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Chapter 6: Confrontation


The weather was still terrible as Ichigo got out of bed and stared out the window. Rain poured down making the streets flooded. 'The neighbours pool must be overflowing.' he thought, 'The pool... God I love that pool!' Ichigo saw him and Karin fucking like animals. A dumb-happy smile spread across his face and he got hard remembering the fun he had. Staring down at his member that he was so proud of. He thought about how lucky and amazing his body was to have as much sperm as he did. 'My spiritual pressure must be the cause of how much sperm I have. It's good to be a soul reaper!'. The rain hit the glass and he jumped. Ichigo laughed and glanced over to his clock. It was 7 in the morning but he was wide awake. He put his boxers on that where still laying on the floor. The buttons from Rukia's top were scattered across the floor. 'Guess Yuzu is going to have to keep that uniform.' Ichigo silently wished. He headed out into the hall. The girls rooms were closed and he guessed, by the quietness of the house, that they were still asleep. He opened Yuzu's door and peaked in. She was in bed wearing her yellow checked PJs that Rukia had wore the first time she stayed with Ichigo. He smiled at her and closed the door letting her sleep some more. Then he checked on Karin. He opened her door and saw her. She was laying face down in her bed with the blankets pushed down to her ankles. Ichigo's eyes bulged as he stared at the naked form of his dark haired goddess. Her milky ass displayed right in front of him. He entered the room and closed the door. He dropped his boxers and laid down next to her. Karin rolled to her side and Ichigo spooned her. Karin smiled and muttered, "Ichigo." He reached down and pulled the covers over them and kissed Karin on the neck and closed his eyes for a little nap.


Karin woke up to feel a warm body behind her and an arm wrapped over her. Then she felt something poking her ass. Karin smiled as she reached around and grabbed Ichigo's morning-wood. She positioned the head right at her entrance then slowly pushed her hips back into him. His penis slid in and she clenched it. Enjoying the moment of him all to herself. He moaned in his sleep and Karin started to move back and forth slowly. His moans became louder as he started to buck his hips. Ichigo opened his eyes. Black hair filled his vision then he remembered where he was and the fantastic feeling down below. Karin moaned when he bucked his hips and continued to, making Ichigo more turned on. He gripped her hips and went faster and deeper into her. She moaned, "Ichigo." She tried to keep her voice down so Yuzu wouldn't wake up. It only took a few more thrusts before they both came. They whimpered quietly as to not wake up Yuzu. They laid there breathing hard. The cum between Karin's legs ran out a little and she remembered her dream the night before. Then her mind went to Yuzu fucking Ichigo. Karin looked over at her lover and kissed him deeply. "I'm going to sleep a bit more." she told him. He nodded," I'm going for a shower then I'll make some breakfast." she kissed him again then rolled over. Ichigo got up and headed to the bathroom.


He walked in the bathroom to find Yuzu standing by the sink. She dropped a bar of soap and bent down to pick it up and Ichigo's eyes were glued to her. Yuzu wasn't wearing her PJ bottoms and when she leaned over she showed that she wasn't wearing any panties either. He had forgotten his boxers in Karin's room and the beautiful sight before him was enough for him to draw his sword again. In one quick step he closed the distance between them and buried himself in Yuzu's womanhood. Yuzu gasped as she felt Ichigo enter her fast and deep. She grabbed onto the sink as Ichigo thrust in. The door was slightly open so she had to be silent. She looked up at the mirror and saw herself being ravaged by her lover. Ichigo had a firm grip on her waist and was fucking her doggie style. Yuzu's face became a dark red as she continued to watch herself. The embarrassment she had from seeing her face. A face full of bliss, so much pleasure she was having that she started to drool a bit with each moan. Ichigo removed his hands from her waist and quickly grabbed her breast. The pleasure Yuzu got was too much. "I-I'm g-g-g-going to cum." she moaned loudly. She straightened up and turned her head round over her shoulder and kissed Ichigo roughly. Their kiss muffled the screams they had when they released. Ichigo's seed shot deep into her as her cum dripped out, soaking his dick and balls.

After a moment Ichigo pulled out of her and Yuzu collapsed. "Yuzu! Are you ok?"
"Yeah. Sorry I can't get up." Yuzu said in a weak voice.
Ichigo picked her up in his arms and carried her to her room he gently put her down.
"Just rest for a little while ok?"
"Yeah sorry." Yuzu blushed from embarrassment but Ichigo smiled at her. He kissed her quickly on the lips before he left. He walked into the hall and heard Karin's door open. She popped her head out and narrowed her eyes at him. "What are you doing Ichigo?"
"Umm I was..." he couldn't find a way to explain himself. ' Oh shit! I don't want to have this talk right now.'
"I was, you know. Going for a shower."
"In the hall?"
"No! I was going to get a towel. From my room."
Her eyes narrowed even more, if that was possible. Karin then stepped out from behind her door, presenting herself in all her glory. Ichigo stared transfixed by her. He saw that some of his earlier cum was slowly running out of her womanhood and going onto her legs. He was curious to why she hadn't cleaned herself up but decided to ask about it later. He was basically fucking her with his eyes as he looked at one of the most beautiful women he had the fortune to know. He was so horny that he didn't notice that she asked him something.

