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Snowed In

Originally Done by TheOmegaZero100

Redone by LuxUmbra2012

Chapter 2: Day 2

Today is December 23

Aeris had awoken from her slumber, the last things he remembered was sleeping on something even warmer than the comforter that the two felines shared. It was so soft, warm, and furry and- wait… furry? She cracked her eyes open only to shut them because of the sunlight gleaming in from the window. A moment later, she tried again, letting her sapphire blue eyes adjust to the light. Awake, she turned her head and learned what she was sleeping on. Due to an imprint on his chest, she realized at she had rested her head on the fuzzy and bare chest of her roommate, who was sound asleep, a slight mumble or grunt coming from him every now and then. She was surprised at first and hoped he didn't realize what happened. After fixing her messed up hair and re-straightening it, she looked at her sleeping roommate, a smirk appeared on her face. "Maybe I'll mess with his dreams…" Crawling up to his head, she positioned her face next to his ear. With a devious smile, she whispered, "So, did you like today and all the fun we had?" "Hmm… yeah… *snore*" she was surprised. Truthfully, she didn't even know it would work on him, let anyone else. "So, what now?" "*snore* what…ever… is okay… with you." "Anything?" He blushed in his own sleep while Aeris mentally laughed. The sight was hilarious through her perspective of things. But there was a question that she had. Who was he dreaming about? "Can you say my name? It's nice when you let those words loose from that cute mouth of yours." Did she just say cute? "Oh… of course…" Moment of truth… who was he dreaming about?

Leo awoke to find out that the room had become somewhat chilly. "Dammit… forgot the heater again… hey, where's Aeris?" Picking himself from the bed, he straightened the bed and went to the kitchen, turning the heater on as he walked by. He found her sitting in her usual clothing, a large purple jacket placed behind her, scarfing down a bowl of cereal rather hastily. "Morning." "What are you doing? Don't you know it's Monday?" "OH SHIT! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME!" He ran off, trying desperately to remove his pajama pants at the same time, only to fall flat on his face as he failed. Sighing in anger, he ran inside the room and pulled some of his usual clothing out and slipped on the trademarked blue jeans and shirt, taking care to put the bell around his neck. Aeris had always questioned why he continuously wore the blue bell every single day when he fervently cleaned it when he returned from school in front of her. He claimed it was a good luck charm. The bell had been a present from her to him when he turned 6 years old, (ironically the very year they first met) in thanks of locking that douche, Snake, in the lockers about a good four more times before he finally got the message through his head. He had been holding on to it nearly 14 years.

Why? That was a mystery to Aeris. "Because he likes you, dumbass…" Her thoughts told her. "Think about it. He holds onto a birthday gift since he was a kitten for 13 years, he throws himself in the way to save you, even last year when he fucked up the gift you wanted, he still slaved his ass off delivering newspapers, going to Conker's world, shoveling Donkey Kong shit, and live a day in the life of an Italian plumber! Not to mention… you know what he said…" She wouldn't forget the words he uttered in his sleep.


"Oh… of course… Ms. Cole…" she was shocked beyond complete and total belief. He was dreaming about her! It was flattering at first, but she had another question to ask. "So… can you tell me what happened again? I fell asleep in your arms" "Just a great time, having some dinner, a drink, some games…" "Anything else?" "We just…" "!" "Cuddled… nothing special… of course… being… around you is… always… special…"

She had the look of someone who just learned a devastating secret, which is exactly what happened right now. Leo, her life-long friend since kitten hood, the supreme and unpredictable dumbass, the most gullible cat on earth, just admitted that he was dreaming about a freaking date with her, and not a single bit of lewdness in his words, while still asleep! He just admitted, in a sense that did care for her, and way beyond Aeris' expectations. She got of the bed, absolutely stunned by the revelation and had a blush so furious, her white cheeks melded with her main fur color. Out of everyone that he has seen, why her? How the hell did she know? To even learn this was just unbelievable, to say the least. Her thoughts a complete jumble, she grabbed some fresh clothes, and took a shower to prepare herself for the day.

