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Epilog: Aftermath

Judith lifted her head from the warm softness of her cushion, woken by the door to her bedroom opening. She raised her torso, resting on her elbow now.

"Ed…" she murmured a little drowsy but smiling softly, blinking in the direction of her lover approaching. "Took you long to come to bed, eh? I was sleeping already."

"I'm so sorry about that…" Ed answered, drawing nearer to her bed. He was fully naked and Judith took in the beautiful sight of his flawless body, his smooth, fine muscles and tendons softly lit by the twilight imbuing the room, his silky, creamy skin like the carnal interpretation of a slick, polished, moonlight-coated ancient sculpture made of marble.
"But finally I'm here…" In his words, wrapped up within the velvety waft of his voice, there was a promise swaying, a sweet promise of tenderness and delight. He lifted the blanket, and Judith felt that smooth warm, deliciously blood-throbbed marble enfolding around her body, making her shiver with desire. Pleasure incarnate…

She was stretching out her arms, placing them on the cushion, over her head, offering him her body willingly, trustfully, yearning for the things he would do with that generous offer of hers.
He smoothly embedded his hips between her invitingly bended legs, touching her warm, pulsing crotch with his warm, pulsing crotch while his hands were gliding along her arms slowly, reaching her wrists, enfolding his fingers around her slender joints. And she was looking up to him, loosing everything in his beauty; her eyes, her thoughts, her mind, her will. His beauty… these lips and eyes and skin, these oh so flawless features…almost unreal. She found herself captured within the spell of her lover's beauty, while captured in his grasp, his fingers clasping her hands tighter and his weight holding still her body, seeming to grow heavier and heavier.
As Judith tried to move she realized she could barely do. His grip around her wrists was increasing, tightening, with every move she made.

"Ed… not so tight please," she whispered, bewildered a little. But in his face there was only perfection and beauty, and nothing else.
"You're hurting me!" she moaned as the grasp of his fingers was branding pain into her skin and his erection was steadily growing between her thighs, hard like steel, impending to invade the sensitive, vulnerable softness of her defenseless body in relentless determination.

And Darek kept on smiling like an angel while he was touching her with the scorching tangency of a devil.

Crying out in pain that was only in her mind, she woke up, her eyes wide open to the redeeming warmth of reality.
But still there was that devil bowing over her, blue eyes glistening in the dark…

A heartbeat later her confused, dream-drunken mind realized it was Ed. Ed, with tousled hair, dry lips, small, weary, tiredly blinking, dark rimmed eyes and heavy stubble all over his face. Ed, so soothingly, beautifully imperfect.

"Judith…" he whispered with the weak, hoarse voice of someone startled out of his sleep. And she grabbed his hand that was touching her shoulder and was pressing it against her hot cheek, kissing his palm and breathing in his warm, soothing scent.

"Was it him again?" he gingerly asked, fearing her answer.

"It was you … it was him…" she whispered, breathing away the aftertaste of the dreams dreadful emotions.

Guilt and pain was twitching Ed's heart. He embraced her, hoping that the wounds of that certain awful incident would mend soon. These wounds that were his fault, no matter what she was saying, his fault, after all...

"I can't understand why you still want do share the bed with me," he whispered low, and it sounded almost like a reproach.
But Judith knew better. There was love and self hate dripping from his every word.

"Ed… when I wake up from such a dream I need to see you, understand?"

He slightly shook his head. "No I don't. But I have to accept it."

There was another dream she sometimes had, but she didn't dare to tell him about it. In this dream Darek was raping her and she killed him with a knife, but had to watch Ed die…

She feared that he would leave her if she ever told him about it. That he would leave her because of doubting to deserve her company.

"Ed! It wasn't your fault! How many times do I have to say that?" She rose on her elbow, gently stroking the hair in his nape, almost regretting to speak about her dreams at all. "I love you, Ed…"
Again so much doubt in his face… Would he ever understand?

He responded her, not with words - he never did - but with a kiss, a warm, soft, lust-detached kiss of deep and honest love confession.

It was late evening and Judith just was about to shut down her computer to leave work for today as Ed rushed into her office.

"We have to go to the Grid!" he proclaimed, his dry and sober tone almost a command.

Judith was putting some documents into her briefcase. "Ought that really to be done today?" she muttered with discontent. "I've been working for almost ten hours now and I'm really not –"

"It has to be", he insisted, weaving her nearer.