"Yeah! What!" he said shaking his head.
She smiled in a rather happy yet seductive way as she asked again. "Are you going for your shower anytime soon or are you going to continue to check me out?"
"What would you prefer?" he asked with a smug smile.
"I'm still tired so I'm going back to bed. So you'll have to wash your dirty body." she oozed sex as she wiggled her ass as she walked back into her room.
Ichigo continued to stand there and stared at her door. He had a major hard on and he wanted nothing more than to go for round two with her but Yuzu was awake and it would be awkward if she walked in on them. 'After breakfast we'll sit down and talk about it.' he planned out. Then he finally got into the shower, alone this time and enjoyed the soothing warm water.

~All of them~

Yuzu and Karin walked downstairs together as their noses lead them to the kitchen. They saw that Ichigo had prepared a royal breakfast. There was so much food and they both were really hungry. They sat down immediately and loaded their plates. Ichigo had made bacon, sausages, toast, bagels and five different ways to cook eggs. All three of them wolfed it down as they all knew they would need the energy for later.

As they ate the tension in the air intensified. Yuzu and Karin were both shooting lustful eyes at Ichigo and lightly rubbing their legs against his. He put all of his willpower into keeping calm and not responding to their moves, which only made things worse as the girls tried harder. He still continued to eat but would glance at them quickly from time to time. It was hard for him to not stare at them. Both of them were wearing a pair of panties and a T-shirt which Ichigo was pretty sure were his shirts. He was mentally slapping himself when he caught himself staring at their legs. From his vantage point at the head of the table, he could see both of them clearly as Yuzu was on his left and Karin on his right. His boxers were going to be setting up camp in a few seconds and was glad that they had all finished and everything stopped. The sisters' attack on his legs paused for the moment and silence hung around them. Both girls stared at him as they could sense that he wanted to say something important.

"Yuzu, Karin," he said as he looked at both of them, "We need to talk about the position that we are in." Both remained silent so he continued. "I know that both of you are aware that I have slept with both of you. I saw you both spy on each other when I was doing it with the other. I am sorry that I didn't tell you sooner but I don't regret that because I have grow closer to you then I would ever have if we stayed as brother and sisters."

Both sisters sat there for a minute before they could speak. Finally they sheepishly grinned at each other then smiled more warmly at Ichigo. Karin was the first to talk, "Sorry I didn't tell you Yuzu and sorry that I watched you and Ichigo in his room." Yuzu went a little red from the memory but smiled.
"I'm sorry too, Karin. I was going to tell you today but Ichigo beat me to it and sorry for watching the two of you in the shower." it was Karin's time to go red at the memory.
"Hahaha!" both turned to look at Ichigo, he was laughing at their cherry faces. He laughed and smiled lovingly towards them. "Come here." he said as he opened up his arms and both girls got up and sat on his knees as the hugged. "I love both of you more than anyone else in the world and I hope that I can continue this, this, well whatever you call this."
"Relationship!" both Yuzu and Karin yelled.
"Yeah fine. Relationship going if that's ok with you two."
They smile and each targeted a cheek and kissed him. He smiled and kissed each of them on the lips and hugged them tighter. "I love you, Ichigo." they both said in a lover kind of way and not as siblings.

The rest of the day was nakedness. After the hugging and kissing both girls went for a shower (not at the same time, disappointing I know) when came back down in towels to see Ichigo napping on the couch. The girls gave each other an evil smirk then dropped the towels and tip-toed over to him. The good thing, for them, was that he was just in his boxers as they crept up to him. Quickly removing his boxers so all three lovers were in their birthday suits.

Yuzu positioned herself above Ichigo's face as he continued to sleep. Then Karin straddled his waist. Karin rubbed her womanhood against Ichigo manhood and got the reaction she wanted. He stood tall right away and she grabbed it, putting the tip right under her entrance. Karin nodded to Yuzu and quickly slammed down on him. A loud scream rushed out of Karin's mouth as Ichigo touched her womb. At the same time Ichigo jerked awake at the scream and tried to sit up. Fortunately for Yuzu his face shot into her pussy and she let out the same scream Karin had done a second before. Ichigo's mind raced as he finally understood what was happening. He felt the amazing tightness of Karin wrapped around his cock and the beautiful scent and taste of Yuzu all over his face. He smiled at them being able to share him and started to work.

He wrapped his arms around Yuzu's hips and pulled her down on him. His tongue wormed it's way between her folds and found her core. She moaned loudly as he licked her and she felt his fingers prodding her ass hole. She came quickly and collapsed on to his chest but he continued to assault her, much to her satisfaction.