As she stood in the spray of hot water, she looked at herself. In her, and other people's opinions, she was nothing special, an average girl with an average body. Hell, even her 2 ex-boyfriends admitted this, but said that she was so special. All those damn perverts wanted to do was get inside her pants. But why would he like her? It just didn't make any sense… But again there were even more things to consider his feelings for her when she remembered an incident that occurred with one of her ex's, now incarcerated in prison. Her second boyfriend, Xavier, attacked Leo in the hallway, thinking he was trying to steal Aeris away from him. As the burly tiger held the cat by his throat, the cat saw not a caring look in his eyes, but something more sinister. Ultimately, Leo's time truly shone when the two, (with Leo secretly hiding nearby.) were staying near a cliff side watching a meteor shower. Xavier had tried a few times to get a little 'closer' to her, but she playfully pushed him away, somewhat flattered. Then things got worse… Xavier began trying much harder… In fact, since no one was around, he knocked her down and pinned her arms and legs. Before the situation at hand could get any worse, a voice sounded from above the two. "Hey… Xavier… I told you if you tried anything to hurt Aeris… anything to take advantage of her… anything fucking thing you tried that she didn't want to do… especially with a scumbag like you… THEN I WOULD KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS!" She remembered how hard he fought against the obviously taller and stronger tiger, but despite the many injuries he received, he downed Xavier, rapidly punched his face several times, got off of him, and cursed him for trying that to her. It was one of the very few times she had ever seen him so serious and every time she saw that, it somewhat let her know that things would be all right. He even asked if there would be anything she wanted to do to Xavier. She agreed and stepped on Xavier's face then… (Do I need I say it?). it hurt her to know that her ex's only tried to just get her in the bed, in fact one tried to fucking rape her, but both times, Leo was always there, either helping her out, or keeping her safe. But what truly convinced her was what happened after that. Xavier taunted that despite his friendship with her, he would do the exact same. Leo froze, strode with a deadly glint that would surpass all of Aeris' previous ones to the beaten tiger, hissed with primal wrath at him, and then stomped on his face and stomach several times. She asked after Xavier was arrested why would he even spy on them in the first place, with him answering that "I had a bad feeling off of him… and for anyone to hurt my best friend is a death penalty in my book…" "Thanks… I'm sorry I didn't listen… sometimes I think I should actually take your advice…" "First, it's fine, as long as you're okay… Second, don't ever take my advice unless I am deadly serious… Third, I'm tired and messed up… Wanna go home?"

He cared for her. End of story. He loved her. End of story. Did he 'love' or was he 'in love' with her? That was the question. Now that she knew and easily confirmed it, she would have to ask him soon. When? Who knew, but soon… She even considered if she even liked him back. He is a dumbass, says highly inappropriate things, jokes about sexual innuendo, and falls for practically any trick in the book, even the 'spell ICUP' joke. But he always tried his best to make her laugh, even though she would beat the hell out of him. He always was watching out for her, even when she said that she regretted even meeting him (which was a lie fueled by anger), only for him to take it in stride. He risked his own life to keep her safe. He always tried his hardest to do things right by her book. He tried all the damn time to keep her happy, while he kept a pleasant smile on his face when he finally succeeded in doing so. He was always there when she was upset and even though she would beat the absolute living shit out of him, he never said anything against her or even held it against her. Any regular person would either leave or snap at her, but he didn't. Leo never did. "And it's because… he…" It all finally made sense…

Running out of the room, Leo was desperately trying to both put his blue shirt on and run to the front door, not even caring if he had to forget his winter coat. Ultimately, he failed, again for the 39th time, and fell onto his face as he barely fit his head through the top of his shirt. "DAMN IT TO PUS SPEWING BLOOD GUTTED HELL!" he yelled upon landing on his nose. "Fuck it. Ready?" "You're not gonna wear your coat?" "Ready?" "I'll take that as a no…" "Okay." Leo had begun to open the door, until Aeris declared that she had forgotten something important. Leo sighed and opened the door fully only to see a huge wall of snow taking the place of the door. Aeris came back only to see the same thing. "I'm so fucked…" Leo said as the wall fell on him and buried him alive while he yelled, "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!"

How in the absolute hell did this happen? Well, when the snow picked up, it began blocking entrances to homes around Toronto, even apartment complexes doors were shut off due to the flow of the wind.

"You alive in there?" Popping his head out of the snow, Leo nodded and said, "Well… we are boned…" Normally, she would smack him every time he even said the word 'boned'. Cringing as he waited for the blow, none ever came. He opened his eyes to see her kneeling dead in front of him. "It's fine. Get some towels and I'll help you clean this snow up. Hurry up before it melts." To say he was surprised was an understatement, but he retrieved a few more towels and together they removed the snow from the front door, throwing the excess down the sink. Closing the door, Leo flicked the living room television on to assess the situation at hand. When he changed it to the local weather channel, a familiar face was yelling to the audience about the current weather. "Hey… isn't that the dude who drives his car with his ass?" "Him again?" "Yeah! What the hell is he doing here?" Said man was now steering the live camera with his ass towards certain areas of the city that experienced the worst of the storm, all while yelling somewhat incomprehensible words, but the two understood the gist of what the guy was saying. In short, several areas were literally buried underneath the snow, preventing anyone from leaving their homes and the apartment complex they resided in was in one of those areas. After somewhat more insane babbling, the police showed up on screen and arrested the man for cannibalism…

