Hello this is my first story so let me make it clear that I don't own Bleach or anything related to it. Mr. Tite Kubo is the owner and whoever else has the rights. I wrote this for a friend who challenged me with this idea. I made it purely out of fun. But I have to warn you that this is an incest containing story with sexual themes so if this doesn't float your boat then DON'T read.


Ichigo had been sent home by the Visords to recover after his training got a little out of hand. With Rukia and Orihime training in the soul society Ichigo had to rely on his own body's ability to heal it's self. He was lying on his bed in the dark. The clock rang out in the hall it was 10:00 pm. He had been home for almost five hours now. Ichigo smiled as he remembered the looks on Yuzu and Karin's faces when he stepped in the door. They had just set dinner out and were waiting for Isshin to come back from the store. Yuzu had cried and cried and never let go of Ichigo. Karin had a look of overwhelming relief on her face as she walked over to him.

"Oww! What the hell, Karin!" yelled Ichigo as he rubbed the back of his head. Karin's fists were clenched as she punched him again.

" That's for making Yuzu cry every night waiting for you to come home you jerk!"

After a dozen or so hits Karin hugged Ichigo with Yuzu as they both cried into his chest. He smile down at them. 'I didn't think that I missed them this much' Ichigo thought.

The front door opened behind them. " Is that my...ICHIGO!" Ichigo had just enough time to push his sisters out of the way before he was sent flying across the livingroom by a round house kick to the face. He fell limp as a rag-doll and fell unconscious.

"Ichigo!" screamed Yuzu as she ran to him.

"Dad you MORON!" Karin yelled as kicked her Dad right in the balls and almost made him blackout too.

"Karin! Dad! Ichigo is really hurt" Yuzu pulled up Ichigo's shirt so they could see. He had hundreds of bruises and deep cut all over his body.

"Quick get him to the clinic." ordered Isshin.

Now Ichigo was lying in his bed covered in bandages and some stitches. He was happy to lie there in the dark and rest but he wasn't alone. Yuzu and Karin had fallen asleep beside him and were still holding tightly to his hands. He smiled again as he looked at them. Then rested his head on his pillow and let sleep overcome him.

After a few days of bed rest Ichigo was almost completely healed. After his Dad had removed his stitches Ichigo was free to leave the house. Ichigo had got a report from Urahara that the Arrancars had been on the defensive and he guessed that they wouldn't attack for awhile. Which was perfect when Isshin said he had to go to the big city to get supplies and insurance for the clinic and would be gone for a few days. Which left Ichigo in charge of taking care of his sisters. Ichigo was fine with it and the first day Yuzu and Karin stayed in Yuzu's room for most of the day.

"Ok this is our first chance to do it with Ichigo" explained Karin.

"Agreed. With Dad gone we can more easily attack him. " stated Yuzu.

" Ok first one with him gets the bragging rights."

"Of course. " Yuzu said with a sly smile.

" We need rules. " Karin grabbed a piece of paper and pencil. "Right rule number one we both are in love with Ichigo so it's only fair that we help each other out."

Yuzu nodded as she remembered her and Karin talking about and finding out that they both loved Ichigo more than just a brother. He was their protector and loyal friend that was always there for them until he left all of a sudden. With him gone it was like they lost half of themselves. They had both been attracted to him when they were younger but now they lusted after him. Then when they were bandaging him up a few days ago they got to see him fully undressed and they both knew that they needed him.

"Rule two everything is fair game. Examples are from sneaking into his room to running around the house naked" Yuzu added to the rule list. They both started laughing at rule number 2. Finally rule 3 was that if one of them made it with Ichigo that the other would be supportive. They shook hands.

" May the best woman win. "Karin said.

"Karin, Yuzu I'm going for a shower. So answer the phone if it rings. " Ichigo's voice came from the hall.

"Ok. " they answered together.

They heard the water running and bolted to the window. They opened the second story window and carefully climbed out. Standing on the roof of the first floor they quietly made their way to the bathroom window. They were lucky that it was night and that the fence was so high so the neighbors wouldn't see them. The bathroom window was fogged up so they couldn't see him. "I guess that's it" said Yuzu in a depressed tone.

"Are you kidding. I want to see that body again. " Karin said as her eyes shone with determination. She pressed against the window and slowly started to push it up. Steam poured out of the small opening as Karin continued to open it more. Then they could see him. Ichigo was standing there with his back towards them. The water ran down his body as he stood there and let the water beat down on his head. Karin and Yuzu followed the trails of water as they ran down and across his toned muscles. Both of the girls stopped to stare at Ichigo's fine ass. They were in complete bliss until he started to wash himself. Ichigo turned right around and stared directly at them. The sisters thought the game was up and were just about to say sorry then Ichigo just continued to wash himself. Karin and Yuzu looked at one another.

Karin whispered,"It must be so dark out here that he didn't see us. "

Yuzu nodded and added," And the window is foggy and only open a couple of inches. "

They both eagerly watched Ichigo as he soaped up his manhood. He started to get an erection the longer he stroked it. The girls were praying that he would continue. And they were answered. Ichigo started to grunt and moan as he went faster. Karin found herself doing exactly what Ichigo was doing. Her hand was rubbing her womanhood. She started to lose control. "Ah Ichigo. ", she moaned quietly to herself. Yuzu also found her hands traveling down her body. Ichigo started to moan louder and louder. His hips bucked. "Rukia!" he yelled. Yuzu bit her lip to stop herself from yelling his name and felt her hands getting sticky. Karin on the other hand screamed Ichigo's name which startled Yuzu and Ichigo. Yuzu grabbed Karin's hand and dragged her back to her room. They just closed Yuzu's window in time as Ichigo burst into the room wearing just a towel.

