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"You never called me back." The mock hurt in her voice was almost distraction enough from my situation.

I shrugged.

"I was busy." I said with a wink and a touch of indifference.

"Did our night together mean nothing to you?" Goddamn those blue eyes, she really knew how to use them.

"Oh it meant everything to me baby…What was your name again though? Alison? Annie?" I couldn't look her in the eye, this was just too much. My acting skills were definitely failing me now.

"I'm hurt Bella! How could you forget your best friend's name? To think, after all I've done for you!"

That ended the joke, and I was just about to pull out the big guns too!

You mean your water pistol? Not much of a gun.

Shut up you.

You mean you.

Damn my inner ramblings.

"What are you even doing here Alice? Shouldn't you be scoping out Mr. Cowboy Hunk at that damn park you told me about?"

For the past few weeks, Alice has been visiting the park near our apartment to check out our new neighbor, a Mr. J. Whitlock. He apparently went there to walk his dog, a huge German Sheppard named Elly. As in E Lee. As in Robert E. Lee.

Yeah, the boy's got a thing for history.

He couldn't name her Robert, because she's a girl. That and "Roberta" is a weird name for a dog.

I've talked to him once, the day he moved in, he's got this amazing southern drawl. I think that's the reason Alice likes him, because its for damn sure not because he has a dog. She hates dogs, with a passion.

Not to mention he's really cute. We're talking "Edward-almost-has-competition" cute.

As if.

Oh shut up.

"It's Monday, he only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Shouldn't you be in class?" Her smirk told me she knew the answer to that.

"The class and I had a little misunderstanding, so I called- well more like texted- for back up. Reinforcements called right as I was about to give my report and wouldn't you know? My dog was in the hospital! Or was it my cat? Maybe my house was on fire…

But that's besides the point, the cavalry (read: tears) got me out of class and I came here to let off some steam. No biggie."

I knew that look. The one of total exasperation, the one that said "Really? Again with this you twit? What will I ever do with you? I'm just going to tell your mother."

Okay, well maybe it didn't say all of that, but I knew that, that's what she was thinking.

"I'm telling your mom." Told you so.

"Ali, do we really have to drag my mom into this? What she doesn't know won't hurt her right?"

The last time we told my mom, I ended up in the hospital.

You heard me, the HOSPITAL. Granted, it's because in my haste to get away from her fury, I tripped off a curb and broke my arm.

The point still stands though.

Not. A. Good. Idea. Period.

"Yes we do! You can't keep doing this and you know that!"

"How about I buy you another pair of shoes? I know you were eyein' those mary janes at the mall last weekend.." If anything could persuade Alice into doing anything, it was shoes. Or clothes. Or shopping trips.

The chick was crazy I'm telling ya.

She looked torn, but I knew she would cave, so I continued.

"After I go to my dad's gym for a few hours, I'll go buy them for you I swear, and I'll get them in red, just 'cause I love you. Of course, I've got to get into my truck first."

With a resigned huff, she started digging into her purse. "Would these help?"

Oh my giddy aunt!

There in her hands were my car keys. Obviously a spare set, but mine nonetheless.

I've never seen such a beautiful sight…

Except for the time at Alice's barbeque pool party for her seventeenth… Edward only in swim trunks…


"I knew there was a reason I kept you around!" I said hoping it came out teasingly, I didn't want her to notice how suddenly flush I felt.

"Yeah, well I'll see you back at the apartment and you better have those shoes! Don't forget I have your mom on speed dial! Good luck at the gym."

And with that, she was gone, off to her pretty pink Porsche.

Like I said, crazy.

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