"So what is it about?" she asked him, sighing and rubbing her forehead as they were pacing along the corridor to the Grid Operating Department.

"Leisure," he said, tersely.

"What?" She briskly stood still, watching him making two more steps then turning to her slightly impatient. "And why the hurry then?"

"Judith…" He drew nearer. "You have to learn anew to enjoy the Grid, to associate positive experiences with it."

She couldn't prevent a small, enchanted smile warming her lips. She stroked the folds of his rolled up shirt sleeve on his upper arm and spoke softly: "Ed, please, those events were bad, yes, but they weren't that traumatic it would require such urgency! Believe me!"

"These nightmares have to stop!" He sternly remarked.

She felt like hearing a hint of remorse among his words. And that was the reason why she finally gave in to his request, his offer of recompense.

This time their area of arrival was completely different. Nothing Judith has ever seen before. It was a long, high, cathedral-like corridor seeming to be entirely made of milk glass and mirrors. Tall, majestic windows and slender columns were lining the splendid construction all the way through, until the end, a small dark blue rectangle in the distance.

Judith turned her head to him. "This is…" she murmured in overwhelming, meeting his eyes, his sight. His sight… taking away her breath now entirely. The shiny, black shape of his suit-covered body a striking vision of elegant, slender, sinewy beauty contrasting with the pale glass in the back, adorned with light blue, pulsing, glowing, vein-like twirls and stripes. At last she had the time to fully enjoy that Grid-suit phenomenon. And he as well. His gaze, admiring her body wrapped up in skin-tight black, was like a soft, warm beam reaching deep into her heart, making her melt in sheer joy of appealing him that much.

He reached out to touch her, to seize her body, every curve of it with his glove-covered hands, tracing her circuitry with rapt caresses. And she drew nearer to explore the texture of his suit as well. Some parts of it were seeming to be thicker and others thinner, so thin and filmy and tender that she could almost feel the skeins of his muscles and the warmth of his body underneath her fingers.

"Come. I want to show you something", Ed softly broke their silent moment of admiration after a while. And they started walking along that crystalline gateway. Judith noticed that, their entire walk through, Ed's eyes were constantly skipping from her sight to her vision in the mirrors, catching it anew in every new mirror that came along. And she smiled in the corner of her mouth, swaying her hips yet a little more to his pleasing.

The corridor was ending to the open ocean, passing over to a narrow balustrade that led to a wide, round platform. And as Judith was standing at the corridors exit, bending over the railing, she saw that the whole construction was standing on high piles amidst the open water, no land meeting her eyes.

She took some moments to enjoy that beautiful, majestic sight unfolding right before her, Ed standing aside, only having eyes for her. The sky's color was a dark, rich blue, strewn with stars and clouds, and the water beneath them was a lighter blue, almost aquamarine.

"What's over there?" Judith asked him curiously as she ceased watching the ocean, craning in the platforms direction instead.

"Oh well, let's go see it", Ed responded, flashing a brief smile, the hint of a twinkle in his eyes as if anticipating, child-like, to show her what he had built.

On the platform there were two slender, elegantly constructed flying objects standing side to side, looking a bit like two oversized futuristic, robotic dragonflies. Judith's eyes were widening in excited wonder and she briefly looked at Ed. He extended one arm towards these objects in a gesture of invitation, and Judith drew nearer to them.
Delighted she let her hand slide over the blank shiny surface of one slender wing, thin like paper, but solid as steel.

"Would you like to fly?" Ed asked, his arm leaning on the other wing, a restrained smile vibrating, nearly glowing underneath his composed features.

"I would love to!" Judith answered him enthused, opening the door in impatient excitement, sitting into the small cockpit.

"How is it working?"

"It's dead easy." Ed was craning into the narrow cockpit, pointing at the control stick between Judith's legs. "With this one you control the height and with the pedals your speed. The right one is the accelerator." He withdrew from the cockpit, grabbing her shoulder briefly while saying: "No fear. Nothing can happen."
She beamed a warm smile, and just as he had closed the door, she already set her flying object in motion.

"Oh, hey! Wait!" Ed shouted, hurrying to his own dragonfly.But Judith was already sliding over the edge of the platform, diving into the air, the object wrapped around her so light and delicate like a feather. She barely felt its materials, its weight. It was like flying on her own, only borne by the wind.