" What happened!" he demanded.

"Sorry nothing happened someone asked for you on the phone but they said they call back. " Karin shot out hoping that he would believe her.
He stared at them. His body was red from the heat and a small pool of water was forming around his feet.

"Ok" he finally said and he walked back into the bath room.

Yuzu smacked Karin on the back of the head. "Hey that hurt!"

"Almost blew it!" yelled Yuzu.

Karin hung her head, " Yeah...sorry."
They looked at each other and smiled.

" That was good though wasn't it?" asked Karin.

"Good? That was amazing!" Yuzu screamed. They laughed.

"Maybe we should change. " Karin suggested.
Yuzu looked down and saw that both of their PJs were very wet. "Yeah good idea. "

They changed and went to bed.

It was well past 1:00 am but Yuzu continued to lie awake. Images of Ichigo kept flashing in her head every time she closed her eyes. "Ichigo. " she moaned aloud. She started to get hot the longer she thought of him. "Ichigo. " She touched herself under the blanket. "Ahh...Ichi..." she fantasized about him taking her right here in her own bed. "Ahhh!" she yelled as her fingers became wet and warm and sticky. She relaxed there in bed as she came down from her high.

"Ahh! ...Ahh."
Yuzu froze. She tensed as the noise got louder. 'That sounds like Karin.' Yuzu realized. She got out of bed and moved to the wall where Karin's room was on the other side. The moans of pleasure were louder here. Yuzu giggled a bit as she heard her sister playing with herself. There was one more big "Ahh!" then it was quite. A moment later there was a knock on Yuzu's door. It opened and Karin entered. She looked embarrassed but happy. The front of her PJs were soaked just like Yuzu's.
"Hi. " said Karin.
"Umm I heard you. Could you here me?"
Yuzu nodded. Karin's face reddened.
"I had an idea and thought that you might want to join me. " Karin stated.
"What kind of idea?" Yuzu asked hesitantly.
Karin walked over to her sister and whispered in her ear.
"I like it. " Yuzu answered with a devilish grin.
"I thought you would. "

~Ichigo's bedroom~

The door quietly and slowly opened. Karin and Yuzu crawled over to Ichigo's bed. Ichigo's digital clock on his bed side table showed that it was 2:34 am. ' It's a good thing that it's a Friday night.' Karin thought as they knelled beside his bed. Ichigo was asleep on top of his covers. 'Perfect.' thought Karin. She smiled at Yuzu as she got into position. Yuzu went to the opposite side of the bed to Karin. Yuzu had her back to the window and Karin's back was to the door. Karin and Yuzu nodded to each other as they started their plan.

Yuzu gently slid her hands under Ichigo's lower back and slowly lifted him off the bed a little. As soon as Ichigo's ass was off the bed Karin jumped forward. She carefully hooked her fingers in Ichigo's boxers and started to slip them off. He grunted. The sisters both froze as he moved his arm behind his head. Once he had relaxed again they worked faster. In a second Ichigo's boxers were off and clenched in Karin's left hand. Yuzu and Karin zoned in on his manhood. They had thought that it was big in the shower and from a distance. It was six inches when limp.

'Go for it. ' Karin's inter voice told her,'You know you want it and badly.' Karin looked down at the boxers in her hand. Then across to her sister, Yuzu was completely out of it. She just stared at it with glassy eyes. ' Do it!' yelled the voice in Karin's head. She did do it.

Karin raised her right hand and grabbed Ichigo's smaller sword. She stroked it. It twitched. Getting more courage she stroked it faster. She felt the muscles tense and tighten beneath her hand. "Ahh..." groaned Ichigo and he stood at attention. His once six inches grew in to an eight. She continued to stroke it a few more times. 'I wonder what it tastes like.' she said to herself. Karin leaned over the bed and slowly engulfed the tip. "Ahh!" escaped Ichigo's lips. Karin was in heaven. The taste was amazing and the feeling, oh god the feeling was killing her. She bobbed her head. Up and down, up and down and up and down. Slowly and smoothly at the start then she went faster and slid her mouth all the way down then all the way up.

'It's so good. I need more!' Karin thought. She moved her left hand with the boxers to infront of her own underwear. She rubbed the boxers on her womanhood. She went faster than ever. Moaning as she continued. "Ahh,Ahh,Ahh!" was coming from Ichigo as he continued to, somehow, sleep. Ichigo's body jolted as he came. Karin's eyes widened as she felt a warm sticky goo enter her mouth. 'This tastes incredible!' she thought. Finally taking it out of her mouth she breathed hard for a minute. She looked up and there was Yuzu staring at her with wet, sticky and dripping hands infront of her. 'I forgot she was here.', was the only thought that Karin had. Yuzu stood up, a stain was on the front of her underwear, and smiled at Karin. Yuzu pointed at the door and Karin understood. They left together, leaving Ichigo still asleep and limp.