This is the final chapter of Snowed In. I hope everyone will like it. Afterwards, I will write a 3 part sequel to it. I hope you, the readers, will enjoy the final chapter of Snowed In, alongside the second chapter of the collaborated NLA.

Snowed In

Final Chapter

Originally done by TheOmegaZero1000

Redone by LuxUmbra2012

The day is New Year's Eve.

Time is 11:49 P.M. 11 minutes from New Year's Day.

It was a private celebration between friends and family today. Leo's parents were gracious enough to allow the group, including Ternaldo and DJ, to celebrate at their house. The gang, consisting of the two cats, the lion, the demon, the hero, Samantha (a tigress and a close friend to Aeris), and the three humans, sat down in the living room, watching several movies to pass the time as the New Year approached. Shortly after, Leo's mother, Karen, walked in carrying a rather large cheesecake that she had made earlier. The group gave their thanks to her for her and Leo the 2nd's wonderful cooking and desserts, none of them knowing that the resident nutcase made some of the food alongside his parents, none of them, but of course save Aeris. The two of them were still able to use their regular outside attitudes whenever they were within the presence of other people, especially their friends and family. But alone, no one could possibly impede them. And to them, the best part was that they had fooled everyone into believing that they were still a moron and a tyrant respectively. No one suspected that they were interested in each other, let alone sharing the same bed quite often, safely though…

"Hmm… something's up between them… I wonder…"

Eating out of individual bowls of popcorn (save Krug who was still eating leftover Snake soup), they all sat, including the generous hosts, watching several movies, ranging from Advent Children, Resident Evil: Degeneration, the first 3 Star Wars episodes (4-6), Spaceballs, and the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump (it just flicked on and Pantsman told everyone how inappropriately hilarious it was.) "I wouldn't vote for a man whose resting facial expression is 'Who farted?'" Surprisingly, the tomcat's parents were okay with the show, granted Karen did have a few "Oh my!" moments, especially when Snoop Dog made the scene. ("Hey y'all. Snibbety Diggedy.) Ternaldo and DJ held their stomachs, rolling on their backs with laughter, Scott and Ramona tried desperately to stifle their laughter, but they failed and joined the others. Karen went wide eyed in surprise while Leo the 2nd simply said, "By Jove…" before finishing his sentence with, "That's, as Leo would say, 'fucking hilarious!'" The statement was unexpected to all, quickly earning everyone's attention, most notably, his son who dropped his jaw in shock. Pantsman doubled over in laughter. Sam was taking quick breathes during her fit. It was simply too much for her. The demon, oblivious to the jokes meaning, simply ate from the soup, chomping on a leg bone as he noisily gulped from his bowl. The last two were laughing alongside everyone else. Shortly after, Pantsman's alarm went off, signifying the near end of the old year. Telling everyone about the time, he grabbed the remote and changed it to the channel where Times Square was making the final countdown. On baited breath, everyone made their new year's resolutions inside their minds or mentally reminded themselves about them. Karen's was always the same: a bigger and better year than the year before. DJ's was simple: Prepare himself for the upcoming college years ahead of them. Sam's was to find a good boyfriend: One she could understand and respect her as she would respect him. Ternaldo's would be challenging: Lose some weight. Leo the 2nd's would be the same as Karen's. Granted, when Leo the 3rd would leave, period, he would try to spend more time with his wife, by any means necessary. (Hey, it's a family line of perverts…) Pantsman's was to lay off vodka for a year. (He failed 5 minutes later unwittingly.) Krug's was to try to cause more mayhem and destruction so he could go back to Hell for a visit and get some more grass seeds from his father, Behemecoatyl. Somebody kept stealing his stuff. Scott's was to try to get a better job within the city. He figured if he defeated the 7 evil exes' (including Gideon Graves, Powers: Being a dick), then he could definitely land a good job. Ramona was to net the promotion at her mail delivery company and finally make enough money for better things for her and Scott (that would be easy thanks to her Subspace powers). Aeris' was to gain the personally coveted scholarship so she wouldn't have to put her family through financial debt, and maintain her secret with Leo for as long as possible. He was hers and she would allow no one, NO ONE, to discover it for as long as possible. And she knew it would last long. After all, they are headed for the same college, alongside their friends. Leo's was to push hard through his last year in high school and make a better name for himself. Another one was to dominate any video game that came his way, no matter the challenge. His final resolution was… to never give up the sacred treasure he had gained not even two weeks ago. That one was his most important. Even though he wasn't as smart as she was, he believed in that being the most trustworthy, he most caring, and the most loving person would give him the happiness he so wanted for so long. He would fight hard for this, and never give in, no matter what happened.











