Author Notes:

Taking a break from Returners to try my hand at this huge crossover of Code Geass, Kamen Rider, Nanoha A's and Madoka. It is not the best thing I've ever wrote and characterzation may be a bit poor, but I'm having fun writing it and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Code Magi Lyrical Rider

Chapter 1: Kamen Ride

"And what about you two?" The green haired witch known only as C.C. asked the two men in front of her. The men in question, Kururugi Suzaku and Lelouch Lamperouge, turned to look at her, wondering what she was going on about. "You denied Charles's and Marianne's plan and have chosen reality and the path of advancing time. What do you plan on doing now?"

"That's right," Suzaku remembered as he raised his blade up. "Lelouch is Euphy's murderer."

"And what of it?" Lelouch countered, turning to look at his former best friend. "Were you not the one who went into battle strapped to a bomb? However, I do not intend to let all those lives be wasted and end up meaningless."

"What are you planning?"

"I'll let you know once we get out of here. Unless, of course, you either intend to stay here, or perhaps you'd rather just stab me in the back..."

It took every ounce of rationale and restraint for Lelouch to not add the word "again" to his last sentence. It was so very tempting, but it would not be beneficial for him right now. Suzaku's eyes narrowed but he did lower his sword and gestured for Lelouch to keep going. Lelouch complied, stopping only to help C.C. up to her feet, but they were stopped by a flash of light.

"Now now," a voice that seemed to echo within their skulls said. "We can't have you leave just yet. You asked us for a wish. Therefore it is only prudent you do something for us."

The flash of light died down, revealing a figure standing in front of them. It had no physical form but had a small outline of a man, one that was folding his hands behind his back.

"Who are you?" Suzaku asked as rushed to the front with his sword raised.

"We are nothing, therefore we are everything," the figure replied.

"You...are you an avatar of the World of C?" Lelouch asked, causing the other two to look at him with wide eyes before turning back to the apparition.

"We believe that is an accurate description," the avatar replied, making something similar to a nod. "You asked us for a wish, Black King. Now you must return the favor."

"There is always something," Lelouch muttered as he shook his head. "What is it?"

"Do the three of you believe that there are separate worlds, different from your own?"

"You mean parallel universes?" Suzaku asked, prompting a look from Lelouch. "Lloyd-san and Cecile-san were discussing that theory once during maintenance of the Lancelot. It was...interesting."

"Indeed. Can you imagine a world, where sakuradite and Britannia never existed?" the avatar continued. "A world where your country of Japan was never conquered?"

"Where are you getting at?" C.C. asked.

The avatar waved its/their hand and the scenery around them vanished, leaving them standing on black space. Between them was a model showing a brown red sphere surrounded by three blue green spheres.

"Apart from the world where Britannia exists, there are two more close by," the avatar explained. "Green shall highlight your world, red and blue shall highlight the other two. The one in the center represents us."

As it spoke the sphere closest to the red brown world shined a dim green, while the other two shined with red and blue. Lelouch noted that the red and blue planets were so close together they were almost touching each other.

"The other two worlds are converging. History is being intermixed thanks to the interference of two groups attempting to take control of the universe, both with the desire to save and or protect it. The interference of both groups, happening at the same time has caused an unforeseen merging. It has the potential of destroying both worlds. If that were to happen, we will lose control of ourselves and spill our consciousness into your world, making your wish...pointless."

"You mean the world will end up like how Charles and Marianne wanted anyway?"

"Indeed. We would fix this ourselves, but the worlds have pulled away from our influence. We can however, send in agents to those worlds in an attempt to correct it."

"You mean us?" Suzaku asked.

"The wish the Black King made was the same as yours, White Knight. It is in your interest to go with him and the Gray Witch."

"Wait, so I'm going too?"

"It is a compromise. The reason you did no disappear along with the others despite once sharing the same wish is because we require your help. If you do not accept then you are free to disappear as well and join the others."

"I'll pass on being vaporized then."

"So?" Lelouch cut in, eager to get on with this. "What are you hoping we will do?"

"Right now there are two things that will cause the destruction of the two worlds." The avatar raised on arm out and showed a book. "The Tome of the Night Sky." It then raised the other revealing a monstrous looking orb. "And the Witch of Salvation, Kriemhild Gretchen."

