As I announced recently, TheOmegaZero1000 has given me permission to adopt 'Snowed In' so I plan to write this for him. I love Christmas time so this should help me quite a lot when I write this. My OC, DJ, will return in this. So without further ado, here is 'Snowed In', originally done by TheOmegaZero1000. Disclaimer: I do not own VG Cats in any form or manner. The characters belong to Scott Ramsoomair.

Snowed In

Originally done by TheOmegaZero1000

Redone and continued by LuxUmbra2012

Ch. 1

Day 1: December 22

"Dude, seriously, why do you need all of this stuff? It's like you two are preparing for a freaking blizzard!" "You're one to talk. You have a larger amount than I have!" "That's because I have little siblings to take care of!"

Two heavily clothed figures argued amongst each other as they were carrying two rather large crates, one stacked on another. The combined weight made things rather difficult for both to even lift, especially in the chilly and snow-filled weather that blanketed the street which the two were travelling to reach the apartment complex where the blue-clothed figure lived. The weather had gradually increased in adversity as the bickering between the two grew more heated. Before the first curse word was said, the two had accidentally walked into the billboard that signified that the two had arrived at the complex. Both had nearly dropped the precious cargo onto the damp, frost-covered grass but simultaneously, the two grabbed the boxes before it was too late.

"Dammit, man! Watch was you are walking!" "You too, dumbass! We're both carrying these damn boxes!" "Well… At least we are almost here…" "Yeah… Then I gotta carry this larger one to my place. Thank God it's not too far from here…" "Amen to that… You sure you don't need a hand, DJ?" "Yeah, I'm good. Don't worry dude."

The two continued their trek while carrying their heavy load through the snow towards the apartment building to the left, the 100s building. "Dammit to absolute bloody hell! Why did we choose the top of the damn building?" "Because she said that you were a fat ass who needed to lose some weight…" "Really?" "Nope, that's what I say." "When this ordeal is done, I will kick your ass up and down this building…" The climb from staircase to staircase was, as the first said, was an absolute nightmare. Carrying the heavy load was one thing, but up four flights of stairs? Ouch…

"Uggh… Finally, we made it…" "Well, you are on your own from here on out… The snow's picking up so later…" "HEY WAIT! I FORGOT TO KICK YOUR ASS!" But the second one was long gone by the time the first had realized this, taking the heavier crate with him. "Son of a damn bitch… Where is my key…?" The first had placed his hand into his insulated winter coat, digging for the set of keys that would let him enter door no. 112. After a short bit, he finally found the keys he was searching for, and happily placed the key into the door lock. With an audible click, the door was unlocked. Grabbing the crate, the figure opened the door, just in time too, seeing that the storm was reaching inside the staircases. He walked backwards inside.

Sitting on her personal laptop that she had placed on the kitchen table, Aeris Cole was typing out another one of her infamous fan fiction works, this time featuring Cloud Strife and Sephiroth during the events of Dissidia 012. As she began typing her work, a furious blush spread across her face as she imagined the event she was typing. A shirtless Sephiroth pinning an uneasy Cloud onto the stone platform that made up the Life Stream inside the Planet's Core, the former telling the latter that, "No matter where you go, Cloud… As long as you live, I do too…" Before things could get any steamier, the door to the apartment suddenly swung open, a heavily grabbed figure walking through the entrance. The only thing that crossed her mind at that point was the thought of, "God, help me…" The figure then walked back outside only to come back in while carrying a rather large crate. With a groan, the figure placed the box down to the side of the entrance to the apartment. The figure turned its head to face the frightened girl, and then turned around, pointing at a heavily tied knot that held the scarf in front of his face. With complete apprehension, Aeris shuffled forward towards the figure, while picking up a small Swiss Army knife from the kitchen countertop, just in case… Grabbing the knot of the scarf, she undid the knot. The red scarf fell to the floor. "Whew… thanks… I was burning and freezing in that damn thing…"

That voice was all too familiar to her. The figure undid the remaining protective clothing from his body, revealing… Leo.