With a great shout, heard worldwide, the people of the world shouted as loud as each individual's lungs could allow, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Those within Leo's home would do the same as the year 2011 faded into distant memory, allowing the year 2012 to finally come and for all to face the brand new year and the unknown future. The first thing that Pantsman did as everyone started enjoying the festivities was drink a small glass of vodka, declaring "Happy New Year to everyone!" before realizing that he had already broken his new year's resolution. "FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU- THAT DOESN'T COUNT!" He yelled, as the teenagers started laughing at how quickly the hero had broken his pact.

Eventually, the celebrations winded down and most of the two cats' friends had already departed, bidding their farewells and good lucks for the New Year. Pantsman soared into the skies, saying he was heading in, but not before finishing some business first. (He would later come under fire from the Justice League again, after filling Superman's lair with red kryptonite, which made the other hero do unpredictable and random things the moment he walked inside his secret ice fortress. The League would have no proof of Pantsman actually doing it, thus letting him walk away scot free.) Leo's parent retired for the night, telling the last two, Aeris and Leo, goodnight and that they will see them in the morning. The two went to the male's room, where shortly after, he opened his window and started climbing the tall evergreen tree next to his home. Sitting on a stable branch, he called Aeris up to sit with him and talk about what to do next, the girl climbing it quickly and sat beside him. The snow had faded for now, allowing them to be in their usual clothes as the moon shone brightly. "So… ready for this?" the male ventured out first. "It'll be hard and difficult, but yeah." Gripping hands on the branch, the two wondered what could await them in the years to come. Who could possibly know? But at least they wouldn't have to do it alone, and that's what mattered to them. Below them, sitting at the base of the tree was DJ,(he was the last one to leave 5 minutes before now) who pondered at first how to tackle the new days ahead to gain an edge after barely escaping from Swartzen-Cop (who fled after Major Payne started driving after him for more fun time), but he stopped as he heard rustling from above. Looking up, he was greeted with quite a shock. Two close friends he had known for 3 years, kissing rather fervently on a tree branch above him. "I knew it! I knew it! There WAS something between them!" he screamed inside his mind.

Leo enjoyed every moment he could spend alone with her and this case was no exception. Once again, like before, his primal desires began to rise as his actions grew more fervent and intensified in roughness. It was always difficult to restrain himself around Aeris, even within the public eye and especially after hidden feelings came to light, but this was a secret, one that they swore to keep hidden as long as possible. Aeris learned quickly about Leo and how wild he could be. She would never admit it to him out of their heated rivalry but Leo played rough every time they had chances like this and she liked it. It gave her reason to find a way to, once again, one-up him while still feeling a soothing, peaceful bliss with someone special to her. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment.

"WOOHOO! GET SOME! GET SOME!" Both cats froze in terror as an all too familiar voice sounded from below them. Looking down, they spotted the source of the voice, DJ, standing a few feet from the base of the tree, grinning from ear to ear. Their hearts sank. How could they have easily been caught? Was it the wrong place at the wrong time? Was DJ spying on them? Many questions flooded both cats' minds, until the male jumped off from the branch down to another and then the floor, determined to get an answer from their interloper. Anger flooded through the feline's veins as he slowly approached the other man. "DJ! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SITTING THERE!" "Only a few minutes, dude. I thought on my future plans, but then I heard this rustling above me, looked up, and I see the two of you, making out like there's no goddamn tomorrow! " "I SWEAR IF YOU TELL ANYONE-" "Ok, look. I wouldn't even dare think about it. First, Aeris already scares the crap outta me with her threats and I KNOW she makes good on them. Second, I have never seen you pissed off and you scare me as bad as she does. Finally, you guys are my friends. Why would I even say something like that? If I did, you can call me Judas for the rest of my days, revoke our friendship, and kick my ass all the way to New York City. But know that I won't do that to you two."

