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Two weeks later:

Two weeks. James and Carlos had only been together for two weeks, and were already falling hard and fast for each other. Most of the people at the Palm Woods were accepting of the situation, save a few of the adults. Gustavo had taken it better than any of the four boys could have guessed; his reaction could even have been described as excited. He had started babbling about "publicity gold." Kelly had hugged the young couple and congratulated them.

Carlos was ecstatic. He felt like he was in heaven every day. The first day, after everyone had gotten over the shock, he and James had just hung around the apartment, holding hands, snuggling, and occasionally kissing. He had his first thirty-six kisses in one day. How lucky was he? James had been extremely willing and open about how he felt. He hadn't looked at Carlos in that way, but he did as soon as he made Carlos his boyfriend. He started noticing how beautiful his chocolate brown eyes are, how he wore shirts that showed off his developing muscles, how he always kept his stuff neat and organized because he was terrified of losing things. All this little things that made up Carlos, James really started to pay attention to...and he liked them. Mrs. Knight was a little reluctant to have them share a room, seeing as they were together, but she relented eventually. They couldn't have been happier. On the first night, Carlos had asked James to sleep in his bed with him. James did something even better. He pushed their two beds together, giving them a bed just smaller than a queen size. Carlos had spent the whole night wrapped protectively in James' arms, breathing in the scent of lavender, moss, and James' natural, delicious scent. It was his favorite night in his life so far."Hey, Carlitos? What do you want to do today?" James propped himself up on one elbow, looking down at Carlos' bare chest. They both slept in only leaned his head back into his pillow.

"I don't know…what time do we have to be at the studio?"

"Eleven," James replied, swooping down and kissing Carlos' cheek. "It's eight now."

"Getting dressed is generally a good way to start a day," Carlos said.

"Generally. Do you want first shower?"

"I'm being offered up first shower by the all-powerful James Diamond?" Carlos gasped, feigning shock.

"As long as there's still hot water when you're done," James said, rolling his eyes. Carlos smirked and pushed himself up on his elbows. He pressed a chaste kiss to his boyfriend's lips before he slid out of bed.

"No promises," he said as he left the room. James got up and stretched. He tugged on a white wife-beater and walked over to his laptop to check the weather. Upon discovering it was going to be rainy, muggy, and cold the entire day; he shut the laptop and walked over to the dresser. He pulled out a pair of black sweatpants, one of his many white v-necks, and a royal blue hoodie and rested them on the bed.

Just as James finished laying the clothes out on his bed, he heard the bathroom door open and close. It always shocked him that someone was fine with just taking a shower and drying off, and not styling up. Carlos came in the room, wrapped only in a white-cotton towel. James looked over his growing muscles hungrily, wanting to see more. What could he say? Carlos was hot.

"Hey, Jaime, what should I wear?" James smiled gently, loving to hear Carlos' Spanish nickname for him.

"Well, what you have on right now is fine." Carlos' blush put tomatoes to shame."James, please, be serious. I want to look nice for you. Don't make fun of me." James was taken aback. Carlos wanted to dress specifically for him? Knowing that his adorable little boyfriend was so caring and practically naked created quite the...problem, in James' pants. He cleared his throat and turned away slightly to hide it.

"Umm, well, it'll be cold and rainy all day, so you might as well bum it up today." Carlos nodded his head, walking over to his dresser. Unfortunately for James, he had noticed his little problem, and intended teasing him about it...in a not so G rated way. While Carlos was getting dressed, James attempted to escape to the bathroom, only to be stopped by fingers grabbing his shirt.

"You've got a little problem there, eh James?"

James turned around and looked down at Carlos.

"Yep. And it's all your fault," he said, poking Carlos' still shirtless chest. He didn't want to start anything; this was Carlos' first real relationship, and he didn't want to go too fast and end up hurting him. Carlos however, had a different idea in mind. He kissed James softly, and brushed his fingers against the sensitive bulge in the older boy's pants. That was all he needed.

James' hormones took over as he kissed Carlos harder and nipped affectionately at his lips. Carlos pulled back and began kissing James' collarbone. The smaller could feel blood rushing to his groin, as could his partner. James reconnected their lips and began palming his lover. He moaned at the pressure and started jerking his hips into James' hand.

However, James stopped when Carlos went for his boxers. He took a step backwards and looked at Carlos.

"What?" Carlos asked, slightly out of breath.