Karin was still in shock at how deep he was but felt great pleasure. She would have stayed with her mouth open forever if Ichigo hadn't bucked his hips making his penis go even deeper (if that was possible). She moaned loudly and she focused back on reality. Karin saw Yuzu across from her. Her sister looked like she was having the time of her life. Her eyes were rolled back into her head and her mouth gaped open. Karin started to ride her lover. Slowly at first but started picking up the pace as Ichigo started bucking. Karin smiled at how good her brother was at multitasking. Then just as she was starting to get close, Yuzu landed in front of her with a scream. She kept riding but looked down at her spent sister.

Yuzu was panting hard as a few aftershocks rippled through her body. Ichigo was still licking away and she was starting to build up again. She looked up to Karin, she was riding Ichigo's dick. Karin's boobs bounced in circles as she had the ride of her life. 'She looks so happy.' Yuzu thought. It was true Karin was happiest with Ichigo just like Yuzu was. Taking her eyes off of Karin's face and boobs Yuzu dropped her glaze to where her brother and sister were joined. As Karin moved up Yuzu saw more of her brother's cock but when Karin moved down his penis disappeared into her sister. Yuzu felt the sudden urge to please Ichigo as her second orgasm neared it's release. She stared at his dick and leaned forward. Sticking out her tongue she gave him a long, wet lick but accidentally licked Karin as well. Both Ichigo and Karin froze but not Yuzu. She continued to attack them both.

"YUZU! AHH!" Ichigo moaned loudly from between her legs. At hearing her name Yuzu exploded. Her cum shot out of her and Ichigo greedily swallowed it all. He stopped for a few moment as he absorbed the incredible feeling of Karin's tightening walls and Yuzu's soft, silky tongue. The experience sent him over the moon.

Karin was shocked at her sister's actions but couldn't stop pleasuring both herself and Ichigo. 'I can't believe Yuzu is licking us both.' she thought, 'I doubt that I would have done it but who cares! This feels so FUCKING GOOD!'

"Yuzu!" Karin shouted and grabbed the brunette's head and pulled her closer. Yuzu responded by grabbing Karin's ass with both hands and licking furiously. "Ahhhhh!" Karin screamed as her back arched and head flew back. Her walls squeezed Ichigo harder than ever before and she climaxed. "Yuzu!" both siblings shouted then, "Karin!" and "Ichigo!"

The sensation was too much for both Karin and Ichigo as Karin came Ichigo lost it. He was shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum inside of his lover. He knew that Karin would probably be pregnant after all that cum was shot into her womb but he didn't care. He would be happy to start a bigger family with her and possibly Yuzu as well.

Karin felt Ichigo's seed buried deep in her womb and her dream flashed before her eyes for a second. Her hand instinctually went to her belly were she rubbed it for a few seconds with her eyes closed. When she opened them her glaze locked onto Ichigo's. His eyes burned right through her and she knew he saw her rub her stomach. She looked away. Ashamed by her actions. Yet she looked back at him and met the smiling and joy filled face of her love. She reach out to him and he grabbed her hand. Their fingers intertwined and they smiled at each other lovingly. Then a shiver ran through both of them and their attention went to Yuzu.

Yuzu only stopped licking them both when they first climaxed but when both their juices started to leak out of Karin's womanhood Yuzu started to lick it up. The taste of her brother and sister tasted fantastic and she wanted more. That was when both Ichigo and Karin noticed her. Yuzu was about to lick some more when she felt finger jam into her pussy. The amount of force and her ever building climax made her cum for the last time and she felt exhausted. She rolled off Ichigo and fell asleep.

Ichigo sat up and wrapped his arms around Karin's waist, she then wrapped her arms around his neck. They shared a loving kiss. Not full of lust and desire nor rough but gentle and pure. They didn't know how long it lasted but wasn't long enough for them both. They broke apart the kiss but they were still connected down south. Ichigo stood up and Karin wrapped her legs around him, proving she wasn't going to let go anytime soon. He looked down at Yuzu and lifted her up. He gently through her over his shoulder and headed up stairs carrying both of his lovers. It was only 6pm but they were tired and an early night would do them good.

Karin had thought Ichigo was going to put them in their rooms but he walked into his and carefully put Yuzu down in the bed. It was awkward putting Yuzu under the covers but he finally did and crawled in still joined with Karin. Only when they were in the bed did Karin release him. She rolled on to his right side( as Yuzu was on the left side of him). She was laying on her back smiling then something brushed her stomach. She turned to look at Ichigo who was staring at her.
"So?"he whispered, as he slowly rubbed her belly.
"So what?"she asked back.
"You know what I mean Karin. Don't play dumb."
"Yeah. Well I have a feeling."
"That's all?"
"I also really want this." she said and looked away from him.
He lifted her chin and she looked into his eyes." I want this too." and he kissed her. They melted into each other's arms and fell asleep like that.

Yuzu rolled over and looked at the pair of them. She smiled and saw the tears of joy on Karin's face as her brother and sister held one another in peace. She then rubbed her own belly. "It's been a week and I still haven't had mine yet." she muttered to the darkness.

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