*Imagine a Fooly Cooly moment, manga style if you will*


The male gripped his jaw in pain after being punched three times in the face. "It's not my fault that it's freezing out there! I and DJ barely made it here while carrying a freaking heavy load especially when the weather started to get worse…" "Speaking of, close the door, the snow's soaking the floor and you are cleaning that shit up." "Why me?" "Because you made the damn mess!" "Nature did! She's on the rag again!" "Joke about that again… I dare you…" "Okay, sorry. I'll get it up…"

Taking her seat, she continued writing her story, while poor Leo was using a few towels to get the cold water from the floor. Afterwards, he picked the crate up and set it on the counter. "Good thing I and DJ got this stuff…" "Speaking of, where is he?" "He ran off after saying that you called me a fat ass who needed some exercise." "Ha. What's in that thing?" "Let me show you." She stood from her seat, taking extra care to close the top of the the lid of the wooden crate, Leo revealed a plethora of items. Canned food and drinks, a very large amount of water and a lighter, some flashlights, first aid kits, medicinal alcohol, a small bag containing items which she couldn't see from her vantage point, two sleeping bags, a few tools, and a bag containing a finely grounded, green-colored powder. Aeris sweat-dropped. "Where in the hell do you get all of this catnip?" "Dad, Mom, DJ, some weird dude who drives with his ass (it flopped out of his car before he crashed.)." "Why do your parents have this stuff?" "Stress relief. Stuff calms them down. But they are careful enough not to get addicted to the stuff." "Really?" "Yeah. Actually, I tried some once. I felt so good, but what really happened was that I was running in my backyard, singing like a tone-deaf monkey. Afterwards, I limited the stuff." "Then why do we have all of this damn catnip?" Aeris spoke while opening a hidden drawer, revealing several bags of the grounded powder. "Seriously, if Swartzen-Cop barges in here and finds that shit, we would be so fucking screwed." "This is why I took care of Swartzen-Cop myself. Dumbass falls for everything. I paid DJ to hold a copy of Splatter House 2010 today. Shortly after, Swartzen-Cop started shooting at him. While DJ ran, I escaped, while DJ led the nut into Major Payne's house…" "Oh shit… That is way too cruel…" "Nah, cruel is Johnny, remember? I still owe ya for getting me outta there before he diced me ta pieces…" Both shuddered upon remembering that incident. That damn Swartzen-Cop had arrested Leo for not having a license, which seemed rather stupid since Leo was 19, afterwards he was imprisoned in Johnny Evil Guy's 'pet store' were he said that if Aeris didn't bring the license by the next morning, then Leo would be in a bloody trash bag next time she would see him. It was a close call and rather scary for both. For Leo, he was almost diced by a sick torture device. For Aeris, she had to retrieve a bag of… family jewels for the sick fuck to eat in order for him to spare the other cat's life.

"Well, in any case, here is the last thing." Leo then pulled the bag from the crate then pulled out the contents to reveal… "OH MY GAWD! THESE GAMES AREN'T EVEN RELEASED YET!" Aeris' face turned giddy with excitement as she marveled the unreleased video games that the male had acquired. Kingdom Hearts 3D, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and more unreleased VG's. It was unbelievable. She could already picture her and her best friend fighting off horde after horde of Xenomorphs in order to escape before they were used for food or breeding. Or the two and the other, probably stupid, A.I. fighting against the swarm of Infected, carefully and quickly evading the attacks from Special Types.

"How did you get these? They are incredible! You even got Dissidia 012! I've been trying forever to get it!" "Heh… I know a few… so does my family… so it was a matter of picking up the stuff after making a few deals. Plus… they were for… someone I-"Warm arms draped around him as the female embraced him in a tight hug. "Thank you so much!" fortunately for Leo, she didn't see the fresh blush that creased his face as she held him tightly. He appreciated making her happy. It was one of the better things he had come to appreciate over the years they had been best friends since kitten hood. But over the years, his thoughts on her had gradually began to change as he began noticing her outward appearance, but he was more concerned about her inside appearance and doing what he could just put a smile on her face. But that alone didn't stop the rampaging hormones that would go through any male, some which are so powerful, it'll make a person dedicated to abstinence have a 'one-night quickie' In short, he had to eventually get loose from her grip, lest too much blood went south… It's not like there weren't other, more beautiful girls, it's just that it felt a little cliché if he said anything regarding how he felt, like something out of a general romance novel.