"I don't want to hurt you; we're barely two weeks into this, we both know we're not ready," James said, licking his bruised lips.

"I know. I'm sorry. I only meant to tease you a little, but then you kissed me harder, and-" Carlos was cut off by a chaste kiss from James.

"There's nothing to apologize for. You finish getting dressed, I'll get cleaned up. Meet you out there for breakfast." James kissed Carlos one last time before gathering up his clothes and going to the bathroom, problem still evident. 'Great, now I have to take a cold shower. NOT good for my scalp!'

Carlos stood in the middle of the room, panting slightly. He had almost made a big mistake. It wasn't that he didn't love James, he just knew they were both still virgins, and that they weren't ready for the next level in their relationship. He slowly pulled on an orange-sleeved, red shirt and straightened out his black sweat pants. Pulling on some black ankle socks and his favorite converse, he sat on his bed.'Why did I do that? Why couldn't I just let him take his shower?' He didn't realize it, but he sat there, lost in his thoughts, until James came back in, fully dressed and ready for the day.

"Carlos? Babe, why didn't you go get breakfast? Are you still freaked over what happened?" Carlos' blush was answer enough. "Look, Carlos, it's fine. We were able to stop before anything happened, and we're teenagers, we're just impulsive like that. Nothing to worry about." Carlos still looked downtrodden. James knew he should change the subject. He asked the first question that popped into his head. "When did you last shave?" Carlos chuckled.

"I forgot that I never told any of you guys. I never shave. Ever. Not my face, my legs, my chest, anything. I just don't grow any hair there. Besides my head, the only spot is...that area." Carlos blushed, wondering if James thought that was weird.

"Baby-soft skin 24/7? I could get used to that," James said, smirking.

"Not weird at all?" Carlos asked.

"Nope. Now come on, I'm hungry." James extended his right hand and waggled the fingers. Carlos stood up and took his hand. They walked quietly down to the kitchen, careful not to step on the squeaky part of the floor. If Kendall was woken up before he had to, on a workday, it would be regretted. They walked into the kitchen, just in time to see Mama Knight walking out the door.

"There are waffles in the freezer," she said, slamming the door behind her.

"What's the matter with her?" Carlos looked up at his boyfriend, curiosity evident in his eyes.

"She's just a little worried that you guys were up to something...carnal. You were upstairs for quite a while after the shower turned off." Logan answered from the couch. "Did you do anything?" They shook their heads, Carlos hanging his head in shame. James squeezed his hand in reassurance. "Good. Hey, listen to this! According to recent studies, in certain males, a new chromosome has been found that enables-" Logan suddenly had his Doctors Weekly magazine ripped from his hands. Looking up, he saw Katie.

"Yeah, I don't think anyone besides you cares about that." Katie rolled up the magazine before she threw it up onto the balcony. Logan scrambled up the slide to get it.

"Jaime, make the waffles, tengo hambre!" Carlos whined, adding in the Spanish for good measure. James just laughed before he went over to the freezer to grab said breakfast items.

"That enables them to bear children," Logan continued from his safe spot on the balcony. "It's actually a really interesting and complicated process..."

Everyone tuned Logan out while he began explaining the process. James dropped a plate of Eggo waffles in front of Carlos and sat down next to him with his own plate of waffles.

"How long before you think he'll figure out no one's listening?" James asked.

"Dunno," Carlos replied, shrugging. However, his attention zapped back to Logan when he began listing signs of the chromosome.

"Signs of the V chromosome are: Little to no hair in areas besides head and genitalia, a smaller build, and, with they way the chromosome is formed, an interest in both male and females," Logan said. Carlos and James stared at each other, having an unspoken agreement.

"Erm…Logan, how do you know if you have the what's-it-thingy?" Carlos asked, crunching a piece of burnt waffle between his fingers.

"According to this, you can just go to your doctor and get a blood test…Why?"

"No reason," Carlos said.

Logan squinted his eyes in suspicion. Why would Carlos only pay attention after he mentioned the signs...unless?

"Carlos? You don't think...that you have it do you?" Carlos did a spit take of the orange juice he had just started drinking out of the carton, soaking the inside of the refrigerator.

"What? Why- why would you think that I thought that?" Carlos started trailing off near the end, doing anything but meeting Logan's eyes.

"Carlos, if there's even a slight possibility that you might have it, you may want to talk to your doctor. This is important. Please, you match most of the signs, as far as we know, but the article says there are more to check for. If you don't schedule an appointment, I will." Carlos sighed in defeat.

