"Oh you should've seen their faces! I almost wish you hadn't called and bailed me out, I would have loved to see that vein in Mr. Newton's head pop!"

The relief I felt when I made it to my truck was short lived as all the stress of finals weighed in on me. For today, I'm done, but tomorrow is a whole other story! Four finals! In ONE day! Is that even possible?

Suffice to say, I had a lot on my mind that needed venting.

"I wish I could've been there Bells! I hope you really stuck it to them." She laughed into that phone. Well, I say laughed, but when it comes to Rose, it's more of a giggle snort.

God help the man that falls in love with her.

"Oh trust me, I stuck it real good! Ha ha, well I'm at the gym now, I'll call you later. Pizza okay?"

"Sure, see ya Bells!"

With that, I put my phone away and got out of my car.


Get Fit! gym shall be closed from 10-26-11 to 2-24-12 due to renovations. We are sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to see you once we're reopened. Thank you.

What the hell? Closed? Now what am I supposed to do?


Pulling my phone out of my gym bag I dialed his number. It's been a few months since we last talked. It's still awkward with him but I need a place to work out, and he was my only other option besides finding a new gym and going through the membership process all over again.

He picked up on the third ring.

"Bella? Is something wrong?"

"No nothing is wrong, Dad, I just need a favor."

"Anything for you sweetheart, what is it?"

" Well it seems my gym will be closed for the next few months and you know how much I need my gym time, so can I come workout at yours?"

"Well that depends, do you promise to keep your fists to yourself this time, and not punch Jacob again?"

No. "Yes."

"And your knees?"

Definitely no. "Yes, as long as you promise to keep that pompous ass away from me, in fact, don't even tell him I'll be there, please." I tried my best to emphasize that please, I have enough problems without having Jake around.

"Bells, if you just gave him a chance, you'd really like him."

Sigh. "Look, Dad, can I come over or not? I've got other problems to work out besides you trying to set me up with your best friend's son."

"Sure Bells, but please, give him a chance? He's really changed, I promise. I'll see you soon?"

"Yeah sure dad, see ya."

There is no way in hell that I would every give Jacob Black a chance. No way Jose, mama don't roll with the big dogs like that.

Jake and I grew up together, and for awhile, I thought he was my best friend. Our dads were real close, our moms were even closer, so it was only natural that we were too.

He was sixteen when his mom died, I was seventeen. The closest thing to a lost that I ever had was when my goldfish died when I was six, so I had no idea how to help my friend.

At least I tried.

He gave up and shut everyone out, including me. I could slightly understand that he needed space, but when he emerged through those double doors a week later all bad-boy-buff, I was not having it.

He was a complete jerk to everyone, especially women. Poor Lauren…

I called him out on it, gave it to him gently. I didn't sugarcoat anything, because friends don't do that.

He called me a jealous bitch and tried to cop a feel.

Safe to say, that was the first time Charlie's pepper spray ever came in handy.

I chuckled to myself as I approached my car, there were only a few others in the parking lot besides mine , of which I suppose would leave soon considering the gym was closed.

That was when I really started hanging out with Alice, who never approved of Jake and I's friendship, so things actually looked good for awhile. Edward was off in college and I could really focus on school.

That's how I was able to go to college with Alice, getting scholarships can be such a problem. Granted, I wasn't far from home, but I wasn't attending crap community college, so that was a plus.

One more year and then…


My keys, my lovely keys with a cute blue paint job, a tiny Adipose keychain, and a mini can of pepper spray (courtesy of Charlie), were not in my gym bag.

They were not in my pocket.

They were not in my hands.

And they were most definitely not on the ground in front of my truck, or anywhere else in the surrounding area.

No. In fact, they were in the ignition of my locked car!

"Need some help?" Oh no…

So this is my most yet. I couldn't help it! Once I had it all down I sent it in, but then, while at school I realized that I wasn't happy with it so…here. I hope who ever is reading this enjoyed it 'cuz I know the ratio of feedback to visitors, has some major differences. But I digress, I'm happy with what I got, including my amazing beta! She's why I wrote so much this time, I am uber lucky!