh that slid and moved with his hand.

"My headaches are worse," he crossed his arms over his chest, careful not to get into Madara's way of his stomach.

"You overexert yourself. You are still very sick. You must stay in bed as much as you can."

"But all I do is sleep. I always feel tired."

He did not see the twinkle in the man's good eye. "You do tend to take very long, hot showers, you know. That could very well be the reason."

"What do you mean?" Madara's eye never left his stomach. "I hardly ever move from this spot."

"Except to shower." He looked up to see the purple square light up, the boy's eyes grow dull. "About the shower," he said slowly. "Tell me about your showers, Sasuke?"

"My showers…?" his voice was flat, his eyes glassy and wide.

"Yes, about bathing, leaving this bed to bath," it was a little ahead of schedule, but, "and your other toilet activities?"

"I-I…" He hid his head in his hands, a shudder rising from his chest. He did need a shower…h-he wanted a shower, but…

"You're beginning to smell, you know that?" Madara allowed his voice to become edged, just a little. It brought the boy back a little as the purple square faded. He had not intended for this to turn into one of their sessions, but a surprise was just what the boy needed.


Sasuke did not say a word as Madara washed him with the clothes and towels. He barely had to move; he just lay in his bed and allowed Madara to do all of the hard work. He did have to roll onto his stomach once or twice, but other than that, he just laid still. Madara had told him he had smelled that; it was time for his bath. He didn't know what the word meant until Madara came back with the towels and buckets of water. But it did feel good. It was like a massage. He did not notice the yellow square on the collar.


By the end of the third month, Madara's plan was ahead of schedule. Every day he would bath the boy. Just to be sure, he had even started having him where diapers. Every calorie, he decided, counted. Sasuke had asked for a book one day, but Madara quickly dismissed the idea. To make sure, Sasuke no longer knew how to read. He no longer knew what books even were.

By the end of the third month, Sasuke was well above 160 kilograms. Madara was happy to see that the added hormones were also doing their trick. All Sasuke could do was go along with it; he slept, he ate, he was bathed and changed. He slept, he ate, and he was bathed and changed. He could barely even sit up in the bed, sometimes even needing Madara help just to get to the food. Madara was also delighted see how well developed his hips and buttocks were becoming, especially it did not seem to take any away from his ever growing belly.

Sasuke barely spoke anymore. He would wake up just long enough eat the meal Madara gave him; his bathings were done in a half-sleep state. But this did not bother Madara. It gave him the silence that allowed him to hear the new sounds Sasuke's body made. But his favorite part was yet to come.

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