Even though it was hard for the two to accept the fact that they had been found out, they considered the fortunate situation they had. It was DJ who discovered them, but the fact was that he always held a secret to the grave. To date, he still held 4 of Leo's secrets to himself, most of them involving silly pranks around school, or getting even with the school's ruthless bully, Jason York, by planting hardcore pornography in his locker. (Where did he get it? Major Payne's house) Aeris had jumped down to the bottom of the tree and strode calmly to the two boys. Stopping in front of the human, she simply worded to him, "If you say anything, I will kill you in a way so horrible, so torturous, so gory and agony-filled, it will have no name." "WHAT PART OF 'YOU SCARE THE SHIT OUTTA ME' DO YOU NOT GET!" DJ yelled, granted while cowering in fear of her dangerous statement. Afterwards, the human stood and turned around. "That's it. I'm outta here. See you guys later… oh… and… congrats, guys. I hope this works out for you." He said as he walked away, headed for home. "HEY, DJ!" Leo called out to him before he was out of their sight. DJ spun around, hearing his friend call out to him. "WHAT?" he responded back in the darkness.

"THANKS!" "YEAH! GOOD LUCK, GUYS!" and with that, he vanished from their sight.

"Well… that was an odd moment…" "Yup… do you trust him, Leo?" "Yup. So… what now?"

A rather devious smirk crossed the female's face after he asked that question. The male recognized that look before… "Playtime…"


"Woohoo! I won again!" "Not so loud. Your parents are asleep, remember?" "Oh, sorry."

Pulling out their PSP's, they had engaged each other in a few rounds of Dissidia: Duodecim. So far, the score was Aeris: 5, Leo: 5. The first one to win 6 battles would be the winner. The rules were simple. If a character was KO'ed, then they weren't allowed to use said character again. Due to Aeris'' victories, Leo had lost: Gabranth, Sephiroth, Garland, Kefka Palazzo, and Theodore Harvey (Golbez). But not before he could take: Tidus, Cloud, Jecht, and Prishe. The male had just won another round against her, forbidding the use of copycat Bartz Klauser. Now only the final round remained. Determined to win against one another, the characters were selected and stage was set.

Holding twin daggers in each of her hands, her tail swishing back and forth, Aeris knew full well who her final opponent would be. Every time Leo was backed into a corner, he would assume the form of the embodiment of fear. As her thoughts completed themselves, a monstrous roar blasted throughout the spacious Dimensional Rift. A portal, filled with white-hot fire and smoke, appeared suddenly in front of her. A massive figure leaped from the hellish hole and landed not too far from her. It felt like the temperature had increased drastically as she tugged on her Victorian-esque clothing to release some heat from the insides of her clothes. The being, covered in fire and smoke, shook the flames off of its hulking form, revealing the one fiend she feared the absolute most. With a deafening roar, Feral Chaos smashed its fists into the ground with two of its four arms. "Ok… not good… Now I'm up shit creek without a paddle!" she thought to herself. Just as she predicted, Leo unleashed the fury of Feral Chaos, his strongest character in the game. Ever since he unlocked the nightmarish monstrosity, he obtained the best weapons, the best armor, the best skills, and the best accessories for the fallen God of Discord, even the exclusive ones. Not to mention, like her, his level was maxed out. But she refused to give in to him. She will win this battle at all costs.

The monster eyed its target with swirling red, yellow, and green eyes, looking her over as it slowly circled around her, waiting for her to make the first move. It growled in delight, swishing its massive spiked tail to and fro as it watched her shudder in what he believed was absolute fear. She lifted her head and faced the creature. It growled in curiosity as its would-be victim had a look of eagerness for this fated and final battle. She grinned, extended her arm, and gave the hand signal for 'come get some'. She was taunting him! Aeris knew that she would have to stay alive long enough for 'God in Fire' to play since Leo hearing 'Cantata Mortis' would only serve to boost his skills until that song ended. He did always say that nothing made a final battle any better than epic music with Latin chanting in the background.

"Lux! Umbra!"

The monster roared loudly then, without any sign or warning, glided across the floor at his target, claws and fangs extended and ready to rend.

"Vita! Mors!"

Aeris back flipped into the air, dodging its razor sharp claws, only angering the fallen deity, said deity then flying upwards into the spacious air, headed straight for her.

"Concordia! CHAOS!"

She blocked him at the last moment, causing the deity to stagger backwards in midair. Dashing at him, she smashed her twin daggers into the beast, smashing it around before bashing him away. Immediately, her speed increased so she could pursue after the God of Discord's ruined state. With no time to react, the creature was bashed downwards to the floor of the dimensional castle, making a mini-crater at the impact sight. Shaking the rubble off of it, the beast roared again while a fiery glow encased its fifth appendage. Twirling around four times, it fired burning and devastating heat waves at the girl, who began to start dodging the waves of hellfire. She managed to avoid the first three, but the fourth smashed into her chest blasting her into the flat corner of the tower behind her, a mini-crater marking the impact site.