"Fine...but James is coming with me!" Carlos turned around and firmly grasped James' muscular arms.

"I wouldn't have let you go without me, novio." James reassured Carlos with a smile and a gentle kiss. Logan shuddered slightly.

"I don't care that you guys are bi, but I don't know if I'll ever get used to seeing my best friends kiss...blegh!" They all laughed, Katie just rolling her eyes before heading to her room.

"Hey, I just realized, where the heck is Kendall?" James looked around, wondering what their unofficial leader could be doing.

"Sleeping most likely," Logan said, leaning against the counter. "If you leave for the doctor now, you can probably just get an appointment as a walk-in."

"He's not going to leave me alone until I go, is he?" Carlos said, leaning his head back to look at James.

"Probably not," James agreed. He wrapped his arms around Carlos and pulled him against his front.

"So that means we should go," Carlos said, squirming away. Being that close to James was the last thing he wanted after the mornings events. James just sighed, knowing why Carlos was uncomfortable with the contact. He grabbed their coats, watching as Carlos grabbed the rest of his waffle off his plate. He handed Carlos his coat, pulling his own on, and led the way out of the Palm Woods. As they walked towards the doctor's office, which was only a few blocks away, James noticed Carlos was unusually quiet.

"Hey, babe, you okay? I'll still be your boyfriend even if you have the V-chromosome. It's not like you're any less of a man. If anything, you're even more of one!" James grabbed Carlos' hand, squeezing it.

"James...if I do have it...we'll always have to use protection. I mean, if I don't, we're each other's first times, so it wouldn't matter, but if I do...that risk will always be there. We'll always have to hold back some...it's not fair." Carlos started tearing up, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Carlitos...look, I don't care if you have it. You're still you! And, my guess is, as men, we always produce more and more sperm, it would work the same way with your...ovum? I don't know. If you do have it, we'll be able to have our own children! We can keep having them even when we get a little older! And, if you don't want to use protection...we are both guys, so we could...switch positions. I wouldn't mind whether I'm the top or the bottom. As long as it's with you. I...I think I love you, Carlos."

"You…you love…me?" Carlos asked, his voice cracking. James nodded and kissed the stray tears off Carlos' cheeks before pulling him into a hug.

"I-I love you too James," Carlos whispered. James looked down at him, and, not caring about the scattered people walking around them or the possibility of paparazzi, he kissed Carlos. It was a gentle kiss, but full of love and passion. When they heard cameras flashing, they separated quickly. James slid a protective arm around Carlos and flipped the paparazzi the bird. Carlos smirked and leaned into James.

"I'll bet you five bucks we'll make the front page of some magazine," Carlos said. "Either us kissing, or you flipping them off."

"Let's go with us kissing, we might as well give them a show," James teased as they walked into the office.

As Logan had predicted, it was empty. Carlos walked up to the front desk, and requested the testing for the V-chromosome. The receptionist noticed James and smiled softly.

"I just need you to fill out these forms. Instead of your usual doctor, we have an OB/GYN in the office that will do the testing for you and answer any questions you have," she said, handing them a clipboard and a pen. Carlos took the clipboard and walked over to a seat. James sat next to him in the hard, plastic chairs and looked down at the clipboard as Carlos began filling out the necessary information.

"Can I help you?" Carlos asked, quirking an eyebrow at James.

"Just memorizing your information. Carry on," he replied, waving a hand at the sheet of paper. Carlos rolled his eyes and filled out the rest of the form, handing it to the receptionist when he was done.

"You can go straight back to room 207, a nurse tech will be in with your shortly," she said, pointing down a hallway. Carlos and James made their way back to the room, James sitting in a chair, Carlos on the patient table. After a few minutes, a nurse came back, checking Carlos' vitals and asking for any allergies. James was about to answer that Carlos didn't have any, when Carlos spoke up."Actually, I'm allergic to morphine. I found that out when I went to the hospital for my appendectomy last year." James was shocked. If Carlos was allergic to morphine, childbirth was going to hurt like a mother-shucker. The nurse thanked them and told them the OB/GYN would be in soon.

"Hey, are you nervous? You know I'll be here for you, right? No matter what." James reached over and took hold of Carlos' hand.

"Gracias, Jaime. Te amo." Carlos knew James understood. He took Spanish all through middle school, and was still taking it.