Ed was catching up with her, shooting ahead in a challenge to a chase. In which she followed without hesitating. Boldly grinning she passed him, guiding her aeroplane smoothly through the air, soaring up and delving down again, almost brushing the water surface while flying across the ocean.

In the distance there were some columns appearing, a cluster of crystal-like, tall, slender rocks protruding out of the water, towering into the air; a challenge for Judith's dexterity. Increasing the speed she guided her dragonfly skillfully towards the cluster of rocks, delving among them, smoothly circling around the craggy columns while yelling and laughing with exaltation and pure, child-like joy.

The rocky columns were thinning out after a while and they were flying across the flat, wide ocean again.

At the horizon there was another platform coming in sight which Ed was heading for. "Touch down!" he informed her through the intercom in her cockpit. And she softly brought her dragonfly down, landing it smoothly on the wide, spacious platform, watching Ed following her.

"Oh, Ed! That was amazing!" she rejoiced as she was walking towards Ed, still drunken with endorphins floating through her veins like sparkling wine.

"There's more to come…" Ed implied, guiding her with a soft tug towards the platforms edge. A spacious column made of glass was attached there, leading downwards; an elevator to the ocean. And as they were breaching, diving, into the water, slowly moving downwards into the deep blue, Judith was raptly leaning to the glass of the elevator's capsule, gazing out of it, feeling like diving into the water with only a bubble of air around her.

The lift came to a stop and the door was sliding aside. After a brief moment of shock, instinctively fearing to get over floated by masses of water, Judith realized that their area of arrival was air and solid ground. But encompassed by water, forming a long, blue-lit archway like in one of these huge, splendid public aquariums where the visitors could walk through the tank by passing corridors made of glass. But was it glass as well? Judith approached the wall, reaching out for the clear-blue, drifting, moving, glistening surface, watching her fingers just delve into it. She pulled them back, cheering at Ed with a laugh of exult, looking at her fingers again, which were completely dry.

"It looks like water, feels like water, but it's not!" she rejoiced.

Ed nodded in confirm, soberly, but hardly able to cover the joy of watching her sweet, elated enthusiasm for his creation. Restrained emotions were slightly tremoring underneath his strict features and his settled stance like a volcano about to erupt.

"Did you create all this?" she asked, dreamily watching beautiful, exotic fishes passing by, shimmering and colorful and lager than life-sized.


"I never would have guessed that you had such a sense of beauty and romanticism", she said, a little cheeky, a little teasingly, leaning her back to his chest, drawing circles into to the swirling wall of water in front of her while his arms were enfolding around her waist.

"Oh well…" he responded, a faint teasing tone in his voice as well. "Just try to see things from the perspective of a woman, and the kitschy inspiration will arise…"

"Charming as ever!" she giggled, turning around, shoving him away in a playful gesture and moving one step backwards, right into the wall of virtual water. Smooth coldness was enwrapping her body and she spread her arms. Her hair was waving with the undulation, her limbs were feeling lighter, almost like floating, but there was neither water pressure, nor wetness, nor boost. Only this soft, viscous"water", carrying her like fluid cotton.
She enjoyed that sensation as long as she could hold her breath, then she was leaving the virtual water, feeling as if walking through jelly.

"Have you ever thought about exploiting these sort of creations as a theme park?" She grinned as they started walking along the archway of water. "I'm sure you could make a whole lot of money out of it."

Slightly sarcastic he responded: "With attractions running riot and attacking the visitors? No, I don't think so."

Judith smiled at him briefly, and silently they were strolling through the blue shimmering tunnel.

There was a long, narrow bench at the end of it. About three arms breadth and one body length long. Kind of a bench one would find in a museum, a cozy, red padded bench to rest on.

Judith lay down on it, lolling on the velvety padding, looking up to Ed. "What now?" she asked, a little cheeky, bending one leg in a coquettish gesture while swirling light reflexes caused by the billow of the water-ceiling above her were smoothly dancing all over her body.

Ed kneed down at the headboard, his forearms resting left and right beside her head, looking down at her face the wrong way round. "I don't know… What would you like to do?" he asked her, a bit dryly, but yet there was a slight twinkle in his eyes like the faintest hint of cheekiness deep within.

"Oh, I bet you know already…" she said, grabbing his neck and pulling his head softly down to her until his lips reached hers for a kiss. She licked his stubbly chin as he slowly moved further to kiss her throat, while she let her fingers lose themselves within his hair, toying with its soft, dense strands.