"Oh, that thing is a witch too?" C.C. asked with interest. "Is there Geass too?"

"No...but there are 'Geis,' contracts, if you will, form with these creatures known as Incubators."

A small white animal that seemed like a demented cross between a cat and a rabbit appeared in front of the avatar.

"They make contracts with people, giving them 'magic' in order to combat witches...while leaving out the fact that if left unchecked, they would turn into witches themselves."

"They're stepping into my territory...they need to go."

"The Incubators contract humans to keep a surplus of usable energy in the universe. He explains that through entropy, energy is gradually lost and the energy formed by the emotions of Magical Girls restocks that energy. Or so he claims."

"He claims?" Lelouch asked. "So you don't actually know?"

"We know only what humanity knows. These Incubators are beyond us. We do know however, that the witches they cultivate will destroy the world. All things die in the end. But we do not wish to speed our own destruction."

"What about the other one?" Suzaku asked. "The Tome of the Night Sky."

"The Tome as a single entity is not dangerous. It is merely a large container of magic, traveling across the universe in search of someone who can wield it. However, it's self defense program is trying to keep itself alive, and by doing so, taking energy away from humans. Eventually it will run rampant and try to destroy the planet without reason."

"And you want us to stop them?" Lelouch asked.

"Indeed. You can choose whatever method you desire. You can find a way to remove the faulty program or the circumstances where the Witch of Salvation should form. Or can simply send the current host of the Tome and the one who should become the witch to us, where we can directly deal with them ourselves."

"You mean kill them?" Suzaku said. It wasn't really a question though.

"It is your decision. We are merely offering you one of many choices."

"Do you know the circumstances in which the witch should form?" Lelouch asked, trying to gather as much information as he can.

"We do. Another witch known as Walpurgis Night will eventually attack the city we plan to send you. There, the one destined to become Kriemhild Gretchen will transform. If you can defeat Walpurgis Night before that happens, then everything will be fine."

" You've been talking about these contractees for a while," Suzaku noted. "Who or what exactly are they supposed to be?"

The avatar looked at them and seemed to drop its shoulders as if attempting to sigh.

"We were hoping you would not ask, for we do not believe you would believe us."

"It's a parallel world," Lelouch noted. "It already is supposed to be different from what we consider the norm. Just tell us."

"The ones the Incubators contract to fight against the witches before becoming witches themselves...they are known as...Magical Girls."

"Hah?" was the only intelligible reply from both Suzaku and Lelouch.

"Magical...girls...?" C.C repeated. "You mean the ones that prance around in ribbons and ridiculous costumes waving a pretty staff against the forces of evil?"

"Indeed. While their magic is, as you say, pretty, it is also highly destructive since it can be used to kill. Nevertheless we have created weapons for you to use to fight and defend yourselves from these Magical Girls. For the reason why they become Magical Girls...for what the Incubators say, it is only natural for a Magical Girl (魔法少女 Mahou Shoujo) to become a witch (魔女 Majou)."

"A play of words," Suzaku noted as the scene returned to the ruins of the Sword of Akasha as a table appeared in front of the avatar. On it were two strange looking belt buckles as well as a strange metal white bat.

"Kivala," the avatar said as the bat sprang to life and started flapping its wings.

"Oh? Is it time already?" it asked as it flew around the avatar. "Which one's my partner?"

"Go with the Witch."

"Understood! Howdy! Nice to meet you!" the bat known as Kivala said as it flew towards C.C who looked at it with an amused interest. "I'm Kivala! What's your name?"

"I go by C.C," the witch replied as the little bat landed on her shoulder. "You're an energetic little one aren't you?"

"I've been sleeping for who knows how long! I got to burn some of this pent up energy!"

"As for you two," the avatar continued, urging the boys to come closesr. "Take this belt, Knight, while you take this one and this deck of cards, King."

"What exactly is it?" Suzaku asked as he picked up his belt which seemed to have some kind of iron knuckle attachment.

"That is known as the Ixa system. If you slam the knuckle into the belt, you will don an armor similar to the Knightmare Frame Lancelot you love."

"So Suzaku becomes a miniature KMF?" Lelouch asked turning to Suzaku who was looking at the belt as if it was both a treasure and a ticking time bomb. "That's just perfect. And the other one?"