"I love you too, Carlitos." He leaned in and kissed Carlos just as the door opened.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

Standing in the doorway, was the OB/GYN. The first thing any logical human being would notice about her, after she had spoke, was her English accent. The next thing, would be her unusually young appearance for someone in her profession. She had short blonde hair that was tied into a ponytail a top her head, hazel eyes, and thick eyelashes. Her skin was quite pale, odd for someone living in California, with a dash of freckles over her nose.

"No," James said.

"Good to know. Now…Carlos, are you afraid of needles or large amounts of blood being removed from your system?" she asked as she began laying out not one, but three needles.

"Not afraid of needles and I've never had more than one blood test done at once," Carlos replied. James avoided looking at the needles and instead looked down at his feet.

"Alright then, very good. I'm Doctor Murphy by the way," she said as she set the tray of needles down next to Carlos.

"Nice to meet you," Carlos said quietly.

"Likewise. Now, would you like me to do your arms simultaneously, or one at a time?" she asked as she doused a cotton ball in iodine.

"Same time please," Carlos replied. Then, noticing James panicked expression, took his hand. "I'm the one getting stuck," he whispered.

Dr. Murphy swabbed both of his upper arms, took the needles, and stabbed them into his flesh. He yelped and watched the blood being removed from his right arm. In a few seconds, both needles were out, and band-aids were being slapped onto his arms.

"Next, I'm going to need you to lie down. Blood needs to be drawn from several areas to ensure proper scanning," she said as she prepared another cotton ball. Carlos did as she asked, and kept his head near James.

"This one hurts a bit more than the first two, because it goes into the hip. I'm going to talk, to keep your mind off of it, okay?" asked the doctor as she pulled up the left side of his shirt and pulled the left side of his pants down slightly so that she could access said body part.

"Okay," Carlos said. "Could you answer a question?"

"Yes," she said.

"You look really young to be and OB/GYN."

"Not exactly a question, but I understand what you're asking. I was home-schooled most of my life, and I finished high school early," she began as she swabbed Carlos' hip and pulled the cap off the needle. "When I was 16, I began college courses, got into a nursing college when I was 17, finished college at 21, and have been doing this for four years."

The second she finished the sentence, she jabbed the needle into his hip.

"OWWWW!" Carlos screamed, grabbing onto James' hand and squeezing it in a vice-grip. "It hurts! Make it stop!" Carlos had a few tears rolling down his cheeks.

"I'm so sorry, just a few more seconds! Almooost- there! All done." Dr. Murphy slowly pulled out the needle, placing it with the others on the tray. "Now, I'll be right back. The blood scan takes about an hour, so when I get back, you can ask questions about the V-chromosome, if you have any." She got up, taking the tray of needles with her, and left the room. Carlos slowly let go of James' now bruised hand.

"Sorry, James."

"It's okay, babe." James discretely rubbed his hand, trying to ease the pain. "So, what questions should we ask her?"

"Well, Logan said there were a few more signs of having it, besides the one listed in the magazine. We should ask about those, first." James nodded.

"I'll always be here for you, V-chromosome or not. I love you Carlos."

"I love you too, Jamie." They leaned in for a kiss, gentle, but passionate, just as Dr. Murphy walked back in the door.

"If I'm going to be your OB/GYN, we need to avoid making a habit of me walking in while you're kissing." She crossed her arms in a mock scolding way, and the boys just blushed, Carlos rubbing the back of his head. She smirked and sat down on her stool.


"Yeah…Um, what are signs of the chromosome?" Carlos asked.

"Well, it varies from male to male, but a few of the major clues are things like inability to grow hair other than pubic and head hair, they generally have a slightly smaller build, and, one that not many people know about, is hyperactivity. Ehm…they're usually gay or bisexual, that depends on how dominant the Y chromosome is. I'm going to assume all of these fit you from the horrified expression on your faces," she said, looking between the two boys.

"That fits Carlitos here to a T," James murmured.

"Well then, at least now you hopefully won't have to deal with being shocked if the test comes out positive. Any other questions?" asked Doctor Murphy as she spun around in her chair in a very un-professional way.

"If I do get pregnant…how would it…um…come out?" Carlos asked with a blush that would put a tomato to shame. The doctor couldn't help but to laugh at how awkward he sounded.