His left elbow resting on the bench he reached out with his right hand to slowly pull open her suit, sliding further with his fingers, parting the material down to her crotch until the suit was gliding left and right from her body like a blanket unfolding, leaving her lying there nude and rosy and silk-skinned in the soft light of the blue-lit ambiance like a beautiful sacrifice of lust on an altar made of black silk and blood-red velvet.

And Ed was feasting on her luscious sight for some moments of sweet, lust-drunken relish. In urge to taste the carnal offer below him he was bowing over her then, still back to front, beginning to smother her body with gentle kisses, commencing with the two velvety hills of her breasts, caressing them relish-fully with lips and tongue and stubble, moving further to her navel, starting a lick there leading up to her mons veneris, and letting his tongue finally dive into the warm folds of its valley. With a rapt moan she bended her legs even more, allowing him easier access. Both of his forearms resting beside her body and kneeling with one leg on the bench, he was bending over her, caressing and enjoying the warm, delicious, savory flesh of his lover while his hands were grasping and seizing her soft buttocks in delighted captivation.

Judith's hands were reaching up to his chest, her fingers searching for the collar of his suit, opening it as she found the entrance. As she reached his crotch she freed him from the tight clothing, beginning to kiss the full, velvet-coated stiffness embedded in her gently stroking palms.
Ed had to interrupt his caressing for a moment, distracted by the sensation of her initial kiss, her initial lick. Then he proceeded, every of his caresses a response to hers, every of her caresses a response to his.

Judith lost her concentration on caressing him at the moment she reached the edge of her conclusion and she couldn't go on, had to stop, for uncontrollable rapture was overflooding her every thought, her every action. "Oh… yes… please!" She could only moan in senseless gasping, clenching her fingers into his thighs beneath her head. And his grasp grew a little tighter as well. Exited and turned on by her entrancement, he increased his caressing, reacting to her climax raising, culminating, finally deflating with a released, weakened shiver.

She softly prompted him to stop for he just went on, like always, never sure about the exact moment to cease. He rose then and walked around the bench, kneeling down in front of her now, while she was sitting up, facing him. He bended in to kiss her passionately, pulling her hips towards his, nestling his erection gently into the tempting warmth of her wet lap. She spread her legs, inviting him in. And he entered, with gentle ardency, closing his trembling eyelids for a second and breathing out a slight moan of delight as he made his initial thrust into the deep, hot density of her body. His slightly parted lips were meeting hers, breathing into her open mouth while he had his eyes closed again, receiving finally her tongue diving in for hungry kisses.

As he began to move Judith placed her hands on his backside, seizing his buttocks, following his shoves, every tense of his muscles, in a gesture of enjoying and affirmation, while he was alternating between kissing her and breathing sighs of pleasure into the bend of her shoulder. The friction of his movements was stirring sensations in her body, so delicious and sweet she could barely handle the flood of thought-blinding delight running over her. With her rapture enhancing she started breathing mindless, lust-driven murmuring on his neck, her arms clinging to him tighter and tighter until her fingers were digging into his skin; her body a trembling, twitching, shivering widget beyond control.
And right at this moment of deepest intimacy and highest bliss she wanted to look into his eyes, wanted to share both, weakness and lust, wanted to offer him this instant of ultimate relinquish as a gift of devotion and love. So they were locking eyes, sharing a gaze, more intimate than any physical touch could have ever been.

Strained from emotions they silently lay there on the bench together for some moments of recovering; Judith laying on her back, Ed cowering on the floor in front of her, his head on her belly.

He was the first one of them who stirred. "Let's go", he said, rising. "I don't feel comfortable at the thought of falling into sleep in the Grid."

"Sure," Judith answered him softly smiling and attiring herself with her suit. She watched Ed doing the same, his back to her, enjoying the short, but fascinating process of his suit enfolding around him, enwrapping his every bodypart skintight with shiny black, while the blue stripes of his circuitry were almost merging with the blue of the water-wall in front of which he was standing.

As the elevator reached the platform again and they were walking towards their dragonflies, Ed turned to her and explained: "This is a private part of the Grid which only belongs to us. You can visit it whenever you like. I'll give you the enter-code later."
Stroking the surface of his dragonfly's wing he added: "And… there's no danger of any viruses emerging. You can trust me."

Judith smiled in a gesture of easing cheekiness. "Unless I decide to talk to the fishes about free will..."

Ed smirked, briefly raising his hands. "Oh well, that's your problem then!"


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