A few days passed and I haven't seen Dimitri ever since that night. I believe it makes me soft but hell I really miss him! I already admitted he's the love of my lifeā€¦that should give me the right to miss him like that. I can't wait to bask in his embrace again, to feel all warm and fuzzy after I look into his eyes and to be able to touch him again without wanting to ever let him go. Oh! Bad-ass Rose really turned into a romantic! But that's very acceptable because I love Dimitri!

All these sweet, innocent thoughts reawakened my hunger for him. And no, I'm no cannibal, I only want to pleasure his body and in the same time to satisfy mine. I craved to be united with him again. But I didn't know when it was going to happen.

I was pulled out from my thoughts when someone knocked heavily at my door. I rushed to see who it was and to my surprise it was Dimitri. I opened the door and I almost freaked out when I saw that he was in pain. I helped his inside and led him to my bed.

"Dimitri, what's wrong? What happened to you?"

"It's nothing. I fell and cut myself on some branch and I think I sprained my ankle."

I knew it was not serious but I couldn't help worrying about him.

"Here let me help you clean the wound"

I took a wet cloth and cleaned the cut then bandaged his ankle. Lucky I always have a first-aid kit in my room. The wound was somewhere on his thigh. I couldn't help not noticing the bulge in his pants.

"What Dimitri, are you a masochist and I didn't know?"

"No it's not the pain that did that, but your touch. Even when I'm hurt it still has the same effect."

I slowly moved until I was sitting on his lap and kissed him, showing him how much I missed him, and he did the same. We were lost in each other's kisses until he slowly removed my t-shirt. I wasn't hearing a bra so he slowly caressed me, reminding him what was like my skin. Then he kissed my breasts and took each nipple in his mouth, teasing them with his tongue.

I knew this time it was not raw lust, but love and longing after that time that we were apart. I removed his t-shirt and also teased his nipples, I knew he loved it. He was only in his boxers and I was in some shorts, but after a minute we were both naked, me on top of him. I knew he was still in pain so I moved slowly and carefully, with the aid of his hands on my hips. With each deep thrust we were both moaning and whispering sweet things in our ears, how much we missed each other, how much we love each other.

Soon after we both finished. I took him to my shower and gently washed his body and hair, then he did the same to me. We dried with the towel and then returned to bed. I was lying on his chest listening to his even heartbeat and breathing until I fell asleep. While drifting off I heard him whispering softly "I love you". I can't be sure whether I told him I love him too or I just imagined. One thing is for sure, I definitely do love him with all my heart.