"Well, first thing you need to know about chromosome V's, is that they're like goats. And, I don't mean that in a sense that they eat everything; more so that they're prone to twins and that single babies are unusual," she said. "As for how they come out, it depends on how dominant the Y chromosome is. Sometimes, there is an extremely small vagina and cervix that usually goes unnoticed until someone trained to look for it, looks. And then of course, there's a c-section."

Carlos flinched. "C-section? Uh, that sounds kinda painful. So, if I do get pregnant...I'll probably have twins?" Carlos seemed a little nervous about that.

"Yeah, you're most prone to twins, although one in every twenty has single babies, and one in every fifty has triplets or more. Like I said, it all depends on how dominant the Y-chromosome is. You see, the definition of a male, genetically, is any individual possessing a Y-chromosome. So, when it's just the Y and X, the Y is the obvious dominant one. However, the V chromosome is part X and part Y, making it a semi-dominant gene. It can either be the dominant one, or the recessive. Looking at you, I'd guess that your V-chromosome, assuming you have one, is dominant. But, just in case, would you please remove your shirt for me?"

"What? Why should he strip?" James shifted so he was slightly in front of Carlos, a possessive position.

"Oh, relax, James, I'm not here to try to steal him from you. This is completely professional. Now, Carlos, if you would?" Carlos blushed a bit before removing his shirt. James really noticed for the first time how hairless Carlos was. Not even under his arms. And it didn't look like a good shave; it looked like there was no hair growing at all.

"Um, what are you looking for Dr. Murphy?" Carlos asked nervously.

"Please, call me Zoe. Dr. Murphy makes me feel old. Anyways, I'm checking your stats. Seeing as you have absolutely no hair on you whatsoever, I'm assuming your V-chromosome is dominant over the Y-chromosome. Now, Any other questions?"

"Um, James? Could you step outside for a minute? I'm a little embarrassed about this next question." Carlos was blushing like crazy. He had been doing that a lot lately. James was hesitant, but stepped outside, probably staying right outside the door.

"Okay, what was your question?" Zoe turned and looked at him.

"Well, I actually have a few. First, how long would the pregnancy last? Two, will I keep producing eggs like I do sperm? Three, what are the odds of me getting pregnant? And four, what does OB/GYN even stand for?" Carlos said all of this in a rush, making Zoe laugh.

"First question, it depends. Not many women carry single babies to term, forty weeks, and carrying babies to term is even less likely with multiples. But, it would last approximately 40 weeks, or ten months. Second question, that has still gone undiscovered, but most doctors guess that it lasts until mid-fifties. In most women, that's when menopause begins. Third, even more likely. I'm going to assume you don't have a period, since there's nothing in your charts and you haven't said anything, so for you to get pregnant, the sperm would simply need to enter, get into your uterus, not that difficult mind you, and through your fallopian tube to your ovary. V-chromosome men do have two ovaries, and they doesn't release eggs monthly. It releases two eggs when sperm are detected. That's why twins are common. Fourth question, it stands for Obstetrician/Gynecologist. Did I cover everything?" Zoe finished.

"Yeah…Thank you," Carlos said.

"No problem at all. Would you like me to bring James back in?" she asked, standing up. Carlos nodded in response and Zoe walked over to the door. She opened it and James stumbled in.

"We can only have babies until he's fifty? Why? I mean, if eggs are only released when sperm are detected, wouldn't he be able to keep having kids until he runs out of eggs?" James had a worried look on his face."You- you want to have babies with me?" Carlos managed. The thought that his boyfriend loved him that much...it was beautiful. He started crying a got a serious face on. He walked over to Carlos and placed a hand on his stomach, spreading his fingers out. "The only babies growing inside of you will be mine, babe, and don't you forget that." James pulled Carlos into a passionate kiss, and they could both feel the pressure building up in their pants. Zoe cleared her throat, and they pulled away from each other. Carlos looked embarrassed, but James just smirked and put an arm around Carlos' waist.

"Well, in response to your theory, that is the standpoint of most doctors studying male pregnancy cases. However, we tell patients around fifty-five because that's usually when menopause happens. Oh! And the twins wouldn't be identical, just so you know. They come from separate eggs, but for whatever reason, male-born children usually look remarkably similar, even when they are fraternal."

"Okay. I don't have any more questions. Do you James?" He just shook his head. Suddenly, the nurse from before popped her head in the door.

"Um, the blood test results are in for Carlos Garcia." She handed Zoe the test results and left.

"What do they say?" James asked, nervousness starting to show. Zoe looked down at the results before she looked up at the boys.

Things are getting interesting.