I came in through the door. I was so fuckin' tired after my training with Dimitri… oh, Dimitri…my oh so hot mentor. Even though I could barely stay up I was fuckin' horny. That's what happens when you are watching your hottie fighting and training you shirtless. His dark curly hair was wet from sweat, his skin was chocolate-like colored so I could hardly refrain myself not to lick it and his damn muscled chest was moving frantically because of his labored honey-sweet breathing.

Great Rose, now not only your thoughts are naughty but you're dripping-wet. What can I do? I have the answer. I shall prepare myself a hot bubbled bathe. And that I did. I allowed myself to relax a bit my contracted muscles but I still couldn't get Dimitri out of my mind. Then I started to do the last thing I wished but still I craved it… I started to touch myself. I allowed my hands to feel my rounded breasts. My nipples reacted immediately. Not wanting to have second thoughts I returned to my skin moving downward to my legs. I gently caressed them from my knee to my inner thigh. It was sending shivers to my spine but was nothing compared to what I did next.

Shyly I touched my wet pussy with a finger, enjoying the sensation, then I added a second one. I started teasing my clit. I was imagining that Dimitri was the one that was doing it, but with his sweet tongue. Then I pushed one finger inside still wanting it to be his. I was moving it in and out slowly at first but then it became frantic as my labored breathing and louder and louder moans of pleasure. I couldn't believe I was touching myself while thinking of my older mentor.

I was making so much noise I didn't even hear the beatings at my door and I didn't hear anyone coming inside the bathroom but when I opened my eyes I saw there standing no one but Dimitri. I blushed tree shades of red.

"Umh…. I'm sorry … you know i… I didn't mean to find you like..that…but I was worried about you and I entered and then I hears noise in the bathroom…I thought you were screaming from pain or…"

I couldn't believe… he was at loss of words. Maybe he didn't know what to say but his eyes surely screamed from desire (or so I wanted to believe) and his pants were a little too tight (yeah…I don't think I am wrong).

"Although I am sorry for entering I surely am not for staying…"

and then he did the last thing I expected him to do, he started to undress himself. First his shirt (and I couldn't stop staring at his rock-hard 6 pack abs) and then his pants. Surprise! He wasn't hearing any underwear. (and talking of rock-hard…it was nothing compared to the hardness of his huge dick) it was like my dreams came true. Not only I get the chance to see him naked but he's in MY bathroom and is preparing to join me.

He slowly stepped in, and doing so his dick almost touched my face…it was almost impossible to refrain my tongue not to lick his tip… then he sat, embracing me from behind my back.

"Roza I am sorry for rejecting you so long. I know and you know it too that it's wrong, being together, but in the same time it feels so right… I cannot hold myself any longer to touch you, to kiss you, to love you."

"Dimitri you know want I feel for you and I can only say I'm happy that you finally realized we are meant to be… yes it feels so right because out love is greater than any obstacles we may find during our relationship and we shall pass all of them."

"Wow Rose… and I thought I was the smart one here! But you're not only sexy as hell, I see you are really intelligent… who would have thought that Rose Hathaway has a soft part!" he laughed…

I turned to watch him in a menacing yet playful way. I knew he was just teasing me.

"Comrade… what are you saying? Are you…"

But I didn't get the chance to continue because suddenly his hot mouth was one mine. His soft lips were caressing mine. Then he deepened the kiss, allowing me to feel his tongue fighting for dominance with mine. Soon we were holding each other, my legs straddling him and my ankles were locked around his waist. His hard erection was pressing against my clit, making me to rub on him. We were both moaning because of the pleasure of that. Just when I was about to lift myself a little to be able to take him in, he stopped.

"No Roza…wait. I want it to be more special for you, not like this."

And with that he got up and dried him and then me and carried us to my bed. He sat me down then started to kiss me starting with my legs. I thought I was going to die because of that teasing, especially when he was kissing my inner thigh, just like I was imagining him doing so earlier. Then he flickered his tongue on my clit. It sent thousands of shivers down my spine. He started lapping harder and faster until he was penetrating me with his tongue!... then I exploded, my orgasm sending me straight to heaven. After I was able to see in front of my eyes I laid Dimitri down and started kissing his neck, his chest, then I was teasing him licking down on his waist. When I thought he had enough torture I slowly flicked my tongue on his tip to see what his reaction is. It was the first time I was doing this so I was a little scared not to do something wrong. The expression on his face gave me confidence and I started taking in my mouth the head and then how much I could. I need to say that it turned me on even more than I was, especially because of his moans of pleasure.

After a very little while he stopped me, saying he didn't want it to end so soon. He laid me on my back and got above me, the tip of his giant dick touching my entrance. Ow…it was going to hurt… he entered a bit, watching me to see if I was ok with it. Then in one swift thrust he was inside. It hurt so much that I almost had tears in my eyes. He waited a few minutes for me to adjust then he started moving. It was like nothing I ever experienced. It was pure bliss. It wasn't just sex, we were making love. I could read in his eyes how deep is his love for me and I bet mine were looking similar. We were kissing with so much passion that believed our love was penetrating the walls and was flowing around the bed.

We continued like this for hours. When he was tired I was riding him, at first slowly but then so hard that I was thinking that soon the bed will collapse and we will still continue. We both finished at the same time crying aloud our pleasure. Soon after we fell asleep holding each other, our legs intertwined.

The next morning caught us still naked and embraced. I was seeing in his eyes that he will never leave me, I will always be his and he will always be mine. We would fight for our love, fight for our lives.