"The Ixa armor symbolizes a white knight. Activate it by pressing the knuckle into the main part of the buckle. By using the Ixariser and your Fuestles you will be able to augment your powers accordingly. Your gun also doubles as a blade when you push in the bottom part. To use the Fuestles, simply insert one into the buckle and then push in the knuckle in further."

"Sounds simple enough," Suzaku said as he examined the knuckle.

"And? What about mine?" Lelouch asked, looking through the cards, which were all blank.

"The Decade system. It amplifies your, unfortunately, pitiful physical prowess to match both the Ixa and the Kivaara systems. It also uses a card system, allowing you to copy a weapon as well as the ability of any Magical Girls you encounter. You can also unlock their true potential if you have the proper card. It also the system that allows you to travel to and from worlds."

"So if I die, then the other two are trapped?" Lelouch asked, a small smirk appearing on his mouth. "I really am the king piece aren't I?"

"That is why you have a queen and a knight to protect you isn't it?" C.C asked as she came up to the table. "Kivala already explained to me how her system works."

"I know when we are running on short time," the bat said flapping her wings happily while perched on C.C's shoulder.

"Indeed. How many cards do I have?" Lelouch asked as he opened up the card case.

"You can copy up to nine sets. Nine cards will be used for weapons weapons, as many as you need for attacks, and nine for their final attacks. You also have seven cards already filled for the system's default attacks and enhancements. When you pick a Magical Girl, the cards will automatically be used to copy them and cannot be erased to free up space, so choose carefully."

"So there are nine Magical Girls we have to meet?"

"No, that is simply as many as the system can handle. We are unsure of the amount of Magical Girls there are by the time you arrive, and even less sure how many of them you will actually meet. The Incubators move fast to replace the dead."

"So these Incubators contract young girls, turning them into Magical Girls, leaving them to die at a witch's hand or become a witch themselves?" Lelouch asked, his eyes narrowing with rage.

"That is correct, the target range seems to be around fourteen or fifteen years of age," the avatar continued, ignoring of the fact that Lelouch was clenching his fist in rage. "However, remember that these are two separate worlds that have merged together. There are some Magical Girls that are using things similar and less dangerous than The Tome of the Night Sky to channel their power. Kivala will be able to differentiate the two for you in the beginning before you can tell them apart yourselves."

"Leave it to me!" Kivala replied, arching its wing in an attempt to salute.

"Now...would you like to get going, or would you like a moment to test out your new powers?"

"Give us a moment," Lelouch said as the three of them walked away from the table.

"So?" C.C asked. "Can I go first?"

"Go ahead. If it kills you, let us know."

"Such a gentleman. Kivala!"

"Let's go!" the white bat shouted as it flew onto C.C's outstretched hand. "Henshin!"

Kivala's eyes began to light up, as rainbow hearts started flashing in front of her before her body became surrounded in what looked like pink sakura petals before shattering, revealing a white figure with silver armor. The metal armor was located around her shoulders chest and thighs, looking similar to folded bat. The inside of the armor was purple as were her chest and two flaps on the side of her helmet, that looked like bat ears, next to a blood red visor the shape of a bat. Kivala itself was nested happily around C.C's waist like an upside down belt buckle.

"Kamen Rider Kivaara," C.C declared as she swung her blade down. She turned to the boys who were gaping stupidly at the armor. "Hmm...I can get used to this. What do you think boys?"

Lelouch was the first to regain his composure and his voice.

"It's like you went in reverse," he said. "From a witch to a Magical Girl."

"That is an excellent comparison!" Kivala said as she flapped her wings. "Big Sis is the most elegant Magical Girl ever!"

"Flatterer," the witch said as she stroked the little bat. "So? Who's next?"

"I'll do it," Suzaku said as he pressed his left hand on his knuckle which was secured on his right hand causing it to say "Rea-dy!" before saying, "Henshin."

He pressed the knuckle into the side of his belt making the device declare, "Fist on!"

He then released his grip on the knuckle as a light shown in front of him, creating an armor the color of rust in front of him before it slid back and slammed against him, revealing a white knight where Suzaku stood. At its core, the Ixa armor was a black bodysuit padded on with white plates of armor with a blue trim except for the shoulder pads which had a golden trim instead along with a silver chest plate. His face was covered with a white helmet and a silver mouth plate and a gold cross faceplate had a black slit for a visor which allowed him to see.

