It was the four of us walking through the wyldwood, Megan, ice-boy, the cat and I, when Ash suddenly stopped, the hand that held Megan's stopping her as well. He pulled, drawing her too his chest. It took all my willpower not to rip her out of grasp. Since when was she his to touch?

"Something's coming," Grimalkin hissed, then, per usual, disappeared.

"Get ready to fight, Goodfellow," ice-boy addressed me.

"How are you going to fight holding her?" I remarked, gesturing towards Megan.

The Winter prince hesitated for a second, then released her. "Get behind that tree over there. Don't let anyone see you, okay?" he said to her softly.

Megan nodded mutely and did as he said, but I could see the fear in her eyes. How I wanted to be the one to comfort her, instead of the prince.

"We'll be okay Megan," I said, keeping a smile on my face for her benefit. Not that I was really concerned about me or ice-boy getting hurt. We were two of the best fighters, powerful glamour-wise too. It was Megan's well-being I was more concerned of. I went back to back with Ash, my dagger in my hand, my fighting partner's sword throwing off an icy aura in his. I was ready.

Then they broke through the trees.

Iron fey. A lot of them. I locked eyes with Ash. I could see he was thinking the same thing as me: could we beat them? He gave a minuscule nod. We're going to have to try it said, and I nodded back, agreeing with him. Then I leapt into battle.

They were vaguely humanoid things, but their bodies and faces so twisted that you could barely tell. Their limbs were connected with gold wire. I shuddered internally, but kept fighting, taking down one after another. They were just beginning to thin out when I heard a high pitched scream behind me. I whirled around and saw Megan being held by the hair by one of the grotesque fey. I raced over to her, leaving ice-boy to fend for himself. Nothing was going to happen to Megan. Not while I was around.

I got there as quickly as possible, but it was to late. When I was just a few feet away, I heard another scream, this one of pain instead of fear. Looking at Megan, I saw red blossoming in her side, over her right hip. With a cry of rage, I finally succeeded getting to her, killing the faery that had done this to her in the process. Ash was beside me in a second, all the Iron fey finally dead at our feet.

Seeing Megan's wound, he said "We need to get you to a healer. We can bandage it, but it needs professional help." I could see pain barely concealed in his eyes. He was just as tortured about this as I was. He locked eyes with me again, and I could tell once again we were on the same page. There was no one around here to go to.

Then I had a thought. Would they still be there, though? Would they let me in, help me, or would they hate me for abandoning them all those years ago? And Sabrina? What would she think?

"You know someone who can help." Ash stated "Who is it? It doesn't even matter, we need to get there now." he had already stood up, picking up Megan in his arms, careful not to jostle her too much.

"I'm not sure they'll help us, or that they are even still there, but… the trod is close by and we have a chance."

"Let's go," the prince said without hesitation. "We have to take the chance,"

I nodded I began walking quickly in the direction of the trod. He followed, Megan in his arms. Only a few minutes later, we stepped through the trod. In front of us stood a huge house. I walked briskly up to the door, Ash silent behind me.

I knocked and heard footsteps. A few seconds later, the door opened, showing a pretty blonde woman, who looked about twenty-five or so. Her blue eyes met mine and I saw a spark of recognition flicker through them.

"Puck?" she asked softly, her voice shaking.

"Sabrina?" I asked at the same time.

Then her eyes became conflicted and she slammed the door in my face. I sighed. I hated feeling like this, for messing up, for promising her things and breaking those promises. But I hadn't had a choice in the matter.

"Hurry up Goodfellow, she needs help soon." Ash growled, but I could hear the pain in his voice.

So I sucked it up and knocked again. She answered immediately, saying angrily "Want do you want, fairy-boy?"

"Is Relda here? I have a…friend and she's hurt really badly. We need help," I asked.

"Asked someone else for help," She snapped and moved to shut the door in my face. I stopped it and said softly

"Please, Sabrina, please. I know you don't like me, but… please,"

She hesitated, but something in my voice must have convinced her, because she held the door open, letting Ash, Megan and I enter.

"Granny!" Sabrina called in the direction of what I remembered was the kitchen. The old lady came bustling in, still holding a plate in one hand and a dishtowel in the other.

"Yes, lieblin- Puck?" She was so startled she almost dropped the plate, but caught it at the last second. "What are you doing here?" then she saw Megan, limp and pale in the prince's arms and went into commander mode. "Lay her out there, boy," she said to Ash, pointing to the couch. I almost laughed at ice-boy being called boy by her, considering he was much older than her. "Sabrina, get my first-aid kit, you know where it is. Puck, get some water and a dishtowel. And I am going to need a full explanation of where you've been all this time once I've finished patching this girl up." she locked her gaze with mine and it was steely. I winced at the thought of having to explain, then went and did as she asked.

I returned the same time as Sabrina and handed my supplies to Relda. She took them and lifted Megan's shirt beginning to clean the wound. I was going to stay and help, but then I saw a flash of blond and saw Sabrina walking out of the room, the door to outside slamming a moment later.

I was stuck between staying with Megan and going after Sabrina. Then the old lady spoke.

"She hasn't been the same after you left," she said, and I knew she was talking about Sabrina. "If you have any hope of patching things up with her, I suggest you go now. If not, well, then you can stay right here and tell me why you broke one of the rules we agreed upon bringing with you two other faeries, Unseelie nonetheless." Her eyes nor her hands left Megan's wound while she said this "And the boy who you told me wanted to kill you and the girl that you told me was the reason he wanted to kill you, because you killed her," The prince and I winced at the same time, and I took what I thought was the easy way out, leaving ice-boy to explain: I went after Sabrina.