"Uggh…" "What?" "Your clothes are soaked and I'm freezing my ass off just by hugging you!" "I know. I'll be in the bathroom." "If I find another stain in there…" "OH, FOR GOD'S SAKE! I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU THAT THAT WAS LOTION! I DON'T DO THAT SHIT!" It was a ridiculous incident just a few days prior to today. After taking a shower and rubbing some lotion onto his paws, he didn't notice that he dropped some lotion onto the floor, and stepped in it when he put on a pair of his red shoes. Needless to say… It looked very disturbing when it was Aeris' turn. The moment she ran out of the shower after noticing the suspicious stain on the floor, she proceeded to immediately attack Leo, who at that point in time, was making a PB and banana sandwich.

"In any case, thanks so much! I'll try Aliens right now." "Wait up for me!" "Sure, I'll need a hand, especially when those damn face-rapists are around…" "All right, be out in a minute." After heading to the room which he inhabited and collected his fresh pajamas, he was about to enter the bathroom until… Aeris had shot up rather fast from her seat on the couch, and before Leo could even react, her lips pecked him on his left cheek. "Thanks, again. These are so freaking awesome!" Leo froze up, blushed as she walked back to the couch, booting up the Alien game, and then ran into the bathroom when way too much blood was flustering his face, closing it softly with a click, signifying that the door was locked.

As he stood in the shower, hot water cascading down his body, he felt he was very fortunate that he escaped in time so he could calm himself before… But of course, his thoughts drifted to her again. Even though she could be, and usually is, incredibly violent to the point in which she would beat the living hell out of either the one who pissed her off, or her feline punching bag. He simply made a joke about 'the rag' and she threatened to slice his balls off, jam them down his throat, cut open his stomach, and rinse, lather, repeat and revealed a rather rusty Swiss Army Knife from her pocket, which she dubbed 'Neuter'. But that didn't mean much to him, considering that she simply changed from the old days. It's not like he missed the old personality, he did, but bringing a simple smile to her face, getting a laugh out of her, or a 'thank you' was a good enough reward in his opinion because it let him know that despite the occasional ass-whipping, she still appreciated his company. As he bent, fixing a rather nasty crick in his back caused by carrying that heavy crate, he pondered his current situation with Aeris. It was a strange one, at best, but to him, it was a good one. But his thoughts, damn his hormones began drifting to certain and rather naughty thoughts and the hot water was not helping. He tried everything he could possibly think of to prevent those damn hormone induced thoughts from winning, but the persistent thought of her kept rising with increased force. With a sigh, he grabbed the nozzle that controlled the temperature of the water. "I am gonna fucking hate this…" with that he turned the shower handle to the area that would release cold water.


Pinching the space between her eyes, Aeris sighed as she heard her roommate/best friend scream in the shower. She figured the dumb nutcase had accidentally changed the water temperature. Silently, she laughed to herself as the deafening yells only continued. She wondered how in the world she had been friends with him when they were little. But then again, he did stop that jackass, Solid Snake, from picking on her in the hallway. Since that day, she had always met with him to play some games, talk about things, and other crazy stuff. He may have been, and still is, a supreme dumbass, but in the end, he always was looking out for her, and she knew it. The two had constantly supported each other throughout the years, even when times were as hard as hell for them. She wondered what was possibly going through that head of his. "Nothing." Was her immediate thought, but her perspective of him had immediately changed whenever she would remember instances in which he would defend her, especially when she thought of last year's snowman incident… That damn Evil Guy had switched the hat for their snowman with one that bore the pentagram of Satan, but neither would notice until after it had a body to use. Shortly after, it came alive and attacked the two. He took a devastating puncture wound in the shoulder, while she ran off to retrieve Leo's custom made flamethrower and incinerated the abomination before it could kill him. If he threw himself in the way, receiving a rather nasty wound that was originally meant to end her life, then did that mean he was simply protecting her? Was it because the bond as friends they shared? Did he have feelings for her?