"Chaos, Deus Mortis."

"Spiritus illius producit Mortem."

"Chaos, Deus Exitii."

"Tenebrae illius devorant omnia."

Aeris opened her eyes as she slumped out of the center of the crater, only to see red and green eyes looking into her own, burning hot breaths from the god hitting her clothing. Grabbing her daggers from the floor, she lashed out at the beast, only to stagger back as the beast covered itself with its torn and ruined wings, blocking her attack. Suddenly, she felt an incredible fire consume her alive. The god only roared as it used one of its more powerful moves on the girl, causing damage to her instead of gaining power. The blast smashed her back into the crater again, only making it deeper for her and causing even more damage.

"In palma Creatoris,"

"Proelium aeternum prodit."

"Creare rem Ultimam!"

"Deletrix Omnium!"

The heat had singed her clothing and burnt her hair up to her back, instead of its usual waist-long length. She grabbed her daggers from the floor again and glided towards the monster. At the last second, it covered itself with its wings again. Anticipating this, Aeris back-flipped again, gathered pink energy around her, and then spun in a whirlwind of power straight at the god. Having no time to react, since he barely uncovered his wings from his form, Feral Chaos felt Zidane Tribal smashing into his stomach, spinning the daggers into his gut, until the whirlwind faded and with a quick yet powerful swipe of the long daggers, the demon was smashed off of the dimensional castle into the space of the stable Void.

"O, Chaos!"

"Progenies Belli! "

"Corpus incensum tuum fluctuat"

"In mari inanitatis. "

"Scitote finem Vestrum fieri"

"In prece sola mortuorum."

Regaining its balance in midair, using its tattered wings to stay afloat for a moment, the god snarled quietly. Even though its mind was shattered beyond repair, Feral Chaos' lust for battle and destruction was still enough to regain some form of sanity and sentient thought. Flying back to the castle, the beast scaled the walls to the top of the castle, where his prey was standing, ready to fight back against him. Stopping suddenly, the god smashed its frame into the floor. Aeris felt heat beginning to rise. She looked down only to see the floor around her turning into a ring of fire that was about to rise and roast her. Dodging the attack, she saw the pillars of hell flame rise from the hole, not paying attention to the summoner of the flames dashing through the fire.

"Lux! Umbra!

Vita! Mors!

Concordia! Chaos!

(Repeat x7)"

All around the Dimensional Castle, clashes and shouts accompanied roars and flames, both fighters increasing the damage done to each other as time passed. The injuries present on both of them were obvious signs of the weary battle. Aeris' hair was burnt to neck length, her clothes burnt badly, exposing some skin and fur, and a three clawed-slash that tore in the front of her shirt, ripping it to tatters along with a fresh wound. The god's wings were ripped to mere pieces and parts of its body were torn open, fiery blood oozing from the wounds. Both horns on the devil's head were destroyed, and the tail was snapped nearly off.

"DISCORD!" the monster roared, and then encased itself in a massive pillar of fire. Aeris could only watch in horror as when the pillar receded, there stood Feral Chaos, in its EX form: The power of Discord reveals The True Chaos. Its body looked like it was made of molten magma, the now full demonic yellow eyes staring at its stunned prey. Due to its transformation, the god was slowly recovering itself, the tail working itself perfectly back in place, and the wings slowly returning little by little.


She had no time to react when the beast suddenly appeared in front of her and slashed her with its razor sharp talons. The impact was far stronger than any hit she had received before. By the time she regained her balance, a massive fireball was headed straight for her. With no time, the sphere exploded, catching her in the blast radius.

"Delete! Delete!

O, Chaos, Deus Exitii!

Devastate! Devastate!

Chaos, Deus Mortis!

O, Chaos!"

The roar that accompanied the blast was ear-shattering as Feral Leo leapt over Aeris, grabbed her from behind, and threw her sky-high, breaking an unknown barrier and sending her to his domain. Regnum Dei. (The Kingdom of God). Roaring again, it followed her, closing the barrier, trapping her inside, and setting the final countdown…

Regaining consciousness, Aeris awoke to the screams and yells of people she had defeated in the past and those she lost in battle against the demonic entity. The screams and wails of Cloud, Tidus, and Bartz were amongst many others. This was Hell… Feral Leo landed nearby her, a predatory grin accompanying his scarred and lava-ridden face. She realized that since was thrown into Regnum Dei, she would have only 30 seconds to either defeat the fallen god, or gain enough energy to transform in her Trance form and land a successful attack on the god before time ran out. If she failed, she would suffer the God of all attacks, Nexus Ultimus (Final Nexus), and join her friends in eternal torment from her new god. She could feel her power, it was almost enough to change, but she needed at little more to change, just a little more… The fallen god rushed at her, determined to weaken her to make the end of her life as painful as possible. She blocked his claw swipe and retaliated with a barrage of kicks sending him away from her.