"People are as strange as hell here, right?" "You're telling me that? A Yu-Gi-Oh or other card game obsessed maniac, a guy who eats testicles, a military officer turned gay masochist, a demon from hell who got kicked out for being too damn nice, a superhero who goes crazy after drinking a single vodka cooler, a black guy who constantly has devious schemes up his sleeves (DJ), a buff, yet incredibly stupid cop who nearly killed you twice because he hates anthropomorphic animals with a damn passion, and now you are telling me that we know weird people?" "Yup." "Took ya long enough." "Well, I don't really mind all of it, until after seeing that guy on the air." "Well, looks like we are stuck for a while." "Can I use my flameth- wait, never mind. If I did, I'd burn the damn place down. So what now?" "Go ration the food. I'll boot up Aliens so we can just kill the shit outta those suckers when u are done." "Hah, you love those face-huggers, don't ya?" "Just ration the stuff, alright?" "Yeah." Walking towards the kitchen, he began opening cabinets that contained any form of foodstuffs, a few cans containing Leo's worst nightmare, spinach. (God, that stuff tastes like liquid barf). Reading a guideline that Aeris kept for emergency purposes, he began taking a list of each item and jotted down each note carefully. "Done. With all of the stuff we have here along with all the stuff I brought in yesterday, we have enough supplies and food to last… let me see… a month, a month and a half if we stick to rations during the days." "Okay. Thanks. You done over there? Come on, I found the hive. Let's kill the queen!" "Oh, shit! Am I in!" Skillfully jumping over the couch and grabbing the Xbox controller before he landed with a soft thud, Leo took his place and joined her in the campaign against the Xenomorph Queen.

"Let's get the hell outta here! The place is gonna blow! Where's the goddamn aircraft!" "Just up the stairs! How much time!" "We have 5 minutes! Hurry up!" The last two commandos of the recently dispatched Omega squad were fleeing an underground reactor which was used as a breeding and food storage for the horrible alien monsters, the Xenomorphs. The entire group, save the two, were either gruesomely killed by the monsters, dragged away to be cattle for the parasitic face-huggers, or committed suicide to escape the nightmare. The two had recently angered the mother of all of the abominations by destroying her nest and her massive ovipositor, preventing any more face-huggers from being born by the queen. Along the way, the warrior breed attacked them repeatedly, but since they memorized the pattern in which they would attack, it was much easier to dispatch the monsters easily. Runners pursued them, Stalkers ambushed them, the Queen chased them, the Warriors fought them, but they still were able to push through, their armor reduced to a sizzling puddle about 5 minutes ago, and several claw injuries present on their bodies. The damage done to the Queen's chamber had triggered the final detonation sequence within the top secret research colony, Janus-Sigma-34. Now the two sole survivors of the terrible incident had less than five minutes to get to the spacecraft the squad used to arrive on the station and escape, before a devastating nuclear explosion would not only destroy the aliens but them too. Their Desperate Escape. (Resident Evil reference)

"We're here! There's the Ikaruga! Let's get out of here!" 'Leo! Watch out! Above you!" The male sergeant slid on the cold metal before hastily turning around and rolling out of the way, barely avoiding death as a massive figure fell in front of them. With an angry screech, the Xenomorph Queen had finally caught up to them, and it was determined to make the two cats pay for destroying her home and babies. With a hiss, the creature lunged its barbed and poison-tipped tail forward at the male, who had just regained his balance, only to see the appendage wrap itself around him. Grunting desperately as he struggled in the creature's grip, the Queen let a satisfied howl as she drew him closer to her mouth. Opening her jaws, Leo struggled even more when he saw the second mouth inside the first. He knew instantly what was going to happen. After all, this is how Sarge died when he was ambushed by Warrior morphs. The Queen hissed, the acidic saliva dripping onto the metal floor with a sizzle. Aeris had grabbed a standard issue military plasma rifle, left behind by one of their traitorous members who was killed before he could even board the Ikaruga, and fired at the base of the Queen's tail, severing it and saving Leo from a particularly gory death. The Queen howled in pained anguish at the loss of its primary weapon as acidic, green blood poured from the hole where the Queen's tail used to be, said tail now twitching violently away from the combatants. Falling to the floor, the male hastily gained distance away from the creature as it continued howling, and grabbed his combat shotgun. "Yo! Queenie! Over here! Man, did I love blowing your babies to bits today!" the male taunted, trying to grab the monsters attention. The Queen, now getting over the pain, growled in fury at the males comment and charged at him, the ground shaking with each one of its heavy steps. The monstrosity lunged its razor sharp claws at the male, who swiftly evaded the deathblow and emptied a round of the shotgun into the massive beast. Angered, it kept trying to strike the inferior creature, but every time it predicted her movement and dodged her attacks. Without her tail, the queen had lost a devastating edge it would have against her prey. When it failed to strike the feline, a devastating blast of energy slammed into the creature's backside, knocking it to the floor. Shortly after, more shotgun rounds and plasma bursts were unloaded onto the mother of all Xenomorphs as the two cats ruthlessly blasted it as it lay on its back. It screeched in pure, unrivaled agony, desperately calling for her babies, all of them dead, which she knew herself. She feigned death, hoping they would fall for it. The two sighed in relief and began to walk away, activating the ship, saying something about "2 minutes left" completely falling for the matriarch's trick. Shortly after, it silently crept behind them as they were opening the docking hatch to the ship and, with her arms, grabbed the two cats in her hands. The Queen roared in triumph as she squeezed the two, savoring their gasps and screams of pain and anguish. Now they would pay for the deaths of her offspring. Bringing the pink one to her face, the Queen spat a small amount of her saliva, blinding the girl as the volatile material burned her vision. The male was struggling so hard when he saw and heard this action that the Queen felt some resistance against her iron grip. For a small moment, the male was free, until she grabbed him again, snarling at the male's desperate attempt. She figured that if the male was desperately trying to free himself, then the girl in her hands must be his mate. The Queen enjoyed this thought, ending any possible chances of breeding as she killed his mate in front of his eyes. (A/N: Queen Xenomorphs are far smarter than regular ones, especially since they can operate machinery, so sentient thought is possible for Queens, especially with the vengeful Queen in Aliens that constantly pursued Ripley.)