The last question made her blush. To say that she didn't care for him was a lie as bad as saying Duke Nukem Forever was an awesome game. She remembered how devastated he was after trying it and it tore into her as she watched him immediately destroy all of his Duke-related items that he had collected. She had to comfort her friend as he lamented ever obtaining any Duke-related thing if he ever knew how horrible the new game was by dumping his things into a dumpster then setting the contents on fire with gasoline and a match. As the wreckage burned, he gave a final thumb up and said Duke's infamous line: "Hail to the king, baby." before she comforted him. If any of the mainstream games she liked were to royally suck, she'd do the exact same thing while he would comfort her. But in any case, she wondered if he did feel a little more than just being friends. If he did and admitted it, what would she say?

She would have to continue that subject later seeing that her roommate had walked out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist. "Sex-" "Say that line again, and I swear I-" "Just kidding! Later!" As she thought as he left, he can be a dumbass, but he was a nice and kind dumbass and that definitely made up for his silly qualities. Well, most of them. "Yo! Aeris!" "Yeah?" "Can I borrow your fur dryer for a moment?" "Mess it up, or put it at your crotch, and I will kill you!" "Don't worry!" She could trust him with most of her things, just not her laptop, since he had a tendency of looking inside it for her fan fiction works. It's not that she didn't want him to know she loved writing yaoi fics, which he already found out, but she kept something personal to her in it. Starting the game, she patiently awaited her friend's arrival so the two could do nothing but kill Xenomorphs.

Inside his room, he had already finished using the large dryer and had begun throwing on his pajamas. It seemed to be a total waste to wear jeans and the like seeing he wasn't going anywhere now. Shortly afterwards he went into Aeris' room and began taking what little packages that remained and placed them in his cluttered room. The two agreed that since the apartment was getting cluttered that their collective items would be placed in whoever lost a rock-paper-scissors rounds room. He felt incredibly stupid for losing, but if he got to share a bed with her, then he wasn't complaining. Grabbing the MP3 off of his lamppost, he shut both doors and joined her in slaughtering the Xenomorph race.

The day had gone by in the eventful manner, surviving Xenomorphs, Leo watching Aeris play Kingdom Hearts, Leo playing Uncharted (losing quite often), eating some leftover pizza from the day previous, doing a little catnip when things got boring, watched Daniel Tosh, once again, deliver more insane videos and notorious video clips, like the Chocolate Rain guy, as the two guffawed till neither could even breathe, fought each other on Dissidia 012, Leo being Gabranth, while Aeris was Cloud. It was a close call but a lucky EX Limit from Leo had ended the match. Normally expecting a 'I whooped your ass', Aeris was in for a shock when he extended his hand and said that the battle was a great one and he thought he would lose for a few moments, especially when she used Braver's Instant Guard Break whenever he least expected it, his natural impulse telling him to block it. When the sky turned black and still-snow-filled, the two decided to retire, at least for the night. Grabbing the TV from Leo's room, they hooked it up to their now shared room, and continued watching anything of particular interest, usually Comedy Central's Ugly Americans. Leo had even joked that he and Aeris were like the two main characters, Mark and Callie. He was a simple yet ridiculous guy, while she was a domineering demon from hell. But he never got a response because the girl had already fallen asleep, and on his chest no less. "Umm… wow is this awkward… Heh, oh well. I don't really mind…" ("Actually, I hope she does this more often…") A half an hour later, Leo had flicked off the TV, seeing that he himself was falling asleep as well. "Christmas… 2 days… away… *yawn*… sleepy… good night… Aeris…" And he passed out as well, the comforter providing warmth for the two as they slept.

Outside, the snow had begun to increase as more feet of snow blocked entrances around the neighborhood. DJ watched in shock from his home as it eventually covered his window from the first floor. "Oh man… I hope those two will be okay…"

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