20 seconds left…

She was almost ready. She needed a little more power and the god had more than enough to spare. Said god returned again, trying to deliver a powerful uppercut. Aeris dodged him again… but lost too much distance. She couldn't strike at him without the risk of a counterattack.

10 seconds left…

The god had lost all reserve of sentient thought and simply assaulted the girl with brutal swipes, punches, and tail whips, smashing the girl multiple times into the walls of the sealed platform of Regnum Dei. She didn't even try to put up a fight against him, seemingly accepting the fact that she was destined for a gruesome death.


Feral Leo wanted to seal the deal for the finishing blow and once more rushed her weakened state. He lunged forward at her with claws extended, intending to hold her while the god would use Nexus Ultimus, but something happened…


She blocked him.


She transformed, pink fur covering every frame of her body, her twin daggers gaining a blue aura…


She unleashed a quick but painful attack on the stunned and surprised demonic deity.


" Gone in a second

Ultimate destruction

Gods are warring

Sorrow never-ending!"

She broke free of his dimension and, with speed unrivaled, slashed at the god from all directions, said god roaring in pain and anguish. Her movements quickened, her slashes powerful, her determination and drive beyond all others. The god couldn't believe what was happening. The girl had deactivated his ultimate more with her own move and pain unrivaled was coursing through him. "You're done!" Aeris shouted before flying around him, slashing him all the while, creating a massive whirlwind which devastated Discord incarnate, too much for the god to even survive. A pained and anguished roar came from the creature as the attack had finally ended the long struggle against Feral Leo. Aeris sighed and collapsed on the grass beneath her, satisfied knowing that the deity was no more.

" Endless chaos

For an eternity

Welcome to the abyss…"

"Mother…" Leo started but never finished because Aeris started snickering in triumph over his best character. He couldn't believe it. No one could beat him when he used Feral Chaos in Dissidia. No one except, YET AGAIN, Aeris now… He scowled at her as she stuck her tongue out at her and whispered, "Loser…" once again adding an insult to his injury. "I let you win…" he lied. "Whatever, I know you lost! You didn't give up so easily, in fact, I saw you trying to bum rush me, so quit lying, loser." "How could you even beat Feral Chaos? I got him the best stuff!" "Well, your best sucked ass and that's the end of it. Admit your defeat." "Never…" Leo snarled to her. She drew closer to him. "Admit that I am the queen of Dissidia and that you are my bitch." "Never." "Ok, then." She suddenly got behind him and placed her thumbs around his neck, squeezing two painful pressure points inside his neck. She forced him onto his feet. "Admit that I won and you are my slave." Seething through the pain, Leo responded, "Never…"

Aeris only squeezed harder on the pressure points on the teens neck, bringing fresh tears to his eyes, but he refused to let them drop, otherwise she would never let him hear the end of it and only hissed at her. "Admit I am better and that you are my toy." Leo didn't think he could take anymore but he still refused her. She suddenly shoved him forward, causing him to fall face-first onto his bed. The sound of a door locking was made and as he turned around, he was face to face with Aeris again as she placed herself on top of his body. "Admit that you lost…and that you are mine and mine alone." "I lost… and… you're mine too." Rolling her eyes, she responded, "Good enough." And again, the female felt his lips on her own. The new year would hold surprises but together, with their friends, family, and each other, it would be one that they would tackle with no regrets. That is, until Mrs. Leonardo knocked on the door to awaken the two, who woke up in shock because of clothes scattered everywhere again…

And that's it! Snowed In is complete! I will flesh out Sam's character in my sequel to this story. I hope you enjoyed this story because I certainly did. Give thanks to Omega for creating the story in the first place to you guys for giving me such good reviews. This is LuxUmbra2012 giving out the last "Ja'ne" of this story! See you next time! Also, if anyone wants to know the song, it's Cantata Mortis & God in Fire from Dissidia: Duodecim Final Fantasy. I suggest you hear it. It is pure awesome! In any case, LATER!