Getting ready for the deathblow, the Queen opened her jaws, the second mouth slowly moving forward towards her. She wanted to savor the taste of each of the felines. Before she could end the girl, said girl grabbed the second mouth, cracking her burned eyes and smiling as she bent the mouth upwards. The Queen tried to escape before any damage could be done but when she turned her head right, the girl pulled left and snapped the mouth off. The Queen howled in pain as blood oozed from the wound. This effectively damned the Queen. Even if she were to kill the two, she would never be able to eat her prey due to the loss. During the ordeal, Leo and Aeris broke loose from the monster's grip. Leo grabbed a signal flare and accurately threw it into the groove of the Queen's extended head, where she couldn't reach it. At the same time, the eyesore girl had retrieved a heat-seeking missile launcher and fired it at the monster. The flare giving away the monster's position had signaled the Queen's doom as the missile embedded itself into her stomach. The two docked on board the Ikaruga as the facility, and the Queen began to explode due to the catastrophic failure of the station. The Queen roared in agony as the missile detonated, blowing it to tiny pieces. The Ikaruga was able to reach the minimum safe distance required to safely escape the station's total destruction. Sighing in relief, the two had finally relaxed as the Ikaruga flew away from the wreckage and into the vast emptiness of space. Using the auto guiding system, the course set for Earth would take three days to pass before they reached their destination. Knowing that the ordeal was finally over, the first thing the two cats did was pass out in their respective seats. The autopilot guiding the Ikaruga to its final destination: home.


The two cheered their triumphed over the game with shouts of victory, hi-fiving each other, and fist bumping. The game had drained a massive amount of their time today, night having already settled in for the remainder of the day. "May the sacrifice of Sarge and Derek never be forgotten." "Amen, fellow marine May their souls find their peace as the see the scourge of the universe be destroyed forever." After a good 12 hours, the two finally shut off the game, after saving their progress of course, and switched it back to the DirecTV to watch more television before slumber would claim them. Grabbing a large pink blanket from the room that used to be Leos, the large comforter provided the so needed warmth that the two had craved ever since the temperature had rapidly dropped when night had descended . "Ahh… a long but satisfying day, huh Aeris?" "Again, amen to that." Turning the television to G4's 'Ultimate Banzuke' the two watched the contestants failed in various challenges in amusement. Aeris had cuddled into Leo's back as she rested her head on his as the program continued. She felt so close to him… She will tell him.

More time passed and soon, the desire for slumber began to overtake the two. Aeris, drowsy beyond compare, was rapidly losing consciousness. Before she could utter another word, she had fallen asleep, still oh so close to her roommate. After a few minutes, Leo arose from the couch, taking care not to disturb his silent crush, and strode away to what used to be his room. Pulling the Triforce necklace from his pocket that he stealthily removed from the neck of his tenant, he grabbed a few tools and slowly worked on restoring the aged pendant to its original state. It took time, effort, and a will not to pass out, but ultimately he succeeded in restoring the old pendant completely, just like the day he gave it to her for her birthday when she turned 8. Treading carefully, he placed the pendant around her neck, before going back to put up the tools he used to recreate the present from long ago. Before he fell asleep on the couch adjacent, he placed a book she had long been waiting to claim in her hands: Dungeon Guy 5: The New Dungeon Adventures. With a smile, he passed out on the couch, a satisfied smile creased on his furred lips.

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