Suzaku admired his armor for a moment before nodding his head.

"Not quite like the Lancelot, but I can feel the power it gives me," he said as he started throwing punches and kicks at the air. "My body feels so light!"

"Then I guess it's my turn," Lelouch said as he pulled out a card seemingly at random, holding it face out. "Henshin!"

He flipped it around and slid it into the center of his belt buckle.

"Kamen Ride! Decade!" the device called out as nine silvery figures appeared next to him before all slamming into him at once, revealing an armored figure like the others. It was predominately black, white, and purple with a green visor for his eyes behind several bar code like stripes, two of which extended above his head to simulate horns.

"Well?" Lelouch asked as he dusted his hands.

"It's...very..." Suzaku began, unsure how to describe it.

"Pink," C.C said bluntly. "It's very pink."

"Really? I don't see the problem with that," Lelouch said looking it over. He had no problems with the color pink, he'd worn pink ties on occasion after all. "I do see what you two mean though. It gives out a certain...power that I can't really describe."

"The system is made from us. Humans aren't expected to understand."

"I see," He said as the three of them returned to normal. Or kind of as their clothes changed from what they were wearing before to more "civilian" ones. "Did..."

"We believed it would be unwise to go to the other world in such states of dress. Therefore, we provided you with clothes that seem appropriate for you."

"Good call," Suzaku said as he looked at his outfit. It was the same one he wore when he first met Princess Euphemia after leaving the courthouse. A blue jacket with a yellow shirt and jeans. Lelouch had on a shorter red jacket with a black shirt and slacks while C.C had a brown vest over a red blouse and a white miniskirt with pantyhose. "Would her hair be a problem?"

"People will just think I dyed it," C.C said dismissively, looking over her own clothes.

"We've wasted enough time. Any further relative information will be on these machines."

With another wave of its arm, two motorcycles appeared in front of it along with a runway with a tunnel at the end of it. One motorbike had a design similar to the Lancelot and the other was similar to the Shinkirou.

"We've given you the basic tools to create a base of operations and supplies to live. We predict Walpurgis Night to appear in about one month's time. If you do not stop both the tome and the witch then...all is lost."

"A time limit huh?" Lelouch said as the three walked over to the bikes. He noticed that his bike had two helmets, one of which was shaped like his Zero helmet. "So much for hoping it to be simple."

"I guess I'm supposed to hang on to you?" C.C asked. "Or would you prefer if I drove?"

"I can do it just fine," Lelouch countered as he sat got on with C.C following behind him. "Is there anything else?"

"No. Good luck." The avatar said as it vanished, along with everything but the road and tunnel that supposedly led towards a new world.

"So is this tunnel something like the thought elevator?" Lelouch asked C.C.

"Why are you asking me?" she asked back. "I don't know anything more than you do."

"I suppose you are right."

"I'll go first," Suzaku volunteered as he started the bike up

"Of course!" Kivala said. "The King's Knight should always be the first one into battle."

"Don't call me Lelouch's Knight..." Suzaku said as he rode off through the tunnel, disappearing as soon as he reached the front.

"Hmm...what do you think?" Lelouch asked.

"Well, I didn't hear any screaming," C.C replied with a shrug. "So it must be safe."

"Of course it's safe!" Kivala said indignantly. "If Masters wanted to kill you they would have just left you in here to starve to death."

"Point...well..let's go," Lelouch admitted as the three of them rode off as well.

Chapter's End Corner!

Harouki: Hello everyone and welcome to the Chapter's End Corner!

Lelouch: How in the world did I agree to this?

Harouki: Because I said so, so deal with it.

Lelouch: what does this Corner do?

Harouki: A simple recap of the chapter and explains some random stuff. We'll also have guests come in and talk about the chapter as well.

Lelouch: So it's like an after show commentary.

Harouki: Exactly, I always wanted to do one.

Lelouch: Unfortunately we are out of time...

Harouki: Huh? Really? Shit! Quick! The Disclaimer!

Kamen Rider Decade and Kivaara are from the Kamen Rider Decade series while Kamen Rider Ixa is from the Kamen Rider Kiva series.

I do not own any of the series mentioned in this fic and this fic is merely a delusion of mine trying to go for a happier ending for some of the more bittersweet endings.