Snoopy happily danced through his own guest room. Here he was, a beagle on a crusie. He had always wanted to go on one of those, and his dream had finally come true! He was a real seadog!

(To the tune of "The Crew Song")

Snoopy: A seadog's life is the life for me

There isn't a thing I'd rather be

This is the cleanest water I've ever seen

Cause instead of salt, it is full of chlorine!

"Valet," he pretended to call. When no one answered, he gave a loud WOOF.

Charlie Brown stumbled in carrying a stack of suitcases.

"Honestly, Snoopy," the boy panted, "how and where did you get all this luggage in such a short amount of time?"

Snoopy ignored him and continued dancing around the room, lost in his thoughts.

"What a life this is!" Snoopy thought to himself. "Out here, a dog can really be himself! Yes, it's the perfect simulation of the open seas! I don't believe I've ever been happier!"

He threw his arms out happily and knocked Charlie Brown and the pile of suitcases over.

Still ignoring Charlie Brown (who was trapped under the luggage), Snoopy danced out into the hallway.

Snoopy: I am in quite the seafaring mood

The only thing I'd like more is some food

I am just itchin'

To check out the ship's kitchen

Oh, a seadog's life is one for me!

Charlie Brown sighed.

Skipping down the halls, Snoopy ran into Hobbes, who was the only animal who could "talk" to him.

"Have you seen Calvin?" Hobbes asked the beagle.

"Why, no, I haven't," thought Snoopy. "I've been busy looking at my room, you see. I just wish my valet wasn't so clumsy."

"Your valet?"

"Yes, you know, that round-headed kid who feeds me."

Hobbes groaned. "Snoopy, he's...oh, never mind. I have to go find Calvin. He has a secret plan to soak Susie."

Snoopy raised an eyebrow. "If it's a secret plan, why are you telling me?"

"You can't talk," shrugged Hobbes.

"I suppose that's true," Snoopy nodded. "I shouldn't be surprised at Calvin, anyhow. After all..."
(To the tune of "There'll Always Be a Lady Fair")

Snoopy: If there's one thing that this camp is not

Normal would be the word

Hobbes: Someone's always taking their shot

At doing something absurd

Snoopy: It looks like it is Calvin's turn

To pull some wacky stunt

Hobbes: And through it all, we stick it out

Both: We are thankful to the runt

There will always be something afoot

Whether for bad or whether for good

There'll always be something afoot

So we will not get bored

There will always be a prank to pull

Whenever things are starting to get dull

There'll always be something afoot

That cannot be ignored!

With a wave to Snoopy, Hobbes continued on his search.

Charlie Brown, meanwhile, groaned and crawled out from the pile of luggage. Jonny walked over, while carrying Plank.

"What's wrong, Charlie Brown?" Jonny asked him.

"I'm being bossed around by my own dog," Charlie Brown sighed. "I've been low before, but this is just sad."

"Yeah, I know how you feel," said Jonny. "Plank keeps me on a pretty short leash. Does that make you feel any better?"

"Not really..."

Hobbes continued his search for Calvin. As he was looking through one of the bathrooms, he heard the loud, cantankerous voice of Eddy from down the hall.

"It's taking too long!" Eddy was shouting.

"We're almost done," came Jason's voice. "Basically, all we need to do now is wait for the fog to clear."

"And how long is that going to take?" snapped Eddy.

"A few more minutes," came Marcus's voice.

Eddy growled and stomped by Hobbes, who had stopped to listen. Hobbes walked over to Jason and Marcus, who were gazing out the window.

"Man, he really wants this scam to work," said Hobbes. "I sense that the kids are getting bored, aren't they?"

"I got that feeling," said Marcus.

"We told him we were almost done," said Jason. "He's just too impatient."

At that moment, Calvin came rushing in and hid behind Hobbes.

The tiger smiled. "How's the plan going?"

"Worse than ever!" moaned Calvin. "I'm worried she's after me! She probably thinks I'm shy or something! Every time I get the mood set up, someone comes around the corner and I can't follow through! What am I gonna do?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Jason.

Calvin and Hobbes explained Calvin's plan and how he needed to set the right mood to catch Susie offguard.

"Interesting," said Marcus. "And a little disgusting. I suppose we can help."

"Yeah," said Jason, "what are friends for?"

(To the tune of "Friendship")

Jason: If you get scratched by a cat

I'd make it scat

Marcus: If you're ever on limb

Call on him (and me)

Calvin: If you're the winner of a giant scrap

I would clap

All: It's friendship, friendship

Just the perfect blendship

When other friendships have blown a fuse

Ours will never lose


Oink oink oink

Calvin: If you're ever feeling down

We'll hit the town

Marcus: If you ever get all mauled

We'll have called

Hobbes: If I ever get the urge to eat people fast

I'll eat you last

All: That's friendship, friendship

Just the perfect blendship

When other friendships are down and out

You'll still hear us shout!


Yeah yeah yeah

"Just leave it to us, Calvin!" cried Jason. "In a few minutes, things will be so romantic, it'll make all of us sick!

All: When other friendships have gone kapoot

Ours will still be